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Project • By Studio MohenjodaroHospitals

Dr. Sindhuja's Dental Clinic

The intrinsic link between spaces and the feelings they evoke takes on a new meaning when over time, certain spaces start being recognised by the emotions they inspire. The most common example would be a Dentist’s Clinic. The feeling associated with visiting the dentist is almost always that of fear.When Studio Mohenjodaro took on the project of designing the interiors for Dr. Sindhuja’s Dental Clinic, located in Mohali, they also took on the challenge of redefining the emotions inspired by the space. Minimal, pristine and clean, the design for the clinic interiors required an approach that would not only enhance a sense of calm, but also keep intact the ‘clinical’ quality of the space for the patients to feel re-assured yet comfortable.Ano... More

Project • By jamjam architecture studioHospitals

Dental Arts Studio

Our task was to design a dental office that is able to provide a comprehensive range of dental services to all patients in a personalised way, taking care about the highest quality of such services. The office is located in the Fi housing estate in Cracow. The Investor wanted to make the interior of dental offices and other rooms in the clinic elegant, cosy and modern.In order to meet the Investors’ expectations, we designed the waiting room in a cosy, homelike way by equipping it with a shelf for magazines and books, a wardrobe, as well as some comfortable chairs and coffee tables. The room is painted white with woody elements, but it is complemented with pastel burgundy, as well as navy blue upholstery of chairs. Some additional elements... More

Project • By jamjam architecture studioHospitals

Chmurska dental studio

The concept of a dental office in Katowice based on combining two dwellings on the ground floor of a multi-residental building. The core of the concept was to brighten the compact space with bright shades complemented by pistachio-coloured and black elements of a lightening system, electrical accessories and the fitting. Grey, smooth, resin floor matches the furniture, and the linear lightening frames create orthogonal systems on ceilings of rooms. The characteristic type of a font of the logotype has been also used to mark particular rooms in two ways: green areas (available for patients) and colourless areas (restricted for medical staff). More