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Product • By AngoInfinite Flow no 3

Infinite Flow no 3

Infinite Flow no 3 is a rattan handcrafted sculptural table lamp created by Ango. The elemental designs within the Infinite Flow series can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light is representing eternity. In Infinite Flow no 3, the liquid lines of the table light describe a kind of finite infinity and are created in rattan with a copper-plated base for use in your interior scheme. With its sculptural look, the piece proposes an optimistic vision of onward movement and openness. Production of all pieces by Ango is centred on a hybrid of modern technology coupled with Thai hand-crafted techniques, and this unique approach to design was highlighted in Future Paradise Exhibitio... More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures


“Better” through the pursuit of ambitions and growth in the challenges of life. “Better” through the changing vision and imagination inherent in the evolving landscape of life. The Yu Yu Art studio has participated in this festival for many years, and their series of artworks often use bamboo. This time the team employs bamboo to represent growth and transformation in the trajectory of human life. The external structure of the artwork uses bamboo, stacked and weaved together to form a defined structure whilst the white space inside the work represents the freedom sought, as we traverse life’s journey. More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures

The Light in Between

The two large curved surfaces float above the water in dynamic tension with each other and the water below. It appears as some sort of gateway or portal, inviting us to enter at one end and squeeze through to the other side perhaps to another place in time.The curves embrace and sky and the earth. They catch the breeze and reflect the light. They tell us of the passing of time and whisper the old songs of the Harbor. More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures


In our perceivable space, myriads of border-crossing actions have been taken in a creeping and constant manner. The team created Unrelated, a translucent visual installation, with bamboo, timber, iron, steel wire and LED lights, and then installed it on the surface of the water. The vertical bamboo slices interweave the real and the virtual in this space and produce a riveting intersection of shadow and light in the night breeze. As far as the team is concerned, life per se is essentially featured by a concatenation of encounters, seemingly unintentional yet in fact causally related. Those seemingly unrelated happenings could be the results of predestined appointments. More

Project • By yuyuartstudioSculptures

The Cloud at Boundray

四個季節是氣候的心情,是持續情感的象徵。每個季節都交織著故事,化作歷史最後的成就文化。在鹹水發展的軌跡中,有無數精彩的人生故事和辛勤耕耘的感人事件。運用織帶技術,象徵著歷史的傳承與融合與延伸。透過雲層的交織,訴說著這片土地上各種生命的悲歡離合,喜怒哀樂的形態,呈現出柔和而堅實的意念。《變之雲》織雲,載月津港。 More

Project • By iGuzziniParks/Gardens

The Heart Pavillion

The Heart Pavilion is located at the LAB International Art Resort in the Fairy Mountain National Park in the Wulong district.At the start of 2019, the BPI studio was commissioned by the LAB Art Museum to design a lighting system for a contemporary art installation by the world-famous artist Christian Boltanski.The work is centred on the human heartbeat and consists of a collection that registers moments in human life through heartbeats.Boltanski was born in Paris immediately after the city was liberated during the Second World War. His father, who was Jewish, had been forced to hide in the cellar of his home for several months. The shadow of the war accompanied Boltanski throughout his childhood and perhaps it is this that drove him to cons... More