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Project • By line+Hotels

Songyang Original Cottage: Artificial Nature

「Song Yang · The Last Mysterious Place in Jiangnan」 The poet Shen Hui in the Northern Song Dynasty once described Songyang in his poem The First Visit to Songyang like this:“This is the only Peach Blossom Garden, the unique scenery of which can’t be seen anywhere else”. Thousands of years later, more than 100 ancient villages with complete and clear configuration are still hidden in the misty“Peach Blossom Garden”and it is praised by National Geographic as“The Last Mysterious Place in the South of the Yangtze River”.   Songyang Original Cottage is the second design practice of line+ in Songyang after the practice of Stray Bird Art Hotel. The project is located in Langshu Village, Sidu... More

Project • By Stylus studioHotels

Joe Lalli Narada Resort

The Joe Lalli Resort Hotel was named after the legendary landscape architect Joseph J. Lalli. Wanting to show great respect to Lalli in what would be his last project, “Joe Lalli” became the official English name of the resort. His legacy to seamlessly connect the built environment to the natural environment in both reverent and revolutionary ways became both the design brief and the challenge for the interiors.   Partnering with architects Jade + QA, Stylus Studio found inspiration not only in the raw materials, textures and colors native to Moganshan but also in the design narrative of its past. Known as the “Shanghai Hamptons”, the area has traditionally been a temperate summer vacation retreat for the city... More