Cabinetry infill

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Product • By Banker WireSJD-5


Four different crimps make up this interesting mix of shine, satin, smooth, and rough. The wild differences between crimps blend perfectly controlled when woven together over a large area. Percent Open: 61.2% Overall Thickness: 0.160"... More

Product • By Banker WireS-15


Inspired by a turn of the century home restoration project that we did, we changed the material from steel to stainless, and made the repeat pattern smaller. Alternative spacing and pattern options are possible. Percent Open: 51.1% Overall Thickn... More

Product • By Banker WireS-12


Banker's embossed technology on a small scale. Highly faceted, low open percent area, you've got to hold it in your hand to appreciate the beauty. Percent Open: 21.6% Overall Thickness: 0.105" Aspect Ratio: 1.00 : 1 Crimp Style: E1E1 Weight (l... More

Product • By Banker WirePZ-12


PZ-12 is a rectangular woven wire mesh pattern that is smooth in appearance. The simple and elegant shape of the plain crimp creates a long and slow wave that is a classic in any design space. Compared to LPZ-62, which has a similar spacing and... More

Product • By Banker WireP-97


Very small scale plain crimp, this material reflects highlights from all directions with a smooth, cool wash of light. Percent Open: 45% Overall Thickness: 0.102" Aspect Ratio: 1.00 : 1 Crimp Style: PLPL Weight (lbs/sqft): 1.042 Available Ma... More

Product • By Banker WireM22-28


The Banker Wire M22-28 woven wire mesh pattern is a small scale twin wire pattern that would accent any interior space. Available in many alloys, the Bronze wire as shown in this crimp style just sparkles. Percent Open: 64.5 % Overall Thickness:... More