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Product • By AngoInfinite Flow no 5

Infinite Flow no 5

Infinite Flow no 5 by Ango is a handcrafted sculptural pendant light. The elemental designs within the Infinite Flow series can be seen as archetypes, that are emblematic of perpetuity, where a continuum of flowing translucent light is representing eternity. In Infinite Flow no 5, the liquid lines of light of the piece are described in rattan material, whose translucence and light refraction generate a wonderful warmth for your interior. Production of all pieces by Ango is centred on a hybrid of modern technology coupled with Thai hand-crafted techniques, and this unique approach to design was highlighted in Future Paradise Exhibition within Bangkok Design Week in February 2022.   Infinite Flow no 5 sizes: 35.5 ins W x 25.5 ins D... More

Project • By Steffen Welsch ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Feng Shui House

The practice of Feng Shui finds its origins in China, going back about 6,000 years. It literally translates to “wind and water” and is a concept aiming to design and plan buildings and their surroundings for harmony and happiness. Feng Shui calls on you to organise objects to allow for the flow of what is referred to as natural energy seen as moving through a space and all living things. In this context it is understood that a building’s layout, colours and materials affect the flow of energy. Feng Sui design applies three core principles: allow energy to flow, balance between natural elements with their own sets of attributes including colour, texture and shape, and place objects that represent your life’s journey... More

Project • By Studio LawangPrivate Houses

The Silver Lining

Every project starts with a dream. This one starts with a hope for a better future.  The client's family relocated to Jakarta in support of their children education.     The plot size is 8 x 20 m in measurement. A 90 cm alley was created to maximize sunlight, ventilation and rain water catchment area.    The design started with superimposing the nine boxes of Feng Shui on to the plot as guidance. With each box has a specific zone or function that can be applied. This guide was followed strictly and inherently shaped the floor plan.    Having quite a divided floor plan due to Feng Shui requirement has made the architect decided to express the exterior in a more subtle and calm way: a simple white box.... More

Project • By Architectural Services DepartmentSports Centres

Che Kung Temple Sports Centre

The 4-storey sports centre comprising of the games arena, fitness room, dance room, children playroom and two multi-purpose rooms is backed by a hill with beautiful natural setting, scattered with village houses near Che Kung Temple Station.   As with the local tradition the villagers are encouraged to go up to the feng shui hill, the public in this sports centre are inspired to ascent through different levels of the Venue and finally connected back to their feng shui origin. The Sports Centre provides an accessible extension of the adjacent hillside greenery. Designing a public venue not only to provide sports facilities, but also as a place for leisure. The arrangement of the different scopes for the Sports Centre with its public s... More

Project • By Bogdanova BureauPrivate Houses

True Home

“No fake and more space for happiness”, – these were the wishes of a young couple with 3 children, addressed to our team. So we made it – a real house for a real family!   The apartment space consists of two united flats. A huge hall appeared as the result of it. After careful consideration we took a decision to preserve this vast space and not divide it into smaller rooms. “Here my children will be playing football and riding scooters”, – the owner expressed his wish and this idea was totally supported by our team.   Kid’s zone comprises of two rooms for boys with a shared bathroom and a room for the young lady in powder-pink tones with her own bathroom. This zone can easily be... More

Project • By LAVA ArchitectsNurseries

EcoKid Kindergarten

The design of a new eco-kindergarten by LAVA with Module K and Viet Décor features spaces encouraging curiosity, activity-based learning and interaction with nature for the next generation of Vietnamese children.   The kindergarten in Vinh, near Hanoi, Vietnam, unfolds with three semicircular buildings over three levels linked by bridges generating a series of interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces that are playful and safe while making an architectural statement.   Chris Bosse, director LAVA, said: “The design language - organic shapes, simple architectural lines, primary colours, different facades/windows coded by age – is all about growth. It’s child-friendly without being childish”.  ... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHousing

Feng Shui Interior Design

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which is used to create balance and harmony in the space. These principles are believed to bring good health and good fortune. This Feng Shui interior design for a home in Fersol, Lebanon, designed by CAS lays on these principles which are applied in every room creating pleasant atmosphere which oozes with positive vibes for those who live there and are implemented with the use of objects, colors and materials that help creating a perfectly balanced interior. More

Project • By SalientRestaurants

The Orient Chain of Restaurants

The Kolkata-based Orient chain of restaurants raises the standards of the hospitality experience, which is enhanced through design. The twin restaurants, with their oriental cuisines and contemporary Japanese style interiors, draw special attention from the crowd of the city centre mall which they occupy. With a 60-cover seating capacity each, the design incorporates ancient Japanese techniques ‘Feng Shui’ and ‘Taoism’ to reflect their cuisine in space. Sited in an amicable location on the ground floor of the mall, the restaurant occupies a plot area of 1550 sq ft. A challenging floor area ratio resulted in a linear geometry with two entries- one from the mall and the other from the street on the plot periphery. The... More

