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Product • By Amoretti BrothersBrass and White Range Hood - BISTRO

Brass and White Range Hood - BISTRO

Elegant yet durable, the Bistro Brass Range Hood is designed for both functionality and decoration. This custom brass range hood is designed with a cool white base and gold toned details. Inspired by New Orleans French elements, this antique brass range hood brings an old-world charm to any kitchen. Equipped with a 1200 CFM ventilation system, our custom brass range hood keeps your kitchen smoke and odor free. Two LED lights are included to provide you with a well-lit cooking space. Our custom vent hood is made to order. Select from copper, brass, or other quality metals you would like your hood to be made from. More

Product • By Amoretti BrothersBrushed Stainless Steel Range Hood

Brushed Stainless Steel Range Hood

Sleek yet subtle, the Eugene Range Hood is the custom vent hood your kitchen is missing. Handmade by our expert copper smiths, the Eugene Range Hood features custom riveted straps that give it a distinctive look. More than just decorative, these details go the extra mile by reinforcing the structure of the range hood. Capable of working at 1200 CFM, this custom vent hood will keep even the busiest of kitchens smoke-free. With 4 available speeds to choose from, you can adjust the levels exactly to your needs. LED lighting is included to give you a well-lit cooking area while still saving on electrical costs. Amoretti Brothers range hoods are all made to order. Browse through our available finishing, metals, and sizes for a custom kitchen... More

Project • By Amoretti BrothersPrivate Houses

kitchen design

Concept design of Luxury  Kitchen with Amoretti Brothers custom range hood, backplash, sink and accessories More

Project • By Amoretti BrothersPrivate Houses

Kitchen Design with Custom Range Hood

Design of a classic luxury kitchen using Amoretti Brothers range hood, copper table, pots rack and accessories More

Product • By Amoretti BrothersCustom Copper and Brass Range Hood "Winston" by Amoretti Brothers

Custom Copper and Brass Range Hood "Winston" by Amoretti Brothers

The contemporary design makes the Winston C Range Hood a true must-have for your modern kitchen. Our custom copper kitchen hoods are specially handcrafted to match your cabinet styles. This gives a cohesive look that ties the entire kitchen space together.  A powerful 1200 CFM ventilation system gives this hood substantial ventilation that keeps your kitchen clear of smoke and smells. Each hood can operate at 4 different speeds, giving you the freedom to choose to depend on how smoky your kitchen is. LED lights have also been included to give you better visibility of the controls and your cooking area. Our bespoke vent hoods can be made in custom sizes, finishing, and even metal. Have your pick between a copper or brass range hood.&... More

Product • By Amoretti BrothersCustom Range Hood "Eugene" Black and Brass

Custom Range Hood "Eugene" Black and Brass

A decorative metal range hood with both style and substance. Our Eugene Range Hood balances form and function. This black brass stove hood is the non-plus-ultra of luxury for your kitchen design. Hand-painted and reinforced with brass straps and rivets, this dreamy piece is built to last.  The Eugene Range Hood is equipped with a 1200 CFM ventilation system complete with 4 speeds. Choose between these speeds for the appropriate level for your kitchen situation. LED lights are included, saving you on electrical costs and providing you with a well-lit cooking area. Our custom kitchen hoods are made to order. Whether ceiling or built in, classic or modern, we make kitchen hoods that suit your preferred design and finish options. Each A... More