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Project • By kalbod design studioBridges

knowledge bridge

Due to the location of the site in terms of proximity to universities and various industries and science and technology towns and educational and research institutions and proximity to the fourth ring of Isfahan and location on the main route Isfahan-Tehran and Isfahan Najafabad axis has made it possible to establish scientific research. And meet the mutual needs between the area of technology trade and innovation with educational institutions and industries. Caption Caption The purpose of this region is to create communication and interaction between the three fields of knowledge, capital and industry. Recognition of products by investors and industrial industries and marketing and supply of pr... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBicycle Stands

Urban Bridge

Urban Bridge is a proposal for designing a new bridge connecting two significant parts of Isfahan city. Isfahan being both the capital city of Iran and its growth into Zayandehrud, the largest river of the Iranian Plateau, multiple bridges were built in this area in the past, all of which served as socializing places and cultural hubs for Iranians and visitors alike. These bridges were originally designed to connect two or more cities or villages. Still, new uses have been integrated to create a proper context for social interactions in addition to creating a link between the Zayandeh River's two sides. Due to the rising need for vehicle traffic in the recent years and the transformation of urban spaces, the spatial quality of bridges began... More

Project • By Clear LightingBridges

Trafalgar footbridge

We illuminated a bridge with a unique charm that made it stand out. The colored line lights perfectly outline the structure of the whole bridge. This, in turn, causes the lights to be mapped on the water, resulting in a combination that doesn’t go unnoticed. The chasing lights give vitality to the bridge and enhance its prominence. More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBridges

Life Bridge

The existence of the Qasr-dasht segregated gardens and Chamran gardens on both sides of the project site, led the idea of binding two adjacent areas together.  This project creates a continuous green network and make the bridge more integrated to the context. Shiraz City has a unique historical characteristic. The purpose of creating a connection between this bridge as new urban element with the historical urban context was to maintain a necessity to survive the historical identity from the current builder type development of the city.  AliIbnHamzeh Bridge will be the most important bridge in Shiraz due to its historical value and its location on the iconic Khoshk river. The columns of this bridge were expanded in a linear fashion... More
The 'green' bridge - the bridge covered with vegetation
Location: Budapest, Hungary
The 'green' bridge - the bridge covered with vegetation
The 'green' bridge - the bridge covered with vegetation
The 'empty' bridge - the bridge without platforms

Project • By Pontifex HungaricusBridges

The Chameleon

'A bridge you want to linger on'   Pontifex Hungaricus unveils the prototype of its innovative urban bridge, 'the Chameleon'. This innovative solution can be applied to any similar Warren truss bridge, but the version presented here targets a specific bridge location in Budapest. Caption Let us look at the constraints that define the bridge. The proposed bridge would be built on the north side of the Northern Link Rail Bridge. There is no road connection, so there is quite a detour for those wishing to cross to the other side of the Danube. The design of a new bridge is constrained by the almost 700 m long, monotonous, repetitive truss girder structure of the adjacent railway bridge. The new bridge will have to respond to all t... More

Project • By CCHEBridges

Pont sur la Seymaz

The project adapts to the existing structure and its final shape is the expression of the current geometry. A project that seeks to dialogue and integrate with its natural surroundings, at the same time as allowing visual fluidity and guaranteeing the transparency of the work. CCHE CCHE More

Project • By ZJABridges

A11- Bruges

The integrated approach Between Bruges’ seaport and the city of Bruges itself we find the famous polder landscape of Western Flanders. Villages and farm fields, intersected by ditches, rivers and canals, are surrounded by the expanding port, industrial complexes and motorways. Architects ZJA and landscape architect Bart Smets provided the design and concept for the integration of the new A11 motorway along with all its civil engineering works that connect the hinterland directly to the seaport of Zeebrugge. The basic principle in this was an integrated approach, aiming for an optimum in several ways and prioritizing the beneficial coherence of all elements involved. A four-lane motorway, featuring an elevated roundabout, tunnels, a... More

Project • By ZJAAquaducts

Weguitbreiding A1/A6 Diemen – Almere Havendreef

Between Amsterdam and Almere It seems an odd question: is it possible to drastically improve the infrastructure of the northern part of the Randstad, between Diemen and Almere, and at the same time preserve the Dutch landscape and improve ecological values? The question becomes even more odd when one realizes that this entails a stretch of motorway of 23 kilometers, where extra lanes are added to the A1 and A6 and some 50 structures including bridges, ecoducts, bicycle tunnels, fly overs and even an aquaduct leading under a river are part of the plan. And yet, one can conclude that the answer to this odd question can be a resounding yes. This complex infrastructural landscape is part of a larger project to improve the connection between S... More

