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Designer lamp

An overview of projects, products and exclusive articles about designer lamp

Project • By AxolightApartments

Pine Tree Villa

The guiding stylistic principles used by GAO architects for the Pine Tree Villa project include using sophisticated design tools to achieve a balanced interplay of the classical and modern styles, while the placement of the volumes follows the existing architecture of the building, to upgrade it into a coherent overall look.   The entrance is enclosed within a classical portal, indicating the common thread of the interior – the interplay of classical and modern stylistic principles. The monumentality of the entrance continues with a classical parquet flooring, while the open-plan scene reveals a two-storey living area embellished by the elegant and sculptural presence of the Liaison pendant lamps designed by Sara Moroni. Liaiso... More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Riverside residential

The transparent elegance of Mountain view by Dima Loginoff suits perfectly the vision of Danya May and Katia Tretiakova for this apartment. The refined furniture and finishes that characterize the interior design, confer a sense of coziness, underlined also by the neutral tones.   Kitchen and living room are only separated visually by the change of texture of the floor. In the corner, Mountain view illuminates the dining table, remaining a discreet presence, but emerging with its exclusive design, as many contemporary pendant lamps and ceiling chandeliers of Axolight.   Designer: Danya May Architect: Katia Tretiakova More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Pirs’55 / Minsk, Belarus

The award-winning Cut, lamp designed by Timo Ripatti, illuminates the master bedroom of this project called Pirs’55, by Natalia Lutovich. A laconic and minimalist design characterizes the entire apartment, property of a young couple. Cut, with its refined and contemporary design, emphasizes the style of the bedroom, becoming the focal point of the entire room, divided by the corridor only through a simple room divider.   Project by: Natalia Lutovich More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Private residence / Sicily, Italy

This apartment of 150 sqm was entirely designed by the architect Anna Lisa Turco. The general idea was to create a cozy and serene atmosphere for the young couple living in it. Wide spaces and simple lines characterize the kitchen and the dining area, where touches of colors exalt the interior design.   The technical lighting, intentionally hidden, leaves the scene to Fedora, by Dima Loginoff, in its 7 lights version over the table and in its recessed version over the kitchen counter. Its gold finishes are a touch of elegance and personality to the entire room, as in all the projects in which Fedora is used.   Architect: Anna Lisa Turco More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Residential complex "Brodsky"

This apartment, designed by Andrey Porvatov, is located in the private residential complex of “Brodsky” in Moscow.  One of the main advantages of it is the panoramic view. For this reason, choosing the right lighting solution, Andrey needed a transparent lamp that did not block this view.   The choice fell on Mountain view by Dima Loginoff. Its unique design fits perfectly into the living room, characterized by luxurious finishes and furniture such as the wooden decorative panel, with a fireplace portal, made of a natural stone slab.    Project by: Andrey Porvatov, “TADAproject” project office More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Private residence / Kyiv, Ukraine

This house, renovated by Anna Levytska, has an intriguing mix of minimalism, eco-style and American classic elements that, together with the contemporary lighting fixtures, create a dramatic contrast. To create this mix, Anna was inspired by the pre-existing architecture of the house, in particular by the original wooden roof beams. The light effects made on them by the sunlight have been the starting point for the definition of the lighting solutions for the entire house. Anna said “as art and as a source of human physical and psychological balance, light became the focal point of the project.”   The interior design aimed to support different lighting scenarios, changing in accordance to solar and human biological rhythm... More

Product • By AxolightJewel Mono

Jewel Mono

Jewel Mono is the new pendant lamp designed by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma - Studio Yonoh - for Axolight. From a functional and technological point of view, Jewel Mono reaches top quality standards. In fact, it has an anti-dazzle lens that guarantees the maximum visual comfort. The nylon of the structure is produced with a 3D printing technology, that prevents waste materials, and it has a dimmerable LED source. Design is no exception in terms of quality. The minimalist lines make Jewel Mono a versatile lamp that guarantees elegant and refinement to any space.  More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Private apartment / kyiv

