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NewsNews • 27 Jun 2021

Nuestro sueño by Espacio18 celebrates the culture and lifestyle of Oaxaca

On a 300m2 site at the city limits in Oaxaca, Espacio 18 has created a dream home for a retired American couple that reflects Mexican culture and ways of living that drew the pair to the region. Onnis Luque Called ‘Nuestro sueño’ the home is a clay box that contains coherent concrete structures based on 60 cm modules, which mark and distribute the program of the house. Onnis Luque At the centre of the home is a kitchen and central patio, a typology like that of an old colonial Oaxacan house. Adding a modern touch, folding steel bay windows transform the space and blur barriers between inside and outside, allowing for flexible rooms. Onnis Luque The house is designed to be adaptable and flexible, a place... More