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Project • By Hello WoodStudent Housing

Children's resort concept for MCC

The development plan of Hello Wood won second place in the planning competition for MCC’s resort development in Révfülöp near Lake Balaton. The purpose of the tender was to create a recreation area in accordance with the values and training ideas of the MCC, as well as the development of related facilities in an area of more than 107,000 square meters. The educational aspect of the project was significant for Hello Wood, as its history has been marked by the synthesis of architecture and education from the beginning. Hello Wood It is widely known that the educational activities of the acclaimed architecture studio, Hello Wood are also extensive as it already has 20 years of experience in organizing children's an... More

Project • By RIOSOffices

Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine

The Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine is a world-class cancer research and treatment institute with a mission that encourages healthcare professionals to collaborate and interact in a nature-centric environment. Art Gray The Institute’s founding director, Dr. David Agus, believes in a fundamental strategy change leading the fight against cancer – changing the soil, so the seed won’t grow. This innovative premise is key inspiration for creating an environment that supports the best research and inspires discovery. Art Gray The design incorporates principles of nature. As a result, the natural environment informs the materials and open spatial experience. Thermory (wood), plants, and a ric... More

Project • By Mateo ArquitecturaUniversities

ESMA École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques

The ESMA (École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques) stands on the site of a former army barracks, specifically on the parade ground. Marie-Caroline Lucat Military buildings to be reused and new buildings that will shape a new neighbourhood surround us. We outline the parade ground, respecting the great trees around its edges and defining an open communal courtyard. The volume, though rigid, seeks to adapt to the place. Marie-Caroline Lucat The brief is complex and highly attractive; a small condensed city: a large inner plaza, a restaurant, a large technical space: the film set, lecture rooms and academic spaces along with dwellings, sports facilities, etc. A small city with academic, leisure and residential... More

NewsNews • 19 Nov 2021

Renzo Piano Building Workshop completes Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris Saclay

On the Paris Saclay campus Renzo Piano Building Workshop arranged a string of approximately twenty buildings around a central garden. Two buildings are offset towards the center to form the entrance to the university campus block. The 63,000 square meter building welcomes 3000 students. © Michel Denancé Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed the building with a holistic approach in which each element, each detail, each typology is part of a whole. A modular system was implemented where many of the parts are repeated over the different buildings. © Michel Denancé Design choices are based on the idea that structural appearance is secondary to functionality. The structure is made up out of large 16 meter wid... More

Project • By ArchimatikaPrimary Schools

Gymnasium A+

Public and administrative functions are located on the ground floor of the gymnasium. In addition to the cafe and canteen, there is a wardrobe, a medical center, a gym, a teacher's room, and a library. There are also classes in computer science and technology.   Teacher`s room is an open space of 250 square meters’ area, equipped with modern appliances and has a conference area and recreation area.   The library is arranged as an educational hub: here there are zones for club meetings, trainings, lectures, as well the library has its own exit to the amphitheater - the courtyard of the school.   In the gymnasium there are two sports gyms, large on the first floor and small one on the second floor. Each of them is a... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureUniversities

OKU Rectorate Annex Building

The new rectorate building is located on a highly accesible spot in the Osmaniye Korkut Ata University campus, next to the existing center for rectorate. The structure connects with the existing one by pedestrian circulation routes that are enhanced with exhibition and performance functions on the ground floor. Administrative functions and the rectorate are located on the upper floors in order to separate the traffic flow of these functions from the public uses on the ground floor. The design focuses on climate conditions and aims to decrease the overall carbon footprint and water consumption of the building. A 800m² photovoltaic parasol on the top of the structure produces approximately 115000kw/h energy a year. Prevailing wind on site is... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureUniversities

METU ArchLabs: PCLab

Roots: A Modern Inheritance to Foster InnovationAs a pioneering example of modernist architecture in Turkey, the Faculty of Architecture building holds an important place both in the tradition of the university and in the architectural history of the country. The building is designed by Altuğ and Behruz Çinici with their competition winning project in 1961. The design stands out with its courageous attitude to merge work space with social life in order to foster innovation.Re-Claiming VersatilityThe significance of the building led to a conceptualization of the architectural intervention as a "stripping-down-to-basics" operation, leaving the concrete structural elements as thetabula rasa. Starting from this naked state, the spaces are re-in... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectNurseries


First part of an overall recovery and modification operation of the educational and open spaces in order to redefine a single childhood pole, the project aims at connecting physically the two existing buildings with longitudinal walls parallel to the buildings themselves. The new connecting space, nearly a winter garden or at least a ramification of the park hidden in the green, is created by the organic inclusion between open space and closed space.The place, with its arboreal essences, the orientation of the buildings, the inequality of the ground and the morphological and spatial characteristics of the buildings, is taken as source and material of the educational and cultural project to build through physical – perceptive connection... More

