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Product • By Damiano LatiniTriga Slim

Triga Slim

Smaller and more compact than Triga because there aren’t any electric devices and LED lightning. However, it keeps its modern and linear design. This is the thinner kitchen rod among Damiano Latini collection. It consists of an aluminium rod only 2 cm large and it seems to disappear on the wall leaving the accessories up in the air. Thanks to its slim shape it is perfect for smaller kitchens or tailor-made ones, but it still allows you to arrange all the accessories you need such as hooks, shelves and kitchen roll older among other items.  More

Product • By Damiano LatiniOutline


Simple and adaptable, Outline is the modular wooden bookcase suitable in furnishing any home. The metal frames, resting on the ground, hold wooden shelves, adjustable in height, which allow to put different objects in a practical way. Its composing system makes it the ideal furniture for the living room. It can be convenient bookcase for other rooms too. More

Product • By Damiano LatiniGrid


Grid is the kitchen rack that does not hook. The height-adjustable structure allows it to optimize the kitchen spaces without using screws, only taking advantage of the space between countertop and kitchen cupboards. The horizontal bars can be furnished with minimal design accessories, shelves, hooks and tubs, making it functional and elegant. More

Product • By Damiano LatiniGiostra


Linear, dynamic and functional. Giostra is a modular frame made of aluminium, bifacial and build without using screws. It is fixed to the ceiling and the floor to divide and furnish two rooms at the same time without building walls. Thanks to a wide range of accessories available pick and choose it is suitable either for bedroom, living room and kitchen. Lightweight and modern design make it a good fit for any kind of space your home as well as your office. Giostra will simply make your place more comfortable without changing its structure. More

Product • By Damiano LatiniDama L

Dama L

Practical e modern. Dama L is a fitted structure made of aluminium rods with a stable floor stand. It’s customizable and completely adaptable to your specific measurements. You can use either as a kitchen pantry or a wonderful upright interior garden. The upper rack can be electrified and equipped with phyto-stimulating lights to help you grow your herbs and plants. More