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Project • By KreonOffices

Born & Meyer

Luxemburg based electrical contractor Born & Meyer commissioned kreon to provide a full comfort integrated acoustic ceiling for their new offices. kreon rytmi and clip-in chilled ceiling with integrated kreon tenno, holon 40 and aplis in-line downlights. More

Product • By Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC USBack-Lit MA Remote Controller (PAR-33MAA)

Back-Lit Wired MA Remote Controller (PAR-33MAA)

Wired MA remote controller that has a large backlit LCD with full- or basic-display-modes. Offers a settings screen to remotely control i-see Sensor™ 3D, which helpos you maintain your precise desired temperature with a sensor that scans the room and makes adjustments accordingly. More

Product • By Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US(MHK1) Wireless RedLINK™ Remote Controller and Receiver Kit

(MHK1) Wireless RedLINK™ Remote Controller and Receiver

With the MHK1 Wireless Remote Controller Kit, comfort control has never been easier. It installs anywhere with a simple wall-mounted design, and its large, back-lit screen makes it very easy to read. Operation modes include cool, drying, auto, heat, and fan. Optimal start eliminates the guesswork when setting a schedule. This function allows the remote controller to "learn" how long your Zoned Comfort Solution takes to reach the programmed temperature setting, so the temperature is reached at teh time you set. The basic MHK1 Wireless Remote Controller Kit invludes a Wireless Wall-Mounted Remote Controller and a Wireless Receiver located with the indoor wall or ceiling-mounted unit. You may choose to enhance your control convenience and flex... More

Product • By Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC USDeluke Hand-Held Wireless Controller

Deluxe Hand-Held Wireless Controller

Powerful Mode function allows the system to temporarily run at a lower or higher temperature with an increased fan speed. This helps to quickly bring the room to your optimal comfort level. Wide vane setting provides a wider horizontal air distribution on select models. Indirect or Direct Airflow for personalized comfort (FH Series only) More

Product • By Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC USPortable Central Controller

(MCCH1) Portable Central Controller

When paired with the MHK1 Wall-Mounted Controller, the Portable Central Controller can monitor and control on/off mode and set desired temperature. It also has scheduled override capability and displays outside air temperature and humidity when paired with the outside air sensor. More