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NewsNews • 19 Jul 2021

Levels 10 + 11 by Con I Form Architects features modern detailing inspired by London surroundings

For their 10th floor duplex overlooking Paddington Basin in central London, the clients decided they wanted extra space and a more modern aesthetic. Con | Form Architects thus undertook a major rework of the apartment. Simone Bossi The aim was to open spaces to make the most of views to the basin below and to maximize available light for a 25-year-old Dracaena tree, bought when the clients first moved to London, and now crippled as a result of the existing flat’s constrained proportions and light. Standardised components such as the stair and kitchen island were cutting the upper-level living space in half, further making the space difficult to occupy. Simone Bossi In response, the stair was adapted with the addition of a... More