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Project • By The Svetozar Andreev Studio / Hotei-RussiaApartments

Rooftop Villa Saari Mois

Saari Mois (the Sarskaya Grange) is the name of an ancient estate, gifted by Peter the Great to the future empress Catherine I in 1710, on which by the time of Catherine II had been built one of Europe’s most beautiful park residences of the Baroque period – Tsarskoe Selo. Its proximity and spectacular views onto the palace park were the inspiration for the name of this unique project. The Saari Mois rooftop villa project came about as a result of a simple request from a client to renovate two separate apartments on the top floor of a residential building. The architect behind the project, Svetozar Andreev, proposed a left-field solution – to knock through part of the dividing walls and ceilings, thereby combining the two... More

Product • By Royal BotaniaStrappy


Strappy Strappy 55The new and highly original Strappy line features a coated stainless steel structure consisting of one continuous rod running all the way around to form a minimalistic yet functional and stackable framework, to which the padded seat straps and armrests are attached. They appear as if suspended inside this elegant frame. That the front and rear are connected only by soft elements is, however, an optical illusion. What meets the eye is in fact the upholstery, the aluminium straps are nicely hidden inside. Together with the hidden armrest connection they are the backbone of the Strappy. This optical ‘trick’ not only makes it possible to have a very fine and fragile looking framework, but also caters for an even b... More
Yala Lanterns, Norfolk Dining Table and Maxum Dining Chairs and Polaris Sofa
Yala Lanterns, Norfolk Dining Table and Maxum Dining Chairs
Yala Lanterns, Norfolk Dining Table and Maxum Dining Chairs
Norfolk Dining Table and Maxum Dining Chairs
Kasos Outdoor Sofa, Votsalo Lounge Chairs and Coffee and Side Tables

Project • By SataraHousing

Brighton East Outdoor Pavillon

An Outdoor Pavillion was a natural extension for a busy Australian Family, we were thrilled to Furnish it for them. More

Product • By biliardi cavicchi il biliardo Campione del MondoKlimt Gold Leaf Pool Table

Klimt Gold Leaf Pool Table

The Billiard Klimt Gold Leaf is a pretige pool, a very important part of Exclusive billiards category made in Italy.This masterpiece Associated of technique and art, masterfully led by Cavicchi billiards, and the ultimate expression reserved for the historic style, embellished with gold leaf and painted by hand, with the technique in relief of the great Gustav Klimt.A unique billiard, created in Italy into the Studies and projects center Cavicchi as testimonial of professionalism, preparation and competence, that the Cavicchi wants to make available from its primary customers, always ready for new challenges and exciting executive, which enhance their passion and productive vocation, which draws its owners since 1938, and for... More

Product • By JSC ResmitaAmphora couch

Amphora couch

This unique contemporary couch has truly been designed for the senses. The beautifully sculpted sinuous lines, elegantly curved downward-sloping back rest and seductive shape can be appreciated from virtually every angle. The richly appointed leather has been hand-selected, cut and sewn to precisely fit the body contours. Beyond the visual appeal the internal high quality frame carries a patent for its special use of materials and high strength professional construction techniques. This design and frame style cannot be matched anywhere in the furniture industry. And lastly but most importantly it is exceptionally comfortable. More