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olivo sports arena
olivo sports arena
olivo sports arena
olivo sports arena
olivo sports arena

Project • By Tejas BorjaExhibition Centres


Tejas Borja makes a made-to-measure ceramic grid for the facade of the OLIVO SPORTS ARENA in Jaén.Opened in April 2021, the Olivo Sports Arena is one of the latest large public construction projects to be completed. It is located in the Jaén Provincial Trade Fair and Conference Centre (IFEJA) and covers 41,300 square metres. With an oval-shape design and a sports field in its centre, the building is about 50 metres long and 30 metres wide. It is a unique sports venue designed to be used for professional competitions in indoor football, basketball, handball and tennis, as well as to host large events such as concerts and other cultural activities. The versatility of the space was planned so it could house large-scale events a... More

Project • By Concrete ValleyShopping Centres

Mall of the Netherlands

The Leidsenhage shopping centre will be transformed into the retail icon ‘Mall of the Netherlands’. The largest and most impressive shopping centre in the Netherlands. According to MVSA architects, the design of the facade is as fluid as a silk shawl. For this new shopping centre, mbX, a Concrete Valley company, produced 10,000 m2 of double-curved prefab facade elements made of high-Performance concrete (HPC). The eye-catcher of the building: the 12-metre cantilever canopy at the main entrance. More

Project • By PORCELANOSAApartments


The iconic “Berkshire House“, situated in the business centre of Maidenhead (Berkshire, United Kingdom)  has been fully converted into a residence of maximum comfort.    The Essential Living estate agent, has breathed new life into the 1960s building  with a comprehensive refurbishment designed by the architectural office of Goddar Manton Architects with the idea of offering some exclusive apartments in a prime location.   With special care, the comprehensive coverage of the building is a clear example of the project deliverables. Thus, with the objective of creating an eco-efficient insulation that would provide energy savings and sound-proofing, a ventilated façade was designed by XLIGH... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAApartments


The Clare, located in New York’s Upper East Side, is an imposing deluxe residential building, designed with unrivalled flair by Manuel Glas Architects A 19-storey condo building featuring exclusive duplex apartments, it boasts facilities that include a gymnasium, leisure centre and spa, lounges, restaurant and garden terraces with views of Central Park, 59th Street Bridge or the centre of this cosmopolitan city. The Clare stands out for its spacious interiors and large picture windows, which in turn contribute to the building’s energy efficiency, thanks to the outer structure’s ability to filter the sunlight and ventilated façade on the outside walls. The building’s outer envelope is a&n... More

Project • By WIZJA architectural officeShopping Centres

Serenada Shopping Centre

Usually, shopping galleries are large structures, in the majority of cases located in urban and central urban areas. These are typically introvertive concepts, where shops are located along interior promenades. Such functional solutions cause the massive facades of these structures to be “dead” in general, they do not provide a field for interacting with the public space, which is so important for the human dimension of the urban space.The design of the SERENADA gallery, which is located in the area of Olsza, at Dobrego Pasterza Street, is an attempt to surmount the statically neutral façade by employing means of artistic expression stemming from contextual cultural and meaning-related grounds in relation to the structure’s own name.There a... More

Project • By GammaStoneHotels

Residence INN - Buffalo, NY

The renowned Marriott chain offers a modern concept of welcoming its customers. The essential lines and measured proportions of the building are a spokesman of sobriety and balance. This "Hotel Restyling" is signed GammaStone AIR: starting from the architectural design and continuing with the covering of the entire façade thanks to ultralight and large GammaStone Gres AIR panels (up to 2800mm). The realization of recurring monolithic elements characterize the entire façade and together with the singular slotted ceiling for the insertion of LED lights, give modernity and minimalism to the project. This lack of excess labels the Hotel effectively as one of the most sought-after of the area and suitable primarily for business travelers. Stone-... More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsLennox Stone

Lennox Stone

Lennox stone veneer adds a unique centerpiece to the home’s interior design. The walls textures add a subtle, yet defining look that definitely draws everyone’s attention. The Lennox stone is one of eight unique profiles belonging to Coronado Stone Products Designer Series Collection. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsValley Cobble

Valley Cobble

Valley Cobble offers gorgeous natural textures and rich color hues. This profile works great to highlight any architectural design. More

Project • By ZERO9Shops

Multiuse Building

the building is a playful structure with colourful fins providing a visual balance between the glass facade and the opaque panels More

Project • By Dream Glass Group - DGGHotels

Hotel Façade fitted with Privacy Glass

Dream Glass Group (DGG) takes an active role in a great variety of projects in different sectors due to the wide range of applications that its privacy glass; DreamGlass® offers. By combining functionality and aesthetics, DreamGlass® switchable glass grants a building’s façade with cutting edge solutions. One of our latest projects includes the use of our privacy glass in a hotels façade, located in the heart of Madrid. At night, panels are usually turned off and several lights in different colors are displayed on the hotels façade, whereas in the daytime, the privacy glass panels are turned ON in order to allow as much light as possible inside the hotel´s ambiences. More