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Project • By WINTERI | Architecture & PlanningHousing

Casa SM - Madrid

Near to Madrid, in the Pantano de San Juan the SM House is located. The land is characterized not only by being located in front of the reservoir but by having a steep slope, with several stones and large trees, which allows an impressive view of it. In order not to interfere with the environment, the one-story house is perched on pillars, playing with interior slopes to accommodate the terrain, and generating interior patios that allow occupying the space between the trees, embracing the large rocks and focusing the views of all the enclosures. towards the swamp.To distribute the interior rooms, 3 volumes are projected, one that corresponds to the master bedroom and which takes advantage of the bathroom and walking closet to separate the r... More


Carles Rahola Public Library

The new library is located in the center of Girona. Bounded on the north by busy Avenue Emili Grahit, the site is embedded in a dense neighborhood of tall residential blocks. These urban conditions – plus the fact that this is the largest library in the network of public libraries in Catalunya – contributed to the development of a design strategy based on two main considerations.First of all, given its civic and cultural importance the decision was made to differentiate the library from the surrounding residential fabric both in terms of its form and the materials.Secondly, while the design responds to the new programmatic challenges of today’s library as a place of social interaction for young and old, it also reclaims the traditional role... More

Project • By JAIME SALVA, Architecture & Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Reforma en Andratx, Mallorca

Architect: Jaime Salvá Pascual // Project: 2014 // End of works: 2015 // Plot Area: 754 m2 // Building area: 325 m2. Cala Moragues, Puerto Andratx. An integral refurbishment of an existing villa at Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca. Spain, designed by the team JAIME SALVÁ, Architecture & Interior Design. Located only 3 minutes away from the harbour side and enjoys some of the best views ever. On the east side you have a full view of the harbour with its beautiful lights at nighttime and on the west side fabulous open sea views. On clear days you can even see Ibiza on the horizon. The villa is set on a about 754 m2 plot and has a constructed area of about 325 m2 including about 30 m2 of covered terraces plus about 100 m2 of open terraces. T... More

Project • By S3 ARQUITECTOSCommunity Centres

Socio-Cultural Center

Introduction This proposal refers to the construction of a socio-cultural center, established on the ruins of the old municipal market of Abastos in Reinosa – Spain, built in 1882, subject of fire in the summer of 2012 which completely destroyed this former building, leaving only some portions of their boundaries walls. Location Reinosa is a city in the autonomous community of Cantabria (Spain), and one of the most important, located 75km from Santander. With an area of 4.12 km2 and 10,071 inhabitants (in 2012), is surrounded by rivers Ebro and Híjar. Being a mountain city with the lowest average temperatures in the region is located about 851m above sea level, with very cold winters with abundant snow, mild summers and incre... More