Project • By Dake Wells ArchitecturePrimary Schools

Reeds Spring Middle School

Reeds Spring Middle School takes best advantage of a steeply sloped and heavily wooded site to combine student learning, community engagement and the natural environment into its K-12 campus. The design solution accommodates the district’s desire for state of the art technology integration, collaborative learning and storm safety as the highest priorities for its students.The result of a collaborative planning exercise with the district, a new semi-circular ring road will connect existing district facilities and provide access to new ones as well, including this new middle school. The strong geometry of the road responds to the need for clear organization and site topography, minimizing land disturbance.In order to preserve the natural envi... More

Project • By AlumetUniversities

“O” University

META and TRACTEBEL in association with Storimans Wijffels architects just have completed their commission from the University of Antwerp to build an auditorium and research building at the heart of the Drie Eiken campus in Wilrijk. Accessed through 2 spacious entrances, Building O contains 8 auditoriums, 2 microscopy rooms, 1 bio-space and 1 laboratory and also provides space for a reprographic service and 216 bicycles.Building O is a bright and compact volume that, on the one hand, is intended to be an eye-catcher on the campus. On the other hand, it was also required to leave the smallest possible spatial stamp on the site. The balance between affirmation and integration, and the unifying role of Building O, resulted in a universal buildi... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERUniversities

Bakersfield College

Located in California, Bakersfield College was founded in 1913 and is one of the nation’s oldest continually operating community colleges. The college serves over 20,000 students on the 153- acre main campus in northeast Bakersfield.The MandateThe college wanted to modernize their 30,290 square foot auditorium under a community bond program. They chose the IBI Group, Architecture Planning, to completely redesign the facility into a Performing Arts Center that would include a new entry, reception, classrooms, and the remodeling of the 450 theatre seats.The ChallengeThe outdoor amphitheater features a covered stage which requires surrounding shade structures for flawless visual screening. The IBI Group needed to find a shading material that w... More

Project • By CUPA STONESecondary Schools

Clisson High School

STONEPANEL™ is perfect for the facade of the new Aimé-Césaire High School located in Clisson (France). Ataub Architects and their co-contractor Linéa Architecture and Urbanism chose STONEPANEL™ Sylvestre for the exterior cladding -a total surface of 550 square meters- of this secondary education institution which provides different grades about construction industry. STONEPANEL™ Sylvestre is a gneiss stone, very light and uniform. It transmits sobriety with its natural luminosity. The use of STONEPANEL™ Sylvestre adds a touch of class and elegance to the outside of this building, opened in September 2014. STONEPANEL™ is a unique system, created and patented by CUPA GROUP, that can be used for any type... More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsHeritages

Princeton University

Repurposing a 1929 Collegiate Gothic building as the new academic home for Princeton’s Economics DepartmentThe former Frick Chemistry Laboratories at 20 Washington Road has been fully renovated and with strategic new additions is the new home for key academic and administrative units at Princeton University. The Julis Romo Rabinowitz (JRR) Building houses Princeton’s Economics department and related research centers, and the University’s international initiatives are newly sited in the Louis A. Simpson International Building. This project realizes the University’s Master Plan vision to create a hub for social sciences, and transform the large, monolithic building into a porous, transparent and welcoming learning and research environment.The... More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightUniversities

Pernod Ricard University

The Pernod Ricard Group recently added its first university campus to its resources. This high-tech complex is designed around four “moments” – work, relaxation, accommodation and convivialité. It boasts four main centres, four different architectural styles and four materials: stone, wood, concrete and metal. The project has gained the BREEAM certification of “Very Good” because it embraces the concepts of sustainability that make it architecturally cutting edge in terms of technology, energy efficiency and respect for the environment. The learning centre is symbolic of the entire project. Its structure seems to disappear into its setting, thanks to the purity of its forms and the chosen materials: the reflection of the surrounding na... More

Project • By STENI ASSecondary Schools

Nickby Heart

In Nickby, about 35 km northeast of Finland’s capital Helsinki, we find Nickby Heart – a school that used STENI Colour and STENI Vision in combination with interesting architecture to create a unique designed and vivid expression.Weatherproof!“We wanted each area of the schoolyard to have its own identity, and STENI façade panels gave us just what we wanted. The colours are sharp and clear – and they really stand up to the sun, wind and weather. In addition, we could get graphics at the same quality. It was not so expensive either,” says Pentti Kareoja, architect at ARK-house arkkitehdit Oy.The architect chose to use STENI Vision and STENI Colour façade panels – colourful and playful. More