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Product • By DisciplineSiit


SIIT: an invitation to sit down! A multifunctional stool with a minimal design and refined details. It merges functionality and sustainability thanks to its cork seat, a natural and recyclable material par excellance. Practical and aesthetically lively, if necessary it can be used also as a coffee table. It gives a young and metropolitan style to the interiors, enhancing the simplicity and the pleasure of spreading positive sensations into the environment at once. More

Product • By DisciplineWdrobe


Three metal elements draw the distinctive “V” shape and compose a coat hanger of iconic design, ideal for home, hospitality and office spaces. The useful tray and the joint details in the different finishes add functionality and originality to this unique accessory. More

Product • By DisciplineBell lamp

Bell lamp

When lit up, Bell lamp draws a precise beam of light on the table or bar counter, creating a game of dimmed lights and shadows. When turned off, the lamp’s striking band – painted inside the glass – represents a very simple and elegant sign, especially when more elements are used. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaFlûte chair

Flûte chair

Flûte is a swivel chair that is ideal for different places such as home and office. It is available with polished chrome or lacquered metal structure. The comfortable seat with arms is in white or black polypropylene, also painted upon request. The fake leather cushion makes the seat more comfortable. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaTulip


Tulip is designed to offer a useful support top in lounge areas, adding value to the whole space with its refined design. The choice among different materials and colours available for the top allows different interpretations and leaves the imagination free in each furniture setting. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaNest


An elegant, essential and modular solution, to transform every space into a fascinating display. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaBugatti


Bugatti ha tutte le qualità per essere la protagonista degli spazi home & contract. Lo spessore del cuscino imbottito crea un contrasto elegante con le linee sottili della struttura che sostiene una confortevole seduta rivestita in pelle, ecopelle, tessuto o velluto. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaPalace


Palace dining table and its unique design become the outright protagonist of the living area, thanks also to the new shapes. An important element that sets the mood of the whole room. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaFlûte


Elegant and light like the namesake glass, Flûte table takes different personalities according to the chosen material and colour combinations: from the top in lacquered glass, Materia, wood, ceramic or hpl, to the base in lacquered or polished chrome metal. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaPiktor


The iconic Piktor coffee table with the distinctive philosophy and the handcrafted processes that characterize it, is now proposed in two different dimensions to bring its essential lines into the living spaces. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaSail


Concave and convex mirrors create amazing effects and compositions, projecting the space into a new dimension. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaVisual


The new dimensions of the Visual mirrors create original reflections thanks to the different shades and to their modularity. They furnish private and public spaces with a refined simplicity and allow to create large compositions. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaSlim


Sila is a chair project from which a lot of different versions take form, starting from simple shapes and natural materials. The body in multi-layer wood, available also padded and covered, is supported by a slim metal base, stackable or trestle. More

Product • By Sovet ItaliaDeod


A new table whose shapes and materials are enhanced in a natural equilibrium of geometries thanks to the iconic base inspired by the sculpted lines of the Dolomites. More