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Project • By AI StudioApartments


Constructed in 1927 by the civil engineer V. Patek, the original “Telephone Exchange'' building at Number 5 Bakuniskaya Street is a classic example of Russian industrial constructivism. It is one of three identical buildings in Moscow. The four-story, T-shaped structure has not been used since digital telecommunications were introduced in the city and has been falling into decay for two decades.  Constructivism is the only unique Soviet-Russian grand architectural style, akin to the  Bauhaus school.  Many buildings in Western Europe were designed by students of this movement, including notable Soviet émigré Berthold Lubetkin. These architects applied the emerging method and style of the VKHUTEMAS school t... More

Project • By INT2 architectureApartments

Interior NKF

The two-level apartment for rent is located in a constructivist building built in 1928-1930 by architects Moisei Ginzburg, Ignatius Milinis and engineer Sergei Prokhorov for high rank employees at the Commissariat of Finance (shortened to Narkomfin). In 2020, the complex reconstruction of the Narkomfin building was completed under the leadership of the chief architect of the project, Alexei Ginzburg, the grandson of the architect Moisei Ginzburg. Three-room apartment is located in a residential unit - type K. On the first level there is a living room with a compact ergonomic kitchen and a small dining area, a bathroom and an entrance hall. The second level is accessed by a staircase covered with xylene, an artificial stone made from sawdus... More

Project • By ROOMDESIGNBUROPrivate Houses


The inspiration for this project was 1930s interior designs. Vladilen, the client, shares with Room Design Buro the appreciation of Bauhaus art school, modernism and Russian constructivism movements in architecture. Before we began working on the project, we carefully investigated photographs from Vladilen's trip to German, where design and architecture of Schminke House owed him the most. That helped us to translate and apply some of the principles to the interior environment and spirit of this era.27m² is not an easy task, but it is a common issue to solve for our Buro. The challenge was to create a comfortable space for one person to live in without compromises. The design includes a full-size shower and fully functional kitchen. Ad... More

Project • By NOMOSBars


We think of Bombar as a crowded version of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawk.   The project is located on the ground floor of a corner building with grand storefronts facing Rue Prévost-Martin and Place des Augustins, in a very urban and popular area of Geneva.   The space was converted from an old pizzeria into a modern bar-bistro. Previously packed with fake furniture, a wood fired oven and layers of tiles, the first act was to undecorate the place, restore its original structure and reveal its spatial potential: roughly-cast concrete columns and load-bearing walls, a generous space cut 45° towards the corner of the housing block, 4 large windows, clad in “villebois” stone, overlooking the street.  ... More

Project • By AOEExhibition Centres

One Sino Park

Located in the northern zone of the core region of Chongqing, China, the project consists of a cliffside building, designed and constructed into its surrounding mountain façade. The main structure has been completed, and designers have deconstructed and reconstructed its internal spaces with an infusion of architectural elements conducive to the topography, resulting in the creation of a rich architectural, urban space. The 3,000m² project consists of four floors. The main entrance is located on the third level, providing access to the main sales center functional areas, including exhibition space, which span the second and third floors. Embracing the sales center, the ground floor features a heated swimming pool and health club... More

Project • By Architects of InventionShops

TATLIN Apartments

Site The building is located to the North-East of Moscow city centre on a street whose heritage dates back to the 17th century.  Originally called  Pokrovskaya street, which referred to the liberation of Moscow by the Poles, it became Bakuninskaya in 1918 in honour of MA Bakunin (1814-1876). Many historical houses have survived to this day, including the 200-year-old house at number 7- 15. In 1886, architect IG Kondratenko built the first factory building on the street, on the plots of houses No. 74 - 76.   In 1885 the architect P. P. Shcheglov built a house (No. 54), distinguished by an unusually ornate facade: the pediment was decorated with the head of a lion. In 1891, the architect I. S. Kuznetsov built a house at numb... More

Project • By jean de lessard, designers créatifsOffices

PixMob Offices

In this space of creation of interactive devices, Jean de Lessard dictates deconstructivism to strait line, polyhedral shape and contrasting colour, as on the spur of the moment.   Whatformshould takePixMob, a world renowned event specialist that the designer Jean de Lessard has insightfully sense as being borne out of the collective movementandof beat?   The site investigation has thus given birth to anemblematic protean space in whichraw and dynamic shapes enhance thecutting edge digital technologyresearch and creativity, the client's DNA. Upon entrance, one discovers the first source of inspiration: that of theprimary energy, this hypnotic rave-likemovement,through a vibrant yellow and black staging. Jean de Lessard explain... More

