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Product • By Alumil S.AWOODALUX


An innovative product based on aluminium profiles capped with wood composite material of premium quality. Ideal for decorative and shading applications that offer long-lasting natural look to buildings & outdoor constructions. Decorative trellise... More

Product • By Alumil S.ASMARTIA FC50


A complete fencing system of minimal design with a wide variety of louvers and gate options, which offers simple solutions for every need and aesthetics. The main characteristic is that the horizontal louvers are continuously attached on the mullions... More

Product • By Alumil S.AWOODEE


Top quality wood composite product in solid profiles, ideal for outdoor and indoor decking, wall cladding and fencing applications. With a special recipe (60% wood and 40% polyethylene) and a wide variety of solutions, as well as premium quality and... More

Product • By Haagh Protection BVSafety Pallet Gate Systems

Safety Pallet Gate Systems

Carelessness, hastiness or sloppiness cause lifting points between different floors to not be (properly) closed, which causes a safety hazard. Manually operated fences, gates or chains are not always properly placed back or closed, leading to all kin... More
Harley-Davidson Museum, The Shop Signage
Harley-Davidson Museum, The Shop Signage
Harley-Davidson Museum, The Shop Signage
Banker Wire Various Lockcrimps

Project • By Banker WireShops

Harley-Davidson Museum - The Shop

The wire mesh sign at the gift shop for the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI, has a gritty feel that reflects the motorcycle manufacturer’s no compromise, no nonsense attitude. Designed by James Biber, an architect with Biber Architects, and M... More

Project • By Banker WireHousing

Palos Verdes Residential Stairway

Banker Wire decorative woven wire mesh is an exciting alternative to other common ornamental iron work materials for grand staircase designs. Marmol Radziner Associates incorporated Banker Wire M13Z-145 "Rigid Cable" style wire mesh into their grand... More

Product • By Banker WireTW-1


Woven on a four-heddle loom, Banker Wire TW-1 wire mesh pattern is our first Twill weave offering. Each wire is woven in an over two- under two manner creating a distinct alternating diagonal repeat pattern when viewed at an angle.The square twill wi... More

Product • By Banker WireSZ-2


Alternating satin with shine, this unique Banker Wire weave has a compressed appearance that works equally well as the focus of your design or as a background element. Very strong, and extremely dense but not opaque, this striking weave is often chos... More

Product • By Banker WireSJD-5


Four different crimps make up this interesting mix of shine, satin, smooth, and rough. The wild differences between crimps blend perfectly controlled when woven together over a large area. Percent Open: 61.2% Overall Thickness: 0.160"... More

Product • By Banker WireSJD-3


Large scale, square plaid using a combination of two wire patterns to create a secondary pattern. The SJD-3 achieves a very high percent open area without sacrificing the mesh integrity. Percent Open: 85.3% Overall Thickness: 0.500" Aspect Ratio... More

Product • By Banker WireS-15


Inspired by a turn of the century home restoration project that we did, we changed the material from steel to stainless, and made the repeat pattern smaller. Alternative spacing and pattern options are possible. Percent Open: 51.1% Overall Thickn... More

Product • By Banker WireS-14


Slightly larger scale version of Banker Wire S-13 wire mesh pattern. This flat wire mesh pattern could be used for any application interior or exterior. Offered in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, or Bronze. Percent Open: 24.8% Overall Thickness: 0.... More

Product • By Banker WireS-13


Weaving a flat wire on close centers results in a Mid-Fill fabric with very low percent opening. Nearly a solid sheet of flat wire, the S-13 material is heavy and dense. Slightly larger spaced options are also available... please call. Percent... More

Product • By Banker WireS-12


Banker's embossed technology on a small scale. Highly faceted, low open percent area, you've got to hold it in your hand to appreciate the beauty. Percent Open: 21.6% Overall Thickness: 0.105" Aspect Ratio: 1.00 : 1 Crimp Style: E1E1 Weight (l... More

Product • By Banker WireS-9


Utilizing Banker's exclusive embossed technology, the S-9 makes for a nice textured weave with high percent open area. Can be woven in an large range of alloys to suit the designers vision. Percent Open: 63.4% Overall Thickness: 0.140" Aspect Ra... More