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NewsNews • 30 Jul 2021

Jong-Am Square in Seoul reinvents neglected urban space beneath an overpass with a spatially dynamic community centre

Due to the rapid economic development of Seoul, areas under critical infrastructure elements such as railways, bridges and overpasses have over the years been built with inadequate attention to the surrounding urban context and environment. As such, these ‘left over’ and neglected spaces often become dumping sites for rubbish or car parking. In 2017, Seoul Metropolitan Government promoted a development plan to expand social infrastructure and local community facilities by making better use of such spaces. Six pilot project sites were selected, including the area underneath the Jongam-dong Overpass. The site now hosts a new community centre and shelter by Simplex Architecture. Kyungsub Shin The segmented massing of the new... More

Project • By LS3POffices

Live Oak Bank Campus

Live Oak Bank’s Wilmington, NC campus celebrates its serene, forested site while fulfilling the company’s goal of creating the best possible workplace environment for its employees. The buildings draw from a shared materials palette of cypress, glass, and steel to integrate with the natural surroundings while creating a modern aesthetic.  The first campus building is anchored by a central lounge overlooking the central courtyard and deck; slender two-story office wings create a sense of transparency and offer fabulous views from any point within the building.  A second building with a canted form takes advantage of optimal daylighting and passive solar design and features an employee restaurant and lake views. An adjac... More

Project • By Kevan Hoertdoerfer ArchitectsPrivate Houses


The residence built above 301 King St. is more strikingly contemporary than most anything built in downtown Charleston in recent memory. The steel, wood and glass home is designed to maximize views of the surrounding historic district and provide a mix of quality indoor and outdoor spaces that help define the urban home.   The air rights for the project, above an existing 2 two story 19th century building, is over the Apple Store and Blue Ion-- a digital marketing agency. The new structure is perched atop the rear of the building and minimally visible from the historic shopping district of King Street. Split in two volumes, the residence rests on 18 slender steel columns, plus a central I-beam through the spaces below placed during i... More

Project • By MASK ArchitectsCultural Centres

Seoul Photographic Art Museum

 ‘’ The First Camera Obscura Photographic Art Museum ‘’, we can think about this installation in a simple and fun way: it is the museum itself, with its roof-top camera and pinholes in exhibition rooms, who are taking a picture of the present skyline of Seoul and showing it to the visitor. THE BIGGEST CAMERA ON PLANET EARTH IS IN SEOUL!Isn't the purpose of a Photography Museum to celebrate Photography? So why not create the biggest camera on planet Earth and celebrate the art of photography and the city of Seoul with an installation of a rooftop ‘Camera Obscura’ that marries past, present, and future into an experience that visitors will never forget. Photography makes our memories valuable, fixing... More

Project • By FCB Studios (Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios)Offices

The Beam

A new speculative office building for Sunderland City Centre designed with health and well being at its core   ‘The Beam’ by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios [FCBStudios], has become the first phase centrepiece of the ambitious regeneration of theformer VauxBrewery site in Sunderland City Centre.   The first building to be completed on the landmark Vaux site and is part of a 15year regeneration project which, once complete, will extend the city centre, create thousands of jobs and have a major social and economic impact on the region.It is a catalyst for Sunderland’s future.   The £20 million speculative office building provides five floors of Grade A accommodation with views across the River Wear t... More

Project • By Renzo Piano Building WorkshopUniversities

Jerome L. Greene Science Center

Luminous, light, and transparent, like the “Crystal Palace,” the Jerome L. Greene Science Center is dedicated to natural light and scientific research.   By situating the scientific functions above the ground level, the building can meet the city with a highly transparent, permeable, and active ground floor called the Urban Layer, which is open to the public and the larger University community and continuous across the entire campus. Together with outreach programs operating with support from the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute like the Wellness Center and the Education Lab, the Synapse—an interactive installation where the public can learn about the brain research being conducted in the building... More


Torre 61

An 8-level office building, located in CDMX. Built with a reinforced concrete and steel structure achieving large gaps, open spaces and open floors, making them more versatile for different uses of spaces.    The orientation is southeast-northwest, having natural light all day either from one or the other of the orientations, since we have floor-to-ceiling windows on both facades, achieving plenty of light, cross ventilation and exterior views on both sides.   The facades are proposed with exposed steel structures, forming glass panels, balconies and steel planter soneach floor. The planter shave a drip system thus achieving a natural vertical green.The proposed materials are steel, concrete, glass and wood.  &... More

