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Project • By YCL studioApartments

Origami apartment

Located in a newly developed housing area Paupys, Vilnius, Lithuania. This area has an interesting feeling - you are in the old town, but surrounded by nature and tranquility. 40 sq.m. apartment folded from black and white shapes to become a contemporary origami interior with fascinating first impression. The view to old-town of Vilnius contrasting with the contemporary concept of the interior. Old and new — viewing and feeling. The outer perimeter of the apartment is completely white, like a paper background to let in most of the daylight, while the central area is a dark origami sculpture folded into a white background. To enhance the effect, all the small details in separate areas are monochromatic to get the greatest feeling of b... More

Product • By CRETOX Concrete Panel | Haute CoutureFX-4083 Vintage Plain Smoky Grey Concrete Panel | Smooth Concrete Panel

FX-4083 Vintage Plain Smoky Grey Concrete Panel | Smooth Concrete Panel

Smooth concrete panel CRETOX Panels are concrete panel that has a versatile usage.  Available in 7 mm and 11 mm thickness options.  60x120 cm in serial production | Special size up to max 295 cm x 122 cm Lightweight natural concrete panel for exterior and interior cladding   More

NewsNews • 31 Oct 2020

Minimalist architecture of BOPORO House treads lightly on the land

Situated in a Belgian landscape of open fields and acres with some scattered barns, BOPORO House is pronounced in its architecture yet treads lightly on the land with its minimalist expression. Designed by TOOP architectuur, the house feels closed and subdued from the street. On the inside, however, the house opens up towards the surrounding fields, drawing nature into the house.   Credit: tim van de velde | architectural & interior photography Inside, living spaces are organized around a covered terrace. Window frames are minimal to invisible, thus reducing the delineation between indoors and outdoors. A continuous concrete ceiling/soffit further connects and unites outside and inside spaces.  Credit: tim van de... More