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Product • By Linea Light GroupCreek_Optus


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Product • By LuceplanOtto Watt - Wall Lamp

Otto Watt - Wall Lamp

The Otto Watt wall model is a concentrate of efficiency and flexibility. Reinterpreting the classic spring lamp, Otto Watt is extremely manageable and stable, thanks to its slim but solid lines. The shade can be adjusted across 360° for direct or indirect lighting. More

Project • By MBA - Matteo Belfiore ArchitectureOffices


Cybernet Systems Co. Ltd. is one of the world-leading companies in manufacturing support using CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering). The company headquarter is located in Fuji Soft Akihabara Building in Tokyo. Inspired by the traditional Japanese architecture’s flexibility, the new Cybernet office is a modern space designed to promote employees’ wellbeing, encourage dialogue, and improve productivity. A simple and minimal design approach – paired with great attention to the details – has been adopted in this project. Thanks to the open-plan and transparent partitions, the office is bright and sunny for most of the daytime, minimizing the need for artificial lighting. This project aimed to create a bright and innovative o... More

Project • By Kee Yen ArchitectOffices

KYA Studio

We often need a circulation space or corridor to connect all the required spaces or rooms. However, we do not have the luxury for connecting corridors in this office design. The project is designed to facilitate a flexible working space with required spaces of a gathering area, meeting room, workstations, private room, pantry, design studio and a washroom within a small area of 75 square-meter office for a newly start-up office. The main intervention was to maximize the space efficiency by adding movable panels which are used to divide the space into four main zones. The four main zones are a private room, a workstation or the event area, a meeting area and a pantry. The rest of space is kept remarkably simple, with only essential furnishi... More

Project • By Lahdelma & Mahlamäki ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Notski - Heinola Upper-Secondary School

Notski is the winning competition entry for a 4660m2 upper-secondary school in Heinola by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects. Aside from its core focus of learning the school also is to become a social hub for the community – housing civic activities, youth culture and community sports. Flexible learning and activity spaces pivot outwards from a core social space that links all the programmes together. The classrooms themselves, designed with pedagogic experts, are optimised to cater for the different learning situations that the students would find themselves in throughout their school career. Notski sits in the heart of Heinola, a secluded Finnish town of around 20,000 inhabitants, surrounded by a patchwork of islands, lakes and forests... More

Product • By molocantilever table

cantilever table

cantilever table, available in both sitting and standing height, can stretch and flex to almost any size and shape, then fold away for efficient storage. cantilever table paper fans open and connects magnetically to itself, making set up and take down simple. The circular tops, available in a sustainable, engineered wood or white Carrera marble, create a sense of equality and community amongst coworkers. The glass pencil holder acts as a spindle for the sketching circles accessory, a wonderful way to share ideas and drawings amongst collaborators. Multiple bases may also be magnetically connected, allowing cantilever table to be manipulated to create versatile forms for collaborative, creative workspaces. Sold in sets of six, the modular we... More

Product • By molothinwall


thinwall is a flexible paper space partition. Measuring only 8.75cm (3.5”) wide, it offers diverse new applications such as an acoustic, sculptural interior space liner for solid walls, columns, and ceilings; a flexible wrap for closet/storage areas, reception desks, and other millwork; or a partition for shaping more intimate areas within any larger space. More

Product • By molobenchwall


benchwall is an expandable, flexible paper bench with a 1.8 meter (6’) tall back rest that functions as an acoustic space partition as well as seating. Flexible in length, benchwall can stretch into a long straight, high backed bench or be swept into a bench-lined room for intimate meetings. More

Product • By molourchin softlight

urchin softlight

urchin softlight invites playful interaction. Using flexible honeycomb geometry, the textile shade expands and morphs into myriad shapes as you manipulate it with your hands. Its curious motion is akin to that of a sea creature, giving the luminary its unique name. More

Product • By molosoftseating


The inspiration for softseating comes from a desire for flexible and spontaneous space making. softseating’s magnetic ends allow it to connect to itself forming a cylindrical stool or low table. Elements of the same size can also connect to one another to form long winding benches, providing endless seating topographies. Made from a single material, the beauty of these pieces sits between the representative and the abstract, creatively interchanging with one another. Designed for long term use, over time the surface texture softens into a pleasing natural patina. More

Product • By molosoftwall + softblock

softwall + softblock

A flexible partition system that can expand and contract to freely shape more intimate spaces within larger open areas. The honeycomb cell structure of softwall + softblock serves to dampen sound while translucent or opaque versions sculpt the light of a space. Recognized for its elegant innovation, softwall + softblock is a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. More