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Project • By Madras SpacesPrivate Houses

N House

A Residence for Three Families in a Bustling Urban Setting: Integrating North Light and Cultural Connection Tripleopixel Tripleopixel Tripleopixel The residence we're showing is evidence that functionality, elegance, and a deep awareness of the surroundings can all coexist. The building was situated in a confined urban area, therefore the initial challenge was to construct a sensible floor plan that could fit all the needs inside a 40'x40' plot. Due to the neighbourhood's high population, where most residences had problems receiving natural light and ventilation, this undertaking was made more challenging. This restriction was also in place at the client's previous home. Tripleopixel Tripleopixel Tripleopixel... More

NewsNews • 31 Jul 2023

Load-bearing brick walls and geometric folds wrap up this soccer field facility in Seville

Rested in the southern corner of a soccer field, a load-bearing brick structure designed by Liangliang Chen and Sergio Mota, houses the changing rooms and auxiliary services. The design envisions a rectangular structure measuring 28 meters in length and 5.55 meters in width, strategically aligned with the field's orientation to provide easy access to the ground and avoid any potential clashes with the existing lighting towers. Fernando Alda Fotografía Liangliang Chen and Sergio Mota Modularity serves as a guiding principle in the building design, showcased with load-bearing walls mindfully positioned at three-metre intervals. The walls provide a sturdy base for the reinforced concrete roof, equipped with a gutter s... More

NewsNews • 31 Mar 2023

A signature ergonomically curved brick wall defines the Mutu Loka cafe in Bandung, Indonesia

Founded in 2022, the Mutu Loka cafe, designed by Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture, drew inspiration from the evolution of Cilaki 33 and its juxtaposition of outdated contemporary lifestyle with modern design elements. The pandemic of the early 2020s led people to discern the importance of open spaces in communal areas, a concept central to MUTU Loka's philosophy. The main building in the front area holds significance for the project, once adorned with the sculpture of 'Tiloejane', which symbolised the identity of Cilaki 33. Azzahra Dartaman, Martha Aurelia, Vanessa Adinda Rahmadya The design seeks to unravel the charm of the original building by restoring the structure and removing the unnecessary masses, organically added on top... More

Project • By BÜRO KLKRestaurants

Mraz & Sohn

„Très chic, very raw and pure, a little punk yet cosy“  is how one of Austria’s most-read newspapers recently described the result of the renovation process that took place at Mraz & Sohn. The renowned Viennese fine dining restaurant, celebrated for its unconventional approach to haute cuisine, has received an interior update by BÜRO KLK. David Schreyer   “Family restaurant with no borders” is the self-proclaimed company slogan, and by all means – they mean it. Kitchen, service and atmosphere is out of the ordinary. Located in an unpretentious corner building in Vienna Brigittenau, guests have to ring the bell before entering, just like when visiting friends for dinner. On... More

Project • By MIKAMI ArchitectsLibraries

Anjo City Library: Anforet

Anjo City is right in the middle of the Mikawa Plains, which belongs to Aichi Prefecture, almost in the middle of Japan.  The area of the countryside that was cultivated by Meiji irrigation water has professed itself to be Japan’s Denmark. Currently, Toyota Motor Corporation has been located, and the area has been transformed into the housing district for the company’s workers. MIKAMI Architects MIKAMI Architects Although the site was developed in the city center, in front of the JR Anjo Station, the bustle of ancient times is being lost due to the proliferation of medical and commerce facilities in the neighboring area. The north side of the site faces the main street which holds the Tanabata Festival in traditi... More

Project • By Cafeína DesignSwimming Pools

Barrenechea house extension

Social Lounge is a pleasure centered extension of an existing residence in Santa Cruz de La Sierra Bolivia, where the idea of a contemporary paradise is evoked as an unusual discovery. The architecture is not only peculiar, but also it nourishes the imagination, and provides a space suitable for relaxation and socialization. Caption Located at the backyard of an existing family residence, the project provides a ludic and social program that includes a swimming pool, BBQ area for guests, a sauna, a studio, and a guest room. Caption The design premises were to first respect the existing trees, second the position of the pool aims to create an intimate social spot at the back of the building, third a raised platform gives the appea... More

Project • By Bureau Brisson ArchitectesHousing

Transformation lourde d’une villa années 1970

In the first phase of studies, several options were considered. Faced with the poor quality of the construction, symptomatic of the 1970’s, as well as a constraining construction system, the owners favored a variant of heavy transformation: the above ground part was demolished, leaving only the basement and the existing concrete invert. On these existing supports, a new monolithic brick construction proposes new volumes, more generous and better adapted to the owners’ demands.   The project reinterprets a traditional building language, with materials and a classical composition that favors large openings on the landscape. On the first floor, the plan contracts all the distributions by integrating them with the living spac... More

Project • By Himera EstudioPrivate Houses

Casa DH20

The first time we visited the DH20 HOUSE it was ruined. However, it was obvious that the house had many possibilities.   It was a very luminous house located in the historic center of Madrid, but in a quiet street. It occupied the last floor of the building and opened to a large block courtyard.   The client wanted to make a reform for their subsequent rental, so it was essential that the finishes were resistant and durable, without appearing cold or impersonal. That was the main reason why ceramic flooring was installed in beautiful spike veined gray, throughout the space. To counteract, an exhaustive work was carried out to recover existing elements, which became the main protagonists of the project.   On the one hand... More

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIPrivate Houses

Canal house Amsterdam

On one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals in the Jordaan, an old deprecated warehouse from the 18th century had already been shut down for many years. We were asked by the two residents to design a home of allure and equipped with all modern conveniences. The surface area of ​​approximately 50 m2 and 5 floors forced us to think carefully about the location of the functions and the routing through the building. The location of the various stairs was the biggest challenge for us. These are very detailed and positioned that they form a self-evident division of the living functions while maintaining the open character. This results in daylight far into the house. The kitchen is on the first floor where the dining table is in contact wi... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Modern Fast Food Restaurant Interior Design

The Modern Fast Food Restaurant Interior Design is an incredibly ergonomic, brightly themed space that lies in the heart of Hail, Saudi Arabia. The use of vivid colors and efficient circulation create an attractive ambiance that is complemented with stimulating yellow accents and crafty decor elements. The basic palette of grey-browns creates a relaxing atmosphere, while the warm wood & brick textures, yellow line patterns, and hipster ceiling design add some tactile contrast to the whole look. More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiShowrooms

Building make-up

 Make-up of a building of the 60s used as a business for the sale and exhibition of furniture and furnishings. Simple vertical and horizontal lines become the main theme of this restructuring, alternating in a game of verticality and linearity that brings the building back to life with a non-invasive restyling. The wide front wall with facing bricks remains almost unaltered from the intervention, on which large white sun bricks rise up, accentuating the verticality concealing the existing openings without eliminating the light. The upper part binds to the underlying one thanks to vertical elements in painted aluminum that follow the lines, and then develop horizontally in the gray base, highlighting the large showroom windows, joined t... More

Project • By ater.architectsBars


PUNKRAFT is a craft beer bar just around the corner of a historic pedestrian street in Podol, the Kyiv downtown. This basement spot, packed with craft beer fans these days, used to host a cocktail bar.Our task was to change the schematic layout of the premises, keeping its kitchen and toilet facilities location, to equip cold room for beer kegs storage and completely redesign the interior including the entrance and guest zones. Stylistically we inspired by the industrial aesthetics of beer equipment and the philosophy of the craft brewing movement itself such as freedom, punk, experiments and custom production.This concept pushed us to use materials such as stainless steel, cold rolled metal, concrete and neon light to create a special rebe... More
West facade

Project • By Frederic SchneeResidential Landscape

桃舍 PEACH HOUSE, Beijing

刘家小院 桃舍 PEACH HOUSE, Beijing– Rural housing construction owes little to the State and household savings even enable to build private ownership. By allowing the purchase of materials from local manufacturers and artisans, self-built housing construction is prevalent in rural areas. Private property goes back to the agricultural reform of the 1950s, which did not succeed in establishing collective habitations, but reaffirmed the notion of private property as the expression of the work of the family. They are the homes of peasants – inherited or built with domestic savings. The courtyard house in North China constitutes a form of housing which is the result of a long process of interaction between the built form and social, economic, and cultu... More

Project • By KUBE ArchitectureHousing

Karr Pad

Renovated Washington, D.C. row house. More

Project • By FÜNDCOffices


Full interior renewal, Madrid, Spain. Intervention by fündc. Emptying and peeling from the inside an old tacky house can have nice&lofty results... Erasing, cleaning, demolishing or peeling are also tools for interior renewal. Leaving the skeleton seen and starting anew can reveal virtues that were previously denied. On this case freeing the old brick walls, eliminating partitions and freeing floor heights reinvented this residence via concrete flooring, radiating heating, and other lofty looks into an 'almost home' condition, by blending it with offices. More