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Project • By heroalOffices

Revaler Spitze

Aluminium system solutions for urban industry architecture By mid-2021, after completion of two construction phases, the project “Revaler Spitze“ will have created a flexibly useable office and commercial space in the heart of Berlin Friedrichshain. At this top location, a great number of start-ups and traditional businesses will be united under one roof, occupying a gigantic space of 17,300 square metres. The building on Revaler Street has been named after its characteristic wedge shape, resembling a tip or “Spitze“. The architectural look, with its classic red-brick façade and steel profile frames, is borrowed from the architecture of the early 20th century. The heroal system solutions for curtain walls, wi... More

Product • By Vetrotech Saint-GobainLunax Porta

LUNAX door

LUNAX door is a fully glazed and frameless double-acting fire rated door system, suitable for indoor applications in new build or renovation projects. Door panels are composed of CONTRAFLAM fire-resisting glass, thereby maximizing visibility and favoring natural daylighting, while providing discrete protection in case of fire. The design allows door swing openings from one or both sides. With its minimized design and greater transparency, this innovative single or double door can enhance the quality and safety of any interior space bounded by fire-resistive construction. More

Product • By KawneerRT 72 Reflex

RT 72 Reflex

The RT 72 Reflex is a modular aluminum window and door system from Kawneer for fixed glazing and inward or outward opening windows and doors. The RT 72 Reflex has a patented Reflex technology and high insulation for a reasonable price. You can choose the level of insulation: a Uf value of 1.2, 1.4 or 1.6. Also, the RT 72 Reflex offers excellent performances in the field of burglar- and fire resistance. Product features The RT 72 Reflex profiles are 72 mm deep, insulated and executed with a special patented coating on the Thermal break. This coating makes sure that warmth is reflected for an even better insulation. Besides that, you don’t need to add as much insulation material to reach or maintain a certain Uf value. Depending on the ex... More

Project • By ECLISSE srlHousing

Case Sabin

“Case Sabin”, the building involved in the project, is a Casaclima house with gold energy efficiency rating. It is a certified passive building. It stands out for the high thermal insulation of the shell, the use of high heat performance windows and doors and for its superb resistance to air. In all of the units in the Case Sabin building, designed by the architect Stefano Zara, the internal walls are stud walls with plasterboard covering and false ceilings, insulated with hemp fibre and finished with paint made of completely natural pigments and oils. The flooring is made of wood of European origin, with glue-free, dry installation performed with sand and wooden panels. The apartment, approximately 160 m2, is thus set within a highly in... More

Project • By Haworth TompkinsTheaters

Everyman Theatre

The Liverpool Everyman is a new theatre, won in open European competition, for an internationally regarded producing company. The scope of work includes a 400 seat adaptable auditorium, a smaller performance and development space, a large rehearsal room, public foyers, exhibition spaces, catering and bar facilities, along with supporting offices, workshops and ancillary spaces. The entire façade is a large, collaborative work of public art. The design combines thermally massive construction with a series of natural ventilation systems and low energy technical infrastructures to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating for this complex and densely inhabited urban building. The Everyman holds an important place in Liverpool culture. The origina... More

Project • By ECLISSE srlPrivate Houses

Private house –attic room - new building

The work involved a 500 m2 attic in Marsciano in the Italian region of Umbria, half way between Perugia and Todi. To meet the needs of the owners, the architect created three large-scale living areas linked by an entrance hallway: the open living space, the sleeping zone and a small spa in which to relax. With interplay of doorways, the distribution of the spaces responds to daily needs and brings light into all spaces, thus making the most of the attic’s dominant position over the outdoor space. For both the indoor and the outdoor openings, the designer selected only Eclisse pocket sliding door systems: the result is a space that expands as needed. The Syntesis® sliding door system, without door jambs and architraves, was used in non... More

Project • By GROHEHospitals

Vlietland Hospital

Hundreds of years experience in serving the community, the Vlietland Hospital in the Dutch town of Schiedom has placed high demands on hygiene, safety and efficiency. The hospital built in 1808 was restored and redesigned by EGM Architects (Dordrecht, NL) from 1999 to 2008. With its 450 beds, the modernised facility today takes care of a multitude of patients. The classically built hospital consists of a linear block with several irregular angles. Its shape resembles a hairpin. Glazed walkways connect the opposite sections of the building to keep walking distances short. Light-flooded transparency characterises the glazed ground floor, which is framed by thick, seemingly naturally grown wooden beams. Naturalness is the guiding theme o... More