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Project • By Rolflex Netherlands BVFire stations

Fire Department Hoevelaken

Due to the nature of the building, reliability is naturally high on the list of requirements at fire stations. The option for a fast-running engine is also often an important condition. Because the fire engines are often parked close to the entrance, it is important that all facilities are also present around the cars. The pipes, lighting, etc. are often mounted on the ceiling and around the doorway. When selecting the service door, the