Project • By dito architects and interiorsPrivate Houses

House at Tanguile Street

The site of the house is Located in 180 square meter lot with 30% slope at a gated community in Quezon City, Philippines, a modern house that looked like a stack of white, charcoal gray, and wooden boxes capped of with a gambrel roof. The exterior white walls of the house created a stark contrast with the dark colored paint & wooden walls. The roof fascia and the eaves were in the shade of charcoal gray almost black. The mix of verticals in the form of walls, columns and windows had been balanced of with the horizontal elements of the wood cladding and the carefully placed horizontal slit windows.  The main door, visible from the road, made of horizontal panels, with a solid vertical panel on the opening side accentuated simply by... More

Project • By V2 Design (V2gether Design Co., LTD)Exhibition Centres

Tomorrow world design center

Tomorrow world design center is a temporary building left over from the Shanghai World expo, Over the years, there have been several different owners, they have undergone various modifications to the interior of the building, So the final structure of the internal structure is relatively complex. Party A wants to do a public welfare project which is free of charge to designers and free for the display of furniture.   The structural transformation has already begun before we accepted the design task, after arrived in building site we are shocked by the internal spherical grille and intricate exposed steel structure. The original structural framework has become very confusing after several times of structural transformation, but surpri... More

Project • By Halflants + PichetteHousing

Lido Key addition

The existing residence was cut off from exceptional views of SarasotaBay.  The only access to the bay from the elevated house was by a narrow stair in the side yard.  The renovation and addition opens the house to views and connects to the bay with a new twelve-foot wide stair carved out from the existing plinth.  The interior of the existing house was centered on a cavernous double height space lit by glass block windows.  The addition adds a mezzanine level, an interior stair, dining wing, and a generous shaded porch on the bay side. A double height shaded window was created out of an existing wall to offer views to the bay from both the main and mezzanine level.   A new glass br... More

Project • By Studio AlfaPrivate Houses

House AO

House AO is basedwithin a context where landscape is one of the core conditioning factors for its design. The client requested that the main spaces take part of the best views; the architectonic response was to propose spatiality where the user, the architecture, and the setting would dialogue.The lot finds itself on an elevated area bordering the city of Otavalo. The preponderating views are towards the east, gazing at the Imbabura volcano. This context marks the axis which organizes and builds the spatial Scheme.Found within the equatorial Andes, the site is very cold; this posed another important condition: to reduce incidence of the strong northern winds that flow throughout the year and the low temperatures without using electrome... More

Project • By CrosshatchPrivate Houses

Folding Floor House

Harmonising with surroundsWith a narrow 8m frontage, Crosshatch sought to understand, borrow, weave and tie together this new kid on the block with the language of its neighbours, whilst delivering a contemporary, considered and striking home.The core opportunity for a reinterpreted form was presented by a converted slipper factory directly opposite. By mirroring the sawtooth roof, the function of this classic mid-century warehouse roofline was repurposed and reinterpreted, in a folding slab and roof that allowed scale and light penetration deep within the home. The striking and intriguing form that resulted, opened up opportunities internally to fold the requirements of the programme through the ground and first floors.The front elevation... More

Project • By Vin Varavarn ArchitectsPavilions

Botanica Sales Gallery

Located in close proximity to the famous Kao Yai National Park in Pakchong District NakornRatchasima Province, our challenge was to design the Sales Office and Showrooms for the new modern Botanica Condominium. The sales office design needs to reflect the original concept of the condominium project of harmonizing architecture with the beautiful natural environment but, with designs unique and striking enough to capture the interest of the prospective clients and passer-byes.Rather than designing one big air-conditioned building as requested, a different solution was proposed to bring nature into play by creating a group of small buildings enclosed amidst natural setting. The architecture is to be as simple as possible in order to enhance an... More

Project • By Mark English architectsPrivate Houses

Cow Hollow Residence

The Cow Hollow Residence consists of a remodel and small addition to the existing two story, single family residence originally constructed in 1917. The original owners, P.J. Martin Estates, hired architect Elizabeth Austin to design the home.The project consisted of a complete interior remodel, the conversion of existing crawl space areas to habitable square footage, and additions at the first and second levels. The finished design not only maintained the historic facade and materials, but also established a modern, open household.This project displays elements of the First Bay Region Tradition, a Bay Area adaption of East Coast Shingle style. This is shown through the wood shingle siding, brick chimney, asymmetrical facades, varied eave l... More

Project • By River & RainPrivate Houses

Escape Den

CONCEPTConcept of space evoked on three main grounds; to create a hymn of solitary through a more contemporary yet quirky design approach with a time worthy construction period. The space was considered as the simplest of its expression. Neither form dominated nor space, a perfect mingling and cohesion to generate ooze sophistication. To create a subtle experience of one’s being and non-being at the same moment, the project adorns emptiness with grace. Space here is not stagnant; it’s allowed to flow with its highest ardencies, form is only the resonance of space. ARCHITECTUREThe location is mostly secluded of settlements at present and therefore remains little less noise. The serene place is a perfect hide out from every day hust... More