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Product • By Johnson TilesNatural Tones

Natural Tones

Natural Tones’ larger format porcelain tiles by Johnson Tiles are perfect for the floor, paired with any of the coordinating ceramic wall tiles or mosaics. They are available in 13 colours, five finishes and two sizes. More

Product • By Johnson TilesSokrates


The Sokrates range from Johnson Tiles is offered in an organic colour palette with creative mosaics to deliver stunning design combinations. Choose from four shades, two finishes and one size. More

Product • By Johnson TilesCentaurus


Johnson Tiles’ Centaurus range offers a large, neutral colour palette and coordinating decorative elements. It comes in six sizes, four finishes and five shades for simply stunning results. More

Project • By vãoPrivate Houses

Ownerless House nº01

The Ownerless House nº 01 is the first of three contiguous plots bought by the client with the intent of building investment houses in Avaré, a city in the interior of São Paulo. The single family housing projects usually turns to desires and particularities of the clients but in this case, the client being only an intermediary to the future resident, the program and space should be flexible enough to accommodate the most diverse families dynamics.The entire project was designed not as an object but as a route back to the interior withalternating open and closed spaces where natural light and reflections change according to the time and the season. Viewed externally, the house presents itself as a sculpted recess into the built mass, where... More

Project • By FVAOffices

Regus Menara Boustead

Penang is an exotic melange of old and new with the largest collections of pre-war buildings in Southeast Asia. Offering a punch of traditional temples, homes, hotels and shophouses mingle with modern buildings.In a 22 storeys Grade A buildings centrally located in Georgetown, Regus Menara Boustead is designed with the idea of holding stories of the island’s colorful and eventful past and recall a similar charm in our design for Regus. Bringing iconic street art, Chinese shophouse, beautiful tiles and colours into the co-working place offer an insightful introduction to Penang’s culture and social history.Regus Menara Boustead embodies a functional, yet flexible offering, blending both open and private office environments. The whole in... More

Project • By Fox johnston architectsHotels


Designed by Fox Johnston Architects, with interiors by Space Control, The Felix Hotel at Mascot overlooking Sydney’s major airport is designed to turn the ‘short stay’ hotel stereotype on its head, offering a unique and distinctly different hotel experience to today’s ‘digital nomad’ traveller, while evoking the ‘golden era’ of air travel in the 1960s.The new 150 room hotel generously embraces its location, tips its hat to an Australian’ mid century’ aesthetic and offers its guests a comfortable, relaxing stay coupled with unique perspective on the airport’s working runways. From the outset, both the architects and the interior designer felt it was crucial to create a striking building, one that would stand out from the other more trad... More

Project • By Estudio ODS ArquitecturaHotels

Hostel CONII

The intervention consists on the rehabilitation and extension of an old building dated from 1896. The building is inserted in the centre of the touristic city of Quarteira in Algarve. Originally the building was erected to dwell the workers from the fish canning industry that was expanding in the region in the last quarter of the XIX century. Since that the building was kept in the same family and has survived to the touristic boom since the 1970's. The fast growth of the city has transformed the cityscape from an average of two floors to more than six floors in the last forty years. The building has a squared footprint and all facades free; two for the street and other two for a courtyard.The strategy for the intervention wa... More

Project • By Platform 5 ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Facet House

Facet house has made a virtue of the cranked plan of the existing Victorian terraced house, refurbishing and extending it to elegantly dealing with the functional and storage requirements of the client whilst creating a light‐filled, dynamic living space that connects the interior with the garden.Facet house is situated on a cranked plot on a tight corner block in Hackney. The existing L‐shaped Victorian terrace typology had been skewed to fit the site but resulted in a house that had limited outlook and a garden that tapered out of view.The client approached Platform 5 Architects with a brief to create a modern family dwelling with a large sociable kitchen / dining / living space to the rear that re‐engaged with the garden.The single store... More

Project • By PHDD ArquitectosApartments

Apartment MR

In the outskirts of the architecture ensemble of Nova Oeiras, one emblematic urbanistic project of the XX century, is a set of buildings with some of the same influences. We where invited to develop the project for one of these apartments.The strong presence of the concrete beams and columns in the apartment walls and ceiling was the guideline for the first project idea. The circulation areas where to change to a lower ceiling, that now conceals the new infrastructures, highlighting the social areas and rooms where the structure keeps visible.The kitchen was altered to have simultaneously the condition of a passage or meeting area. It was increased and opened to the circulations fluidity but also strategically equipped with concealed panels... More

Project • By Lucas y Hernández - Gil arquitectosApartments


E7 is a little apartment (90 square meters) in the very center of Madrid in a building of the nineteenth century. Is a tight and deep apartment that was originally fully compartmentalized and dark.In this project the firm intends to bring light to every space in the house and to adapt the configuration of the house to a contemporary house, but always bringing relevance to the original hydraulic floors. More

Project • By CRÜ studio (former RÄS studio)Apartments


La Carmeta is the result of splitting a single apartment into two different entities –la Carmina is her analogy. We inserted an equipped bar that runs parallel to the dividing wall and is placed in a position that solves the circulation area on one side and the night-time zone on the other. This bar combines and sequences the storage of the apartment and the accesses to rooms and wet rooms.  More

Project • By CAVAAPrivate Houses


Casa Lluna, located in Vilanova i la Geltru's old town was imagined as a streetscape inside a domestic space. A series of doors and windows overlook the central area of the house. The demolition of part of the slab on the first floor multiplies natural light transforming this former carpenter's workshop into a peculiar streetscape. The introduction of natural light enhances also the spatial relation between the studio, the dining, and the living areas of the house. Ultimately, this new illuminated area appears as the core of the house around which the rest of the rooms are organized. To highlight the idea of a streetscape inside a house, the project focuses on the openings: balconies, doors and windows are framed with different wood mo... More

Product • By Valmori Ceramica DesignLe Crete Classic

Le Crete Classic

We have increased the original “Le Crete Classic” range by introducing new sizes, jet cut and rectified, in: 10×10 (also available as decoration “Cementine”), 10×20 and a beautiful brick size: 5×20. These sizes give the opportunity to “play” with the modularity (even mixing all of them: 10×10, 10×20 and 5×20) but also singularly fixed! It’s really nice the brick size in 5×20, also mixed layed in all the colors, white, black, and grey. More

Project • By Tomas Ghisellini ArchitectsBars

Riviera Grand Hotel

After many years of complete abandonment, the Riviera Grand Hotel, a historical hotel complex in southern Italy Salento area, comes to a new life after a challenging renovation and a radical interior redesign. The property, located along one of the most extraordinary coast stretch of Ionian Salento, just close to the sea, is a sort of village made by thin coastal "towers" connected at the base by a plate of services and common areas. The towers, looking at the nearby gulf of Gallipoli, accomodate rooms offering stunning panoramic views over Mediterranean Sea. Outside, spectacular environmental terraces on different levels feature pools, tennis courts, belvedere, cafes and open-air restaurant, banquet facilities, solarium, meadows of l... More

Project • By Correia/Ragazzi arquitectosOffices


The new Sotheby’s Real Estate Headquarters at Carvoeiro, Algarve, is on an existent building characterized by both local and traditional construction technics as well as materials. In order to save and recuperate the building having in mind the new program, we have decided to conduct some internal demolitions as the building was not well preserved. Said demolitions, at a spatial configuration level, will allow to recover the building and make the necessary adjustments to the contemporary needs, mainly in terms of energy efficiency. The main façade had been transformed over the years therefore we have redesigned it according to what was believed to have been in the past. We have also introduced a cornice as it is tradition in most buildin... More