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Project • By Bounds PlanTransports

Container Block

Container Block in Haojiacun UrbanVillage is a project carried out on the premise of “Low-Res Completion”— primitive commercial plan, limited investigation and lowcontrollabilityonappearance. We had to give up the dependence on “completeness”, and rethink the multiplemeanings of ourdesign pursuit — “order”.“Design” still finds its entry points under such circumstances. The projectsitelies beside Haojiacun— one of the “urban villages” formed during Xi’an’s urban sprawl. In 2010, an interrupted removal action left the13 mu (0.86 ha) of blank land between the village and Yanta West Road.   Spatially and temporally, the project sits right on the fr... More

Project • By YOD GroupRestaurants


The fish drank, them eat was crying... On Velyka Vasylkivska street in Kyiv appeared the new fish establishment– fish bar with ambiguous name «Ryba-Pyla», which became a reflection of its general concept and gave inspiration for creativity in interior design. Fish bar menu consists of dishes of Odessa home cuisine, which perfectly complement by wines from its wine list. The institution itself is divided into several zones: at the entrance guests are welcomed by the open refrigeration showcasewith fresh fish and seafood, which can be bought right here. Immediately behind it are the entrance to the bar zone with wine listand several guest halls. The important role in zoning of premises have sliding windows:they open in warm season, visually... More