Project • By WTA Architecture and Design StudioWellness Centres

Emergency Quarantine Facility

WTA designs Emergency Quarantine Facilities to fight COVID-19As cities grew empty and hospitals reached full capacity, architects around the world pondered on their role in the fight against Covid-19. Confronted by the challenge of containment, Principal Architect of WTA Architecture and Design Studio William Ti collaborated with members of the community to quickly mobilize the construction of Emergency Quarantine Facilities (EQF). Ti, who spearheaded the EQF initiative, drew inspiration and knowledge from WTA’s pavilion at the most recent Anthology Architecture and Design Festival.   Built with wood and enveloped in plastic, the WTA pavilion was rapidly redesigned and repurposed into a 6m x 26m rectilinear facility equipped wi... More

Project • By Eduard EremchukShops

Guapa Flower Shop

Guapa is located in the historical building which was build in 1928 by Michail Kondratyev in constructivism style and called New way of life.    The main task was to create a unique flower shop avoiding all associations with typical ones like salvaged wood, dark cozy colours, pots and warm light inside.    Flower shop is on the ground floor and has only one window, that’s why we’ve created the ceiling as a full lightning surface which was inspired by Kubrick’s film Cosmic Odyssey.    The whole interior is monochrome this не aesthetics come from contemporary art galleries with white walls and bright lightning. The idea was to make a space which will not disturb a viewers eyes from flowers... More

Project • By Margot KrasojevicPower Plants

Hydroelectric sculpture gallery

The design uses renewable energy to redefine typologies in architecture and the built environment. The site is located in Sochi, a coastal city on the Black Sea in Russia. The building uses the oscillating water column principle to harness wave energy, converting this mechanical energy to generate electricity; it also accommodates a sculpture gallery. This symbiotic program merges a small power plant capable of producing up to 300kW with a sculpture gallery to redefine typologies and accommodate self-sufficiency by generating sustainable energy that is fed back into the grid. This project aims to supply energy to 200 households and businesses within its vicinity.The Black Sea is a contained body of water, an inland sea with a surprisingly s... More

Project • By NeevroremontApartments

Designer's apartment

This eclectic interior which Maya Baklan risked to design for her own family can be called ‘touching’ in emotional and tactile sense. You feel like hugging a tweedy sofa by Roche Bobois, petting the ‘Little Petra’ sheep-chair by &tradition and listening to the whisper of Verpan lamp’s iridescent mother of pearl disks. The contrasts in the hallway are derived from constructivism: blue and orange remind the visitor of the basic colors from an old plasticine box. Floor-to-ceiling windows are borrowed from French style, the distinctive lights are Scandinavian. New ‘guests’, from preschool crafts to travel discoveries, can easily fit into this eclectic surroundings. To secure a space of 125 m²... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceMemorials

Restoration of the Tomáš Baťa Memorial in Zlín

The building by František Lýdie Gahura, opened one year after the death of Tomáš Baťa, is the most valuable monument of the Zlín constructivism and the highlight of the so-called “Baťa architecture” phenomenon. At the first glance the idea for the monument is simple: an empty prism placed on a visible spot above the town, on the central axis of the ascending park space, made up of several modules of the Zlín 6.15 x 6.15 m frame and clad only with cathedral glass. Inside, only the ill-fated Junkers F 13 aircraft in which Tomáš Baťa died in 1932. Gahura reduced the monument to three basic materials of Zlín architecture – concrete, steel and glass that were s... More

Project • By INK ArchitectsApartments

Bi City Seoul

Location: Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanType: Residential ComplexScale:  46 413 m2Stage: Completed The architectural appearance of a comfortable residential complex in Astana has been executed in the style of a modern interpretation of constructivism. The facades are extremely simple, with a row of windows included as a horizontal division of structures. With the minimalism of the compositional design, aristocratic restraint and monumental respectability were pursued in the architecture’s overall figurative expression. The residential complex features all modern smart-house technologies. This project received the International Award in Asia Pacific Property Awards. More

Project • By INK ArchitectsApartments

Central Avenue

Central Avenue is a residential complex of 13 buildings being built in Almaty, Kazakhstan. One of the advantages of the new residential complex is in the location: it is located in the upper Almaty, within the nearest proximity to the most popular areas of the city. The Botanical Garden, Square of the Republic, retail malls Esentai & Dostyk are within 10 minutes of drive or 20 minutes of walk. Moreover, the financial heart of the city is just 2 minutes away, making it an attractive quality housing option for the local workers and their families. Central Avenue’s buildings create an asymmetrical composition, opening new aspects of the building as the person passes-by. The buildings facades also reflect the internal needs of the us... More

Project • By Luigi Rosselli ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Peppertree Villa

At the summit of Bellevue Hill a centennial Peppertree rises over the skyline;two homes lie beneath its vast canopy.  To one side of the fence, The Oculus House and to the other, Peppertree Villa, a skilfully designed late 1920s home.   One day the owners of the two homes met under this tree; they discussed botany and architecture.  This was how Luigi Rosselli Architects came to be selected to respectfully revive and refresh this beautifully designed residence.   During the 1920s, while Europe sought to wash away the trauma of World War I through radical architectural styles such as constructivism and cubist inspired modernism, Australia chose to find comfort in the familiarity of classicism.    Mediterra... More