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Project • By Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos AssociadosApartments

Apartment NY

With a privileged view over Central Park, the project signed by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados keep the ambiences of the apartment integrated With its privileged view over Central Park, in New York City, this apartment occupies one storey of a building designed by James Carpenter, one of the first to be built with a metal structure during the period of emergence of vertical multi-family residences at the onset of the 20th century. After serving for years as a hotel, the building has recently undergone a retrofit and came to be occupied anew by apartments. The slab of about 500 square meters was divided into three units, the smallest having no park view. The project is signed by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados from B... More

Product • By Alessandro BiniCoex


COEX® is a total cellulosic vegetable fibre, the most present biopolymer in nature, it is comfortable, recyclable and hypoallergenic. It is a 100% natural product, created with fibres and materials of vegetable origin which have become fireproof thanks to an innovative patented technology without the use of chemical additives or flame-retardant resins that may come in contact with skin and environment. The softness of the fabric generated with COEX® is unique in the world, but in addition to the extraordinary comfort and impenetrable aesthetic effect of a fabric such as linen or cotton, COEX® is also the only fibre in the world completely flame retardant. It does not burn, does not drip, does not emit harmful fumes such as dioxin and resist... More

Product • By CrevinFUSION


FUSION blends wool with performance fiber, equipping elegance with an outspoken technical performance. The colour range ventures lively but elegant tones, adding a calm, homely feel to the sometimes cool, technocratic world of contract. FUSION is inherently flame retardant and machine-washable.Specifications:Composition: 34WO 28PES 23PP 15COWidth: 140 cmWeight: 750 gr/lmMartindales: 62.000 cyclesAssessment of ignitability:     - BS5852 0/1 - EN 1021 1/2 - BS7176 Low hazard - CAL TB117:sect 1 2013 - NFPA 260:2013 More

Product • By VitrulanSYSTEXX Active Magnetic

SYSTEXX Active Magnetic

SYSTEXX Active stands for products with extra functional uses. These glass fabrics are the answer to special requirements (e.g., for offices, schools or hospitals).For example SYSTEXX Active Magnetic and Whiteboard - For invisible, magnetically-active presentation surfaces in all formats: This glass fleece and glass fabric has a patented, magnetically active back. Conventional magnets adhere to the visible side.Get creative - Magnetic wall coverings, concrete walls, or even table tops - with SYSTEXX Whiteboard Finish all smooth surfaces are equipped with an additional feature: they can be written on and wiped clean again and again.The all-in-one solution - The quickest and cleanest WhiteboardThe new SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard provid... More

Product • By spHaus design incFoot


FOOT is a sectional seating system based on a number of flame retardant polyurethane elements with steel tubolar frame (seat, backrest, armrest), to be assembled to make different layouts. An armchair, a two or more seaters sofa, a footstool, a seating island: every layout is possible. Steel feet are powder coated to match the colour of fabric upholstery or in any RAL colour available. Each element cover is removable with an exposed zip. All fabrics and leathers in catalogue are available. More

Product • By Illu Stration by Mary-Ann WilliamsShanty! Plissee Archiv Felt Tunnel Acoustic Solutions

Shanty! Plissee Archiv Felt Tunnel Acoustic Solutions

Shanty! Plissee Archiv Felt Tunnel Acoustic Solutions Inspired by corrugated sheet metal shanty town houses and haute couture pleat techniques to improve room acoustics in modern interior office and living spaces.   Shanty Plissee Acoustic Archive is a sophisticated patented archiving system that stands out far beyond its functionality as an acoustic element. A human filing system that interacts with its user, making the past usable for the present - like all our Mesh 3D and Origami Plissee designs.    These loop shaped tunnel acoustic sound killers can attenuate background noise, make the sound quality clearer, reduce stress and improve the working environment. Here, not only the acoustic properties but also the visual... More

Product • By Illu Stration by Mary-Ann WilliamsChaise Longue Sconcigli Duo Felt Acoustic

Chaise Longue Sconcigli Duo Felt Acoustic

Inspired by... the sensation of lying on a seashell filled beach and the love for Italian pasta has been translated into a textural chaise longue. No use of foam or filling material, The uniq design interlaced felt pieces with a spring like elasticity technique is meant to bring the sensation of a beach holiday into our living spaces for everyday stress-free living. Damage or dirty pieces can be replaced without any tools. What makes it unique is that it is made completely handmade out of natural renewable materials -   merino woolfelt –, has perfect sound absorbing properties, naturally absorbs pollutants as well as it is flame retardant. Sizes: 70/80/90/100 cm x 180/200 cm x 10 cm or any other bespoke sizing in over 20... More

