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Product • By DisciplineSiit


SIIT: an invitation to sit down! A multifunctional stool with a minimal design and refined details. It merges functionality and sustainability thanks to its cork seat, a natural and recyclable material par excellance. Practical and aesthetically lively, if necessary it can be used also as a coffee table. It gives a young and metropolitan style to the interiors, enhancing the simplicity and the pleasure of spreading positive sensations into the environment at once. More

Product • By DisciplineWdrobe


Three metal elements draw the distinctive “V” shape and compose a coat hanger of iconic design, ideal for home, hospitality and office spaces. The useful tray and the joint details in the different finishes add functionality and originality to this unique accessory. More

Product • By DisciplineBell lamp

Bell lamp

When lit up, Bell lamp draws a precise beam of light on the table or bar counter, creating a game of dimmed lights and shadows. When turned off, the lamp’s striking band – painted inside the glass – represents a very simple and elegant sign, especially when more elements are used. More