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Project • By jihad khairallah architectsApartments

Carlton Residence

Entering this apartment is akin to stepping into a living story, each element a narrative of the inhabitants' refined and eclectic lifestyle. The panoramic views of Beirut's coastline reveal an existence attuned to the city's rhythm, yet cradled by the serenity of the sea. The expansive openness, highlighted by the soft diffusion of daylight, speaks to a life that flows unimpeded, a testament to the dwellers' zest for freedom and fluid living. Mansour Dib Mansour Dib Mansour Dib The walls, clad in the robust beauty of travertine, echo a foundation in tradition, a touch of the timeless. This choice in texture bespeaks a connection to nature's enduring rawness, a preference for the understated opulence found in the textures of... More

Project • By Ekky Studio ArchitectsBars

Henry's Restaurant

Henry’s Restaurant is situated on the newly refurbished Makariou Avenue, a bustling pedestrian-friendly street in the heart of Nicosia. To facilitate the new restaurant, an existing commercial building from the 1970s was substantially renovated; two commercial spaces were merged and mezzanine levels were partially demolished to create a spacious double-height hall filled with light.  Creative Photo Room Henry's is inspired by the European bistro typology. It is an all-day restaurant that serves immaculately styled gourmet food, with an open kitchen that allows chefs and cooks to interact directly with the visitors, creating a dynamic dining experience.  Creative Photo Room The design of Henry's restaurant blends... More

Product • By Delta LightWa-T | wall luminaire

Wa-T | wall luminaire

The visual perception of our Wa-T luminaire is that a part of the surface of the wall floats away from the wall itself. The indirect light created by Wa-T enforces this visual perception. When choosing black as finishing option, the inner finishing in Matt Gold creates a soft and warm glow onto the wall. Caption More

Product • By Delta LightZoover


Zoover pretends to be heavy seen its size, nevertheless it looks very lightweight when hung into the room. Designed as a shallow dome, Zoover hides away a circle of light, giving it different looks depending on the point of view. Looking at it from aside, the thermoformed shell has a very neutral appearance. Only when lowering the viewpoint, more and more details catch the eye, as the diffuse light illuminates the inner textures of the scallop. More

Product • By Delta LightOutliner


Outliner defines the perimeter. It comes as single luminaire or as a bespoke profile, perfectly optimizable to any desired length. Designed as an unobtrusive linear solution, Outliner shields off the light source and gently casts its light towards the surface. As such, Outliner is ideal to serve as perimeter lighting across paths, terraces or parking lots, areas that function as passageway. More

Product • By Delta LightOrbit


Orbit has been a favourite in the wall mounted range of Delta Light for many years. This wall mounted family comes in two versions, Orbit, and Orbit T. Orbit combines a couple of LEDs with a lens for up- and downlight, which results in a distinctive light pattern on the wall. Finished in either standard lacquered finish or with the typical Punk look. Orbit T is a unique, see-through luminaire. The flexible LED around the hollows inside of the luminaire also results in a pleasant down-up light effect. More

Product • By Delta LightOne-And-Only


A peculiar profile, both functional as decorative. The design of the body allows you to have up to 5 lines of light out of 1 profi le, 3 for direct and 2 for indirect lighting. The soft glow of the light along the sides of the profile makes the One-And-Only float through the air, a powerful blend of light for an eye-catching look. More

Product • By Delta LightMono II

Mono II

Mono is a well-known member of the Delta Light outdoor range. It was the first outdoor wall fixture within the range that combines a LED module with a lens, resulting in a far-reaching and strongly delineated lighting effect. The Mono’s timeless and sharp contoured design adds a contemporary touch to any façade. More

Product • By Delta LightElbo


Elbo can be used as functional path lighting thanks to the in-house developed optics. The lens solution creates a double effect with a wide general soft glow combined with a narrow delineated beam in the middle. According to the position in the luminaire, it can create a long line of light along a pathway or it can create. More

Product • By Delta LightDiro SBL

Diro SBL

Diro SBL is a range of recessed and surface mounted luminaires, designed with an eye for visual comfort, as it has a multi-layered optic finished with a prismatic plexi at the front. It has a driver included and its reduced height allows you to install it anywhere, either built in or built on. With finishes in black and white and IP44 versions available, Diro SBL is also suitable for use in damp locations like bathrooms. More

Product • By Delta LightUho


At first sight Uho appears to be simple. In close-up, the workmanship is being revealed in the little details. The refined ratio of the body compared to its diameter, the small joints that create a sophisticated look, the softly curved hinge that perfectly matches the contours of its body. With Uho, elegance is in the details.Uho is available as accent light on our small profiles Splitline 14 and Shiftline 19 and as a spotlight it comes as a single or double Clip version and as a triple unit for surface mounting. More

Product • By Delta LightBackspace II

Backspace II

In many ways, Backspace II is a joy for the eye, be it by its slender design, by its pleasant light effect or by its playful colour combinations. Backspace II is designed to create a 2-way light effect on the wall, the choice to install it in a horizontal or vertical way is up to you. By mounting the light source in the front part of the luminaire, it is perfectly shielded from looking directly into the source. Backspace II can be used for interior lighting in a white, grey or dark grey finish or for outdoor settings in grey or dark grey. More

Product • By Delta LightPartou


Partou? Oui oui! The Partou family has countless application possibilities, as it combines round and square shapes, fix and adjustable luminaires and offers an IP44 protection rate from below. Easy to fit in everywhere – partout in French -, from residential to hospitality, from dining room to bathroom. The clever design of Partou offers a multitude of finishing options on 1 and the same LED module. Complete your LED module with the cover you want: round or square, small or bigger, white, black or a black-dark chrome combination for an optimal visual comfort, the choice is up to you! More

Product • By Delta LightOdron


Don’t be fooled, have another look. Odron may look peculiar at first sight, nevertheless its specific design is intended to create a compact yet powerful lighting solution. A second look puts everything in perspective: the flat design of the disc in combination with the shallow base results in a highly functional luminaire within a limited height of 45mm. As from now, any additional look on it makes you appreciate Odron more and more: its possibility to serve both as a straightforward downlight or as an omnidirectional spotlight, the shiny details of the cover in contrast with the structured lacquer of the body or the touch of colour it adds thanks to the additional golden cover, it is clear that Odron enriches the space in more than... More

Product • By Delta LightBowie


Add some body to the room with Bowie, it impresses through its spherical shape. Twist and turn, tilt and aim, Bowie will always look the same, whatever its direction and no matter the angle you look at it. Bowie in pure white or black easily fits in any interior and adds a touch of richness to the room.Within its range, Bowie comes as a semi-recessed Clip version, as a single or double spotlight to be surface mounted or as module to fit into our Magnetic profile offer. More