Elena Shpak of HomeCult has curated the renovation of this apartment in the residential complex Tetris Hall in Kyiv. An apartment of 50 sqm, property of a young dynamic girl. Elena started from the personality of the owner to project an apartment that is contemporary, fresh and elegant. Minimalism is the philosophy that has guided the interior designer in the choice of materials and colors. The final result is an apartment that is warm, cozy, and bright thanks to the light colors.   To illuminate the kitchen counter, among all the pendant lamps and the contemporary ceiling lights of Axolight, Elena chose our pendant Orchid. Thanks to its shape, recalling the homonymous flower, this lamp brought nature into the space. An elegant solut... More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Private apartments “Duet”

This apartment was projected by Vadim Matevosyants that has chosen a functional minimalist style for it. Natural materials and high quality furnitures characterize the interior design. The area of the apartment was limited – 60 sqm – so Vadim decided to create a unique space for the kitchen and the living room, keeping some divisions among them thanks to the supporting pylon. To further expand the space from a visual point of view and make the apartment less laconic, he has worked cleverly, together with Verdiz, with the materials, such as the wooden finishes of the furnitures, the use of ceiling-height doors and a palette of gray-brown shades.   When choosing the best lighting solution for the living room and the kitchen... More

Project • By AxolightHousing

Zanette’s projects

Zanette is a brand belonging to Tomasella that, since 1948, is one of the top furniture makers in Italy. A company that shares many values and characteristics with Axolight. Craftsmanship, uniqueness, aesthetics and technology, contemporaneity, minimalism: these are only a few of the things in common between the two brands.   Our lamps are the protagonists of these interior designs projected by Zanette. Liaison, the pendant lamp designed by Sara Moroni, with its perfect balance of the geometric archetypes: sphere, circle, and cylinder. Kwic, in its floor version, a semi-spherical blown glass diffuser and a circular painted aluminum disk fused together. Cut, the award-winning collection designed by Timo Ripatti, that has an avant-gard... More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Private apartment / Yaroslavl

Anna Belousova and Irina Krotova have completely renovated this apartment in Yaroslavl. The starting point has been the reorganization of the spaces: uniting the kitchen with the living room to create an open space, the creation of a separated bathroom, and the expansion of the master bedroom, thanks to the elimination of two small dressing rooms.   For the decoration of all the walls of the apartment, the interior designers opted for different materials and wallpapers. In the master bedroom, the choice is a mixture of violaceous paint and a wallpaper that simulates the concrete texture. The overall interior design of the apartment follows the minimalist philosophy, and so it is also for the bedroom. In this sense, our pendant lamps... More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Private house / Ra'anana

The interior designer Shlomit Zeldman projected the renovation of this apartment in Ra’anana, Israel. The master bedroom is characterized by a minimalist style, emphasized by the neutral shades, with a warmer touch given by the wooden floor. An entire wall is dedicated to a built-in closet.   To illuminate the room, two pendant lamps Fedora descend from the ceiling over the night tables. In this case, the designer has chosen Fedora in its golden version, but, as all the contemporary pendant lights and the ceiling lamps of Axolight, is available in many other finishes.   Project by: Shlomit Zeldman Photos by: Amit Gosher More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Project Denizistanbul

Denizistanbul is a coastal town near Istanbul where Kelesoglu Construction and Specimob Furniture has worked to the realization of many important residential projects. In one of them, Specimob has decided to use two of the most iconic among the pendant lamps of Axolight, Hoops and Fedora.   In this house, the bedroom is characterized by a classic style with neutral tonalities. There is only a touch of red given by the cushions and the brilliant gold of some of the finishes. Our ceiling lamp Hoops, with its sinuous lines and its golden texture, brings a touch of contemporaneity to the interior design.   Instead, Fedora has been chosen to illuminate the helicoidal staircase leading to the floors. A staircase made of natural woo... More

Product • By AxolightSkin - ceiling

Skin - ceiling

Collection consisting of suspended lamps and ceiling lamps. The lampshade is covered with flame-retardant eco-leather. Available in several sizes and colours: silver, orange, light blue, ivor white, white, brown, matt black, gold, red and green. The radial light diffuser, covered with strips of pongé fabric, is available in white and warm white. Screw fitting or built-in dimmable LED light source. More

Product • By AxolightPlumage - floor

Plumage - floor

Collection consisting of suspended lamps and floor lamps with white metal frame and fabric diffusers covered with flame-retardant TREVIRA®CS. This fabric, thanks to its properties, makes Plumage also an acoustic solution. Available in several sizes and colours: orange, white, fuchsia, light grey, brown, red, light green and multi-colour. Screw fitting light source. More