Product • By PERMISAN PERDE SISTEMLERISilverScreen Stor Perde

SilverScreen Stor Perde

Verosol’s SilverScreen 4% has an ultra-fine layer of aluminum, dramatically improving solar energy control, whilst demonstrating excellent view through. Offering ultimate glare control, with an unrivalled solar reflectance of 77%.The ultra-thin aluminium coating on the SilverScreen collection provides a spectacular performance improvement in solar control while maintaining excellent view to the outside world. In summer, SilverScreen keeps the heat out with its reflective aluminium layer, which also prevents heat loss in winter. The aluminium layer is like a low-E coating, which results in extremely low radiant power. This leads to significant savings in energy costs (for example, air conditioning, heating) and reduced CO2 emissions. SilverS... More

Product • By Peter Peppper ProductsSlalom


EcoStrong panels are rigid, non-flexible, sound absorbent panels finished in Trevira CS fabrics. Ideal for areas requiring more stability; can be configured in straight runs and perpendicular intersections. EcoStrong panels are ecologically friendly and produce good acoustic correction of midrange frequencies and attenuation of high frequencies. EcoStrong panels are finished in Trevira CS Mirage collection, flame retardant and are recyclable.NRC Rating = 0.79 (see page 141 for details). Fire rating: CL1; Smoke: F1.Trevira CS: Class 1. More

Product • By BWF FeltecpolySONIC fr - polySONIC® fr 3D

polySONIC® fr 3D

The acoustically effective fiber composite for a variety of applications   Variety is our top priority. For this reason,we offer our flame-retardant felt polySONIC® fr not only as basic material. The pressed polySONIC fr sheet is particularly suitable as an acoustic panel as well as for further processing. With our molded parts polySONIC® fr 3D, we set stylish accents with the exclusive BWF Feltec design and ensure optimal sound diffusion.  The textile surface of our polySONIC® fr 3D not only visually upgrades the room, but also guarantees optimum room acoustics through dispersion and simultaneous absorption. Due to the long-lasting fibre-integrated fire protection, we ensure that all products of our polySONIC&re... More

Product • By MYRAL-FassadeFacade cladding M32 MYRAL

Facade cladding M32 MYRAL

The high-quality façade cladding with P. I. R. insulation, designed, manufactured and marketed by Myral, combines aesthetics, quick installation and energy efficiency. Designed for a wide range of building requirements, the length of the panels varies from 1. 5 ml to 14 ml. The Myral M32 panel also offers a wide choice of surface colours with exceptional finishes.The Myral elements consist of P. I. R. type insulation, aluminium external cladding, PVC fixing profiles and a vapour barrier. This combination of stable, high-quality materials is integrated into an innovative structure. Myral facade coatings use a polyurethane insulation type P.I. R, which consists of a proportion of biobased products and it is flame reta... More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC™ reAL anodised

ALPOLIC™ reAL anodised

ALPOLIC™ reAL anodised - aluminium composite panels with genuine anodised finish in 6 design variantsWith ALPOLIC™ reAL anodised, ALPOLIC™ offers a new surface finish in genuine anodised, which with its natural appearance and broad colour spectrum expands the design scope for modern façade architecture. All advantages, such as simple processing and natural colouring, come to bear here. The coating also guarantees enormous colour consistency and high corrosion resistance. Available in material quality Euroclass B - s1, d0 (flame retardant) as well as Euroclass A2 - s1, d0 (non-flammable).  More

Product • By SFKVirtuell® crazy carved on Microlumber

Virtuell® crazy carved on Microlumber

Virtuell ® crazy carved is a special filigree 3D-decor which, based on modern CNC-milling technologies, is suitable for producing continuous patterns and fillets.Microlumber, the backing material for Virtuell® crazy carved, is world’s first flame retardant glued-laminated oak veneer, and was developed to use for the interior design of ships. It fulfills the requirements of IMO FTP Code 2010 certificate, Part 5, which is mandatory for the interior design of ships. More

Product • By KOLARdukta® SONAR PRO

dukta® SONAR PRO

For projects where the use of building materials with classified flammability is necessary, we offer dukta® SONAR PRO. This has been successfully tested for flammability and certified with C-s2-d0 (according to EN standard 13501-1).This classification corresponds to the former DIN B1 standard "flame retardant".The certification of "dukta® SONAR PRO" was carried out in combination with a flame retardant MDF board with a SONAR milling pattern, which is fire-resistant after milling with a fleece and mineral wool backing.dukta® panels provide a visual and audible advantage due to their ductility and transparency as in addition to the visually appealing appearance, dukta® panels are characterized by their sound-absorbing effect. More

Product • By Kobe Interior DesignBalsamo FR 315 cm

Balsamo FR 315 cm

Balsamo FR is a loosely woven 100% Flame retardant sheer. It is woven with a special binding style that makes the unique look and gives also dimensional stability. The filament yarns are cut into smaller pieces and spun together to get this natural look of cotton. The binding makes every yarn connect to the other in a crisscross manner. The resulting effect is a graphical overall pattern with two toned details. It is very soft, easy to drape and available in 5 colours. More