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Project • By Banker WireOffices

Orega Tootal Building

In the heart of Manchester's bustling city center, Orega, a trailblazer in flexible workspace solutions, identified a growing demand for premium private offices. The Tootal Buildings, nestled in the vibrant Knowledge Corridor, presented a unique opportunity for Orega to craft a cutting-edge office environment tailored to the burgeoning market for spaces under 5,000 square feet. Banker Wire Revamping the existing structure was no small feat. It required a significant design overhaul to meet the modern expectations of flexible workspace users. The challenge was twofold: effectively utilizing space to cater to the demand for smaller workspaces while seamlessly integrating collaborative and private zones. Central to Orega's vision was en... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Rawda Tiered Ceiling Feature

Rawda, a suburban gem nestled in the Capital Governorate of Kuwait, embodies a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. From its lush greenery to its vibrant community spirit, Rawda offers a delightful living environment for its residents. Among its architectural wonders lies a striking feature – the tiered woven wire mesh ceiling feature in the conference room, a testament to the area’s commitment to innovative design and functionality. At first glance, the conference room’s tiered ceiling captivates with its modern elegance and intricate design. Comprising multiple layers of rectangular shapes, each diminishing in size, this ceiling feature creates a mesmerizing tiered effect. Banker Wires representative in Kuwait,... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectApartments

Luxury 4BHK Apartment Interior at Arjun Skylife

The client brief demanded that the interiors should delight the eye and also soothe the soul. Creating a simple, practical and uncluttered space was the Architect’s line of action. The palette of Italian marble floor, wooden floor, veneer and subtle shades of grey was Architect’s deliberate choice to deliver elegance and make the space seem spacious and warm. Architect worked on every detail and execution process. Adaptable material palettes, innovative solutions and creative aesthetics approach altogether have helped to achieve the right equilibrium between client’s expectations and our aspirations. As one enters, the living room unfolds itself in muted tones of grey and white with veneer. The cement spray ceiling with... More

Product • By Grad Concept IncFlat Rails

Flat Rails

Clip-on decking/cladding system made of Flat rails that are fixed on top of existing joists. Boards are simply snapped onto the rails, without the need to use clips.  More

Project • By Ernesto Fusco Interior DesignerApartments


We are in one of the most beautiful place in Italy, an ancient village of the beautiful Amalfi Coast.   Suspended between sea and mountains there is this apartment with terrace,  with breathtaking views on the Mediterranean sea.   Everything is projected to have a unique space towards the sea. A white and essential space, that don’t forgets  the spirit and colors of the traditions .   From here comes the idea to ​​bring in the project the most famous element of the Amalfi Coast; The “Vietri's ceramic”, In this case, subverting the rules of tradition, become a ceiling covering.   The freshness and elegance of white linen fabrics, warmly of wood and the colors of the ceramics that gent... More

Project • By KriskadecorRestaurants

Brothers' Karavaev Cafe

Every place in the Brother's Karavaev franchise is a world apart. None resemble the previous one, although they are always recognizable thanks to the retro and industrial touch that all the architects who work in its implementation give it.The most recent is the one you can find in the city of Moscow, next to the Alekséyeyskaya metro station, located in the Alekséi district, which combines materials such as aluminum, laminate or teak wood in the same space.To bring warmth to the different spaces of this gastronomic venue, Marina Bagrova opted for a set of volumes made with anodized aluminum links in brilliant apricot, a subtle and elegant color that navigates between yellow and orange.The eight decorative elements of Kriskadecor include six... More

Product • By PinYee HebeiStainless steel architectural art mesh

Stainless Architectural Mesh

The architectural art mesh is one of the PinYee Hebei interior decorative mesh, woven by stainless, brass or copper wire usually, the mesh is soft and semi transparent like gauze, you can think it as metal wire woven fabric,But different with fabric, the rigidity of metal wire is much more than normal cotton or polyster. when you fold or rub the mesh, it will keep the texture very well, which is whet we request for decoration.whats more is, the metal material is better than fabric on the fire resistent and service life. the stainless mesh can be sandwiched between glass use as the glass laminated mesh, with LED light help, to use lt as wall cladding, interior partition etc will be a good idea.Or you can individually use the art mesh in part... More