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Product • By RENSONAlgarve Canvas

Algarve Canvas

This elegant roof offers lasting protection using a fixed roof made up of 2 layers: a solid top roof made of white lacquered, profiled steel sheet with anti-condensation coating and an aesthetic lower roof, finished with a stretched canvas with zip technology. The screen is tautly stretched in the structure, without any visible additional beams. It is available in 8 colors. Algarve Canvas is useful as a fixed patio cover, carport or as an awning above the front door, for instance. Also, a combination of an Algarve with a rotatable louvered roof and an Algarve Canvas with fixed roof structure is possible to create a single, uniform style around the house. More

Project • By RockpanelUniversities

Heart of the Campus, Sheffield Hallam University

ROCKPANEL® façades have formed the stunning canvas for a specially commissioned, three storey carving on the new ‘Heart of the Campus’ building at Sheffield Hallam University. Natural shapes with a nod to the past The themes explored in the artwork by Artist Christopher Tipping are conveyed through dynamic mark making and linear drawing, routed into the ROCKPANEL surface. The work evokes the history of cutlery & silverware manufacture in the city via techniques associated with it such as engraving & chasing, suggesting the role of an individual maker and the exotic materials they often worked with such as Brazilian Rosewood & Red Deer antler. The layered images are a recurring theme, appearing in the glazing as well as the façade... More