Project • By 3andwich Design / He Wei StudioHospitals

Shenshan Ridge Integrated Service Center

Location and background of Project The architectural design concept is based on the reading of the project site, which is located at the intersection of the east-west main road and a northward road. It presents the form of an irregular triangle, which is narrower in the north and wider in the south, with hills to the northwest and –east, but relatively flat and open land to the southwest, where a better opposite scenery is to be found.   Before the introduction of the architectural design team, the proprietor has had the site formatted and expanded, the hill to the northeast excavated, which has changed the original environment to a certain extent. Faced with the exposed side slope of a 15-meter height, the design team made a... More

Project • By Junsekino Architect and DesignPrivate Houses

Nakhon Chai Si House

Nakhon Chai Si House is the house of 3 generation Thai Chinese family members. The site is located on the outer part of Bangkok which is the same plot of land as their own factory but separated from each other for privacy. The house is placed to the side of the land in order to take view of the lake and golf court, as if the house has its own private lake. For this house, there is one constrained according to Feng Shui is to make the 3- storey house look like 2-storey house.   The programs of this house are separated clearly, with all services including carpark and maintenance service on the basement floor which is blurred by the landscape. The ground floor consists of the common area, dining area, living area, pool and the terrace w... More

Project • By RENSONPrivate Houses

The healthy house on the hill

A wooden, nearly zero-energy, passive house build on a hill, following the Feng Shui principles, that’s not something you see every day. Yet, the Czech Republic-based company Lucern Drevostavby creates such houses daily. It’s their mission to create healthy, environment-friendly homes where people feel good. Passive house with a ventilation systemSince it is not comfortable to live in a well-insulated, passive house without a ventilation system, Lucern Drevostavby contacted our Czech client, Beam CR s.r.o.. They advised and installed a Renson ventilation system. The owner of the house liked the idea of a heat-recovery system. So, Beam installed our Renson Endura Delta D+ system. A Renson D+ system is a so-called balanced ventil... More

Project • By Jaime Sepulcre ArquitecturasHospitals

Burgos Dental Clinic

Gingival SpaceThe 'Raquel Gomez Dental Clinic' is a project located in the Burgos’s downtown in Spain. The project of interior design doesn’t go unnoticed in any of its aspects. From the beginning of the design process, the architect Jaime Sepulcre has developed the design together with the interests of the client, that is a dentist. The investments of the architect into the dental world have given him the keys to develop the project. Creative proccessThe client is a dentist with 15 years of experience and requested the architect to improve the previous conditions of the former dental clinic. One of the main requirements of the client was to include as part of the design the Feng Shui philosophy. In order to face this challenge... More

Project • By ArchitectsatWorkPrivate Houses


The client who himself is a builder, wanted to build his home with the interior having intrinsic details that would bring elegance to it. When client approached AW, the house was at constructional level where exposed RCC being canvas, hence we decided to go with harmony and explore our creativity. We made certain changes at construction level to coordinate with interiors like we chose to have filler slab, wooden and metal staircase and lot many other changes. VESTIBULE: At the entry itself one would be welcomed by embossed Ganesha Wooden mural with brass lotus petals upon that brings positivity; to add on, flooring has been designed in such way which exaggerates the space. DRAWING ROOM: The interior for drawing room is done with simpli... More

Project • By Lilian H. Weinreich ArchitectsApartments

West 67th Street

Feng Shui dictated the orientation and functional layout of this two-bed, three-full bath apartment to harmonize with spiritual forces. The 1,600 square foot plan creates generous, open, and clutter-free spaces, as small, dark areas restrict the flow of positive energy. Caption Caption Caption The den area can be separated from the main living/dining areas into a flex-bedroom with a series of three interlocked translucent sliding panels that span 26 feet. When not needed, the panels stack unobtrusively at the entry. The master bedroom suite, open most of the time, can be closed off for privacy by a hidden operable panel. A welcoming mask floats in a northeast-facing niche at the central axis of the apartment to protect the o... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersBanks

Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Headquarters

Conceived during a sensitive period in the former colony's history, the brief for the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Headquarters was a statement of confidence: to create 'the best bank building in the world'. Through a process of questioning and challenging − including the involvement of a feng shui geomancer − the project addressed the nature of banking in Hong Kong and how it should be expressed in built form. In doing so it virtually reinvented the office tower. The requirement to build in excess of a million square feet in a short timescale suggested a high degree of prefabrication, including factory-finished modules, while the need to build downwards and upwards simultaneously led to the adoption of a suspension structure, wi... More