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Product • By Goldray GlassMetal Mesh

Metal Mesh

By combining a mix of glass and metalized mesh, Goldray Glass has created the most alluring architectural product available today – Laminated Metal Mesh. With its unique texture and a selection of either Aluminum, Bronze, Gold, or Copper, Laminated Metal Mesh can enhance any space as a decorative feature in both interior and exterior designs. Metal Mesh offers solar control benefits by reducing the energy required to cool or heat the space. Goldray's continued investment into new technologies keeps us ahead of the industry curve.  More

Product • By RockpanelROCKPANEL® Brilliant

Rockpanel® Brilliant

Rockpanel® Brilliant in 16 sparkling designsEvery building has its own story through its form, structure and colours, and often it is Rockpanel façade cladding that inspires architects to give their design a distinctive character. The Rockpanel Brilliant series and its 16 designs offer unlimited aesthetic possibilities to let your building blend into the environment or to make a bold statement.The broad design range of the Rockpanel Brilliant series ranges from natural brown, aubergine or green hues through cooler colours like grey or blue and on to a dominant red or orange, which provide inspiration and support innovative design concepts. All the sparkling surfaces offering an astounding play of colours. Sunlight or artistic spotlighting f... More

Product • By NanaWallBEARricade


BEARricade Folding Glass Wall Offers Security and Defense From Bears There’s nothing like a house in the woods, until it’s discovered by bears. A thrilling sight to see outside, a bear is less than charming when it’s trying to invade your home for a snack. The desire of builders and homeowners to bring the outdoors in, yet keep the bears out, can now be resolved with the NanaWall BEARricade™. It’s a folding glass wall that opens wide to erase indoor/outdoor boundaries when the coast is clear, yet provides unequalled security and defense from bears when closed. “Bears learn how to enter homes by simply using their immense strength and weight to push open French doors, windows, and even pushing in or breaking the glass on typica... More

Project • By SHHRestaurants

Twickenham Stadium

Twickenham Stadium, the home of English rugby,was looking to upgrade the customer experience at its food and beverage retail offers in order to be truly world-class across all areas of its offer in time for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, which England is set to host after winning the 2009 selection bid. At the same time, the stadium’s owners - the RFU (Rugby Football Union)- had changed a number of its core branding elements and these also had to be incorporated into any new designs. The result is the Twickenham Experience – a joint venture between the RFU and operatorLevy Restaurants(the sports and leisure division of Compass UK & Ireland).SHH worked as the design partner for Levy Restaurants on the new project,tasked withcreati... More