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Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

W. Mary Residences

These four garden courtyard houses embody the feel of south Austin’s eclectic and casual lifestyle. Taking cues from the local neighborhood, the 2-story primary units facing the street are styled in a traditional vernacular form while the rear 1-story accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) take on a low-slung mid-century modern form. Solid (insulated) stack-bonded architectural grade CMU (concrete masonry unit) walls define the ADU’s (accessory dwelling unit) exterior walls which carry through to the interior. Heavy mass gabion walls create privacy and natural garden planter walls. More

Project • By Tomecek Studio ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Black Hills Homestead

This project is envisioned as a full-time residence, guest house, and fully functional barn. The essence of the architecture takes cues from the rural agricultural aesthetic on one end of the spectrum and contemporary living on the other end. The conceptual goal of the project is to use the structures to illustrate the evolution of how we use materials, harness natural light, and, most importantly, create and design useful spaces, all while portraying the evolution and modernization of architectural design.The heart of the arrival sequence is the ‘Gateway to the Meadow’. The meadow is framed by a breezeway calling out entry into the Main House and Barn while simultaneously allowing passage through to an outdoor gathering space o... More

Project • By StudionomadPrivate Houses


Lom Hai Jai aims to address the human side of city architecture, it attempts to allow the occupants can break away from boxed air-conditioned “building block” (2-4 residential stories building which occupies a large portion of the city.) Which lacks sufficient natural light and airflow. The project is also a showcase of possibility. It aims to rebel the norm, an anti-thesis to the most dominance type of residential architecture in the region. The goal is to achieve a unique design at an affordable price with ideal level of privacy for each family members, resolving the existed typology of city twin house design. The project comprises of 5 units in a form of townhouse building. The house is designed in U-shape plan, mass being subtracte... More

Project • By Shaun Lockyer Architects (SLa)Private Houses


Vinrosen is a contemporary family home designed around a central courtyard. The architecture heavily leverages the ground floor plane by dissolving the edges between the interior and exterior spaces. The architecture develops SLa’s ongoing ideas of screening, which in this instance takes the form of an operable facade throughout the first floor. A critical integration of architecture and landscape lies at the heart of this home. More