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QUE House

QUE House is a different home for a family that was looking for a non expensive but very expressive house. OOIIO Architecture OOIIO Architecture Team designed a this building as a shell, an envelope that creates a void inside, protecting occupants from the sun and rain. OOIIO Architecture This envelope will rise as necessary to configure two heights in the occupied day area, then it will descend one height in the occupied night area as well as the garage. The envelope extends towards the street and the patio to provide shade creating a pleasant porch facing the garden. OOIIO Architecture The interior will be functional, comfortable and reasonably priced while still using durable materials. OOIIO Architecture More

Project • By OOIIO ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Trillo House

Trillo House is a mix of traditon and contemporaneity for for a family that moved from Barcelona to the countryside. Caption They wanted to flee from a city life where they were no longer comfortable to a more natural and quiet location in a small village in Central Spain. Caption Trillo House looks like a strong horizontal stone prism pierced by flared concrete holes creating variety and giving strong personality to the building. Caption This stone prism is "floating" over a glass box since the ground floor façade is completely made of mirror glass, to imporve the interior-exterior spatial relationship. OOIIO Architecture The house has a very contemporary design, although its distribution around a central pat... More

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VAL House

This house is located on a cleary residential area, consisting of blocks of row houses, all equal and repetitive, in Madrid outskirts. Javier de Paz OOIIO Architecture Team designed this house betting on singularity, it cannot be otherwise, for breaking those repetitive chains through this small exception: VAL House, concieved as a rupture within a world of aligned shawls produced in serie. Javier de Paz The facade material is choosen to avoid repeating the brick used all around this site. The volumes are carefully composed to pop up like an interesting object on this arid landscape. Javier de Paz Interiors are functional and full of natural light. Everything is compact and thought for the client daily life, making from VA... More

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Velazquez House

Velazquez House is created from a composition of volumes, with gaps and holes on them to allow the natural light to get in.The house has tree heighs created for the junction of 7 prismatic volumes, all of each related with a specific  function inside.Each facade hollow or deck is strategically studied to illuminate every corner of the house with sun light, creating attractive, bright and cheerful interiors.Its clean geometry and strong presence outisde is reinforced thanks to the natural travertine cladding of the facades. Josefotoinmo OOIIO Architecture More

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Casa C

This great family house is located in one of the most exclusives neighborhoods in Madrid, Spain. Joao Morgado The client came to the architects with a large brief to consider in the design, including a place for a car collection, cinema, game room, interior and exterior pool, library and study room, etc. Joao Morgado His only desing condition was to get an unique house were you don´t have the feeling of live separate from the other family members when they were using another wing house. Joao Morgado This is why OOIIO Architecture design team came with the idea of create a "Swiss Army Knife" concept for this house, where every brief activity has its own place but at the same time all the spaces join together into a ce... More

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GAS House

The project of this house came up when the architects tried to introduce natural light everywhere in a not very big plot, in a corner between two quiet streets in a village in Central Spain.  Josefotoinmo OOIIO Architecture team located four patios, designed and strategically placed in the plot to act as four light wells, four natural ventilation distributors.  Josefotoinmo Josefotoinmo From the outside the house is discret and clean, you don´t get the perception that it has 2 floors, one of them is under the street level, to get more fresh and a easier climate control. Josefotoinmo Josefotoinmo Only once you get into the house you can discover the spatial richness and the big amount of material g... More
Entrance to Sirius, a Halliday Clark Architects Project
CGI of Sirius, a Halliday Clark Architects Project
CGI of Sirius, a Halliday Clark Architects Project
Kitchen Dining room that opens out onto the balcony, a Halliday Clark Architects Project
Sedum Rooftop on Sirius,  a Halliday Clark Architects Project

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Our client purchased a small vacant tennis court plot  in Ilkley, West Yorkshire with a view to creating a stunning contemporary family home. The secluded yet compact setting flows from the main street facing the aspect back into the narrow site, with carefully arranged building mass and linked corridors allowing for protected tree roots to remain undisturbed whilst providing open views and generosity of space and light to both internal and external spaces. When complete the stunning single dwelling will enhance the location considerably and provide living space full of fine crafted detail and a real enjoyment of space. More