Project • By ZJABridges

Fietsbrug, Tessenderlo

An additional bicycle bridge Cutting through the Flemish landscape near Beringen, just outside the city of Hasselt, the Albert Canal passes the town of Tessenderlo. The canal connects Liège and the eastern part of the country to the port of Antwerp, and is being adapted to the larger sizes and measures of contemporary inland shipping as part of a vast project. This not only leads to the enlargement of locks, but also to new and much higher bridges, to accommodate the new clearing height of 9.10 meter. Along the canal a series of new bridges will be built, designed by Laurent Ney and consisting of two arches leaning against each other. At Tessenderlo architects ZJA were asked to design an additional bicycle bridge over the Albert Ca... More

Project • By ZJABridges

Theunisbrug, Merksem

A new bridge in Merksem Hovering like a bird of prey high above the city of Antwerp you would see the glistening Schelde River, slowly meandering from the hinterland towards the old city and flowing out into a global seaport on the North Sea. From all directions highways and roads flock together to form a huge knot called The Ring, which has been causing problems for local and ongoing traffic for decades. The city is looking forward to the start of an immense project that aims to vastly improve life with the Ring, partly by roofing over the road and adding sound barriers and parks. Cutting right though the north of the city, from Schelde to the east is the Albert Canal, connecting the cities of Limburg and Liege with the port of Antwerp. C... More

Project • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsBridges

Nellmapius Bridge

As part of the Gauteng freeway improvement project SANRAL (South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd) commissioned AECOM SA (Pty) Ltd (then BKS (Pty) Ltd) and Mathews & Associates Architects to design the parapet cladding and lighting  for the Nellmapius bridge.   The bridge had to act as a gateway to the recently completed Gauteng Freeway improvement Project. The notion of random and the art of origami were combined to reflect as a metaphor for the many facets of the province of Gauteng and the country as a whole.    Designs from other disciplines using fractal geometry were used as precedents and the design development process was hands-on, using paper models to conceptualise and generate the final design and... More

Project • By Architekten Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbHParks/Gardens


The Vienna Terraces are one of the new design measures developed in the Vienna Valley Urban Development Plan that addresses the urgent localized need to provide more public open space for the 5th and 6th Viennese districts. Bridging over the entrenched U4 subway line, the terraces expand the existing public space directly to the edge of the Vienna River. The pedestrian and cycling routes along the south bank of the Vienna River are reconceived as a welcoming, linear public space with recreational and social qualities. The design elements and materiality, i.e. abundant planters, natural vegetation and integrated wooden seating, invite public use while also fostering a positive connection with nature and water recreation. Overall, the project... More

Project • By GROUP ATransports

Harderwijk Railway Station

The entire area around the Harderwijk railway station has been overhauled to prepare for the new Randstadspoor metropolitan railway network, which will be integrated in the future. The former single-floor intersection between traces and main traffic structure has been replaced by a new tunnel at a new location. This tunnel connects motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to the various sections of the town, as well as providing access to the railway platforms. The square in front of the railway station links all station-related uses and services and serve to regulate pedestrian traffic. The centre of the square features a staircase, designed in warm and attractive natural stone, further enhances its aesthetic appeal. The wide and low stairs, of... More

Project • By ipv DelftBridges

Zwolle public transport bridge

tender processThe build of this public transport bridge across the railway tracks at Zwolle central station was part of a larger project that involved the relocation of Zwolle’s bus station. We were asked by building contractor BAM to design the bridge that would connect the newly built bus station with the existing network. Out of the four submitted designs, ours was chosen to actually be built. preventing torsionThe curvy alignment of the bridge was more or less dictated by the existing buildings and infrastructure. The main span across the tracks is a massive 80 meter. For this, we used a tubular steel beam. All other parts of the bridge structure are made out of concrete, the central beam, bridge deck and intermediate supports. B... More

Project • By Abramson ArchitectsCoasts

LaLa Bridge

The Harbor in Los Angeles’ Marina Del Rey is the largest man-made small craft harbor in the world, which is a valuable resource if you are a boater. Unfortunately for a cyclist or pedestrian, the Marina breaks the existing pathway connecting the North and South route. Cyclists and pedestrians who want to experience the Los Angeles urban coastline must make a lengthy detour around the Marina, hindering the quintessential LA experience of cycling or walking along the Santa Monica Bay. To solve this problem, we are proposing a new pedestrian and bike path that bridges over the harbor entrance.The pathway is a five percent sloped spiral ramp that is nestled within a latticed shell structure. It was generated by lofting two rotated ellipses alon... More