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Product • By Outdoor GreatroomCove 30-Inch Gas Fire Pit Bowl Collection

Cove 30-Inch Gas Fire Pit Bowl Collection

The 30” Cove Gas Fire Pit Bowl is the perfect addition to any contemporary outdoor space. Choose between popular Natural Grey, Midnight Mist, or White Supercast™ concrete. The natural appearance of the concrete lets the focus be on the stunning 30” Crystal Fire® Plus Burner. The organic, natural appearance of the concrete is unique to each fire pit. Color variations are common attributes to the fire pit. Pitting may occur. More

Product • By Prostoria Ltd.Trifidae Collection


Trifiae are a family of seats consisting of three different armchairs, deriving from a single typological and formal origin. Consisting of three separate parts, the small easy chair, high backrest armchair and the enclosing lounge chair share the same triangulated form with the focal point in the central part, embracing the user’s lumbar area and functioning as an armrest. The tilting of the three parts of the armchairs resembles closing and openings of the petals of flower buds. Regardless to the fact that the easy chair differs in size and form from the others, while the armchair and the lounge chair share the same base and the armrest, all three are perceived as neighbouring elements in progressive series. The alternation of the backrest... More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaSlim


Sila is a chair project from which a lot of different versions take form, starting from simple shapes and natural materials. The body in multi-layer wood, available also padded and covered, is supported by a slim metal base, stackable or trestle. More

Product • By Roda SRLSpinnaker 034 extendable table

Spinnaker 034 extendable table

The exclusive extending outdoor table SPINNAKER draws its expressive power from a severe and extremely modern design, which simultaneously highlights the solidity of the material and the lightness of the top.Able to seat up to twelve people comfortably, SPINNAKER is a quick, practical solution, ideal for “last minute” invitations and satisfying the desire for company in the comfort of your own home and your own space.The extension system is characterised by a tip-up opening mechanism that can be activated running the top along the guides. SPINNAKER has a solid teak slats top and geometric, continuous metal painted legs for outdoor use.  All RODA chairs and armchairs perfectly matches with this sophisticated table.  &... More