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Product • By Pablo DesignsTube Top

Tube Top

Tube Top comfortably abstracts the classic, domestic lamp silhouette to suit any style of interior. As designer Peter Stathis remarks, “Pablo is well known for their rigorously minimal products, and my goal was to augment that range by introducing a new light that applies a modern sensibility to a traditional lamp type.” Playing with that traditional form, Tube Top combines a transparent, sculpted acrylic base to support its lightweight mesh shade in tension, allowing the shade to appear to float freely. Tube Top is available in multiple table, floor and pendant models. More

Product • By Pablo DesignsCortina


In conceiving of Cortina, designer Pablo Pardo sought to create a light that would assert its presence but seamlessly complement a variety of surroundings. What he built is a stoic, sculptural luminaire that emits a seductive light through its transparent and diffused surfaces. Cortina’s monolithic form factor creates a noble light that mimics its architectural surroundings. Fluidly dimmable, the piece is comprised of a clear acrylic shade and a translucent fabric diffuser to shield the upward-facing light source. Cortina is available in heights ranging from 24” to 72”. Cortina's seductive light echoes its architectural surroundings. Its stoic, clear acrylic shade features a sensual translucent mesh fabric diffusor to shie... More

Product • By LuceplanTango - Floor Lamp

Tango - Floor Lamp

Tango - Floor Lamp an innovative floor lamp for indirect lighting. Mounted on a triangular steel base, the jointed structure of the lamp composed of three mobile aluminium shafts with elastomer joints nimbly lends itself to a fluid mechanical torsion movement that is propagated up to the top of the lamp, or at the position of the reflector, which is also triangular, setting its angle and making it possible to direct the light where it is needed. More

Product • By LuceplanCounterbalance - Floor lamp

Counterbalance - Floor lamp

In the floor version, Counterbalance conserves the characteristic aluminium cap, height-adjustable thanks to a simple sliding mechanism on the stem. More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Private apartment / Kyiv, Ukraine

This apartment of 150 sqm, designed by Sophia Zurko, is located on the 13th floor of a skyscraper in a modern residential complex in Kyiv. The 90 sqm terrace and the panoramic view of the city are its highlights. The owners are a couple that embraces the energy of the city but wanted its own island of peace and comfort. A minimalist style and neutral shades characterize the apartment. Almost all the furniture are made in Italy. The floor lamp Kwic, designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen, is no exception. Its design, elegant and refined, embellishes any space and Sophia has chosen it to illuminate the living room, complementing the natural light that comes from the big windows of this room. More

Product • By LODESCima


Inspired by the function of the jam cleats found in sailing boats, Cima —a nautical rope in Italian— is a “suspended” lamp characterised by a ceiling-to-floor rope, a sleek and highly functional design element. A joint that holds the lamp body slides vertically along the rope, while the counterweight allows to manage any excess rope. The simple cylindrical shapes and the black colour of these elements highlight the three brilliant finishes of the rope, vibrant accents to suit any interiors and décor mood. More

Product • By Articolo LightingMoni Floor Lamp

Moni Floor Lamp

Moni is an innovative and dynamic collection, its monochromatic palette softened by a gentle, fluid form that is perfectly complemented in proportion and balance. The white glass dipped detail providing artisanal brilliance. More

Project • By AxolightApartments

Pirs’55 / Minsk, Belarus

The award-winning Cut, lamp designed by Timo Ripatti, illuminates the master bedroom of this project called Pirs’55, by Natalia Lutovich. A laconic and minimalist design characterizes the entire apartment, property of a young couple. Cut, with its refined and contemporary design, emphasizes the style of the bedroom, becoming the focal point of the entire room, divided by the corridor only through a simple room divider.   Project by: Natalia Lutovich More

Project • By AxolightPrivate Houses

Private residence / Kyiv, Ukraine

This house, renovated by Anna Levytska, has an intriguing mix of minimalism, eco-style and American classic elements that, together with the contemporary lighting fixtures, create a dramatic contrast. To create this mix, Anna was inspired by the pre-existing architecture of the house, in particular by the original wooden roof beams. The light effects made on them by the sunlight have been the starting point for the definition of the lighting solutions for the entire house. Anna said “as art and as a source of human physical and psychological balance, light became the focal point of the project.”   The interior design aimed to support different lighting scenarios, changing in accordance to solar and human biological rhythm... More

Product • By Pablo DesignsBelmont Floor

Belmont Floor

Belmont's iconic raceway shade form is lined with premium felted wool or premium woven white fabric that floats over a majestic trio of solid wood posts (floor model) or a solid wood base that echoes the shade form (table model).    Perfectly suited for residential and hospitality environments alike, Belmont Floor and Table are offered in three luxurious shade colors with two rich wooden finishes. More

Product • By AxolightMelting pot - floor

Melting pot - floor

Collection consisting of wall lamps, suspended lamps and floor lamps in several sizes. The lampshades coming in various decorative patterns. Opalescent diffusers available on request. Screw fitting light source. More

Product • By Articolo LightingLumi Floor Lamp

Lumi Floor Lamp

Lumi is timeless in its refined elegance and simplicity of form, its distinctive design characterized by one mouthblown glass vessel cocooned in the other. Together, the vessels express feminine fluidity of form while celebrating the subtle striations found in organic mouthblown glass. More

Product • By FlosChiara


Floor and Table family lamps composed of a reflecting body in aluminium in 3 colour variations, finished internally with an opaque white plastic film and folded and closed via hooks riveted to the sheet metal. A coloured seal in moulded rubber runs along the entire profile of the body. The internal base in extruded aluminium is attached to the body for stability and it also supports the bulb socket. The power cable has a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness. More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlMOON F


Davide Groppi, 2010 Japanese Paper - Metal - PE Floor lamp with dimmer switch.The moon as we see it from down here on Earth has thousands of shades and nuances.When it is full, it inspires joy in people who watch it turn. It’s magic and like all good magic, it works every time.Everyone has his or her own moon.Moon F was created from the dream of putting the moon inside your own home.The Japanese paper used on the outside is made by hand, so every lamp is unique and different. More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlBANNER


Mauro Ferrari, 2004 Metal - Polycarbonate Floor lamp with dimmerPower supply with plugVersion 230 / 260 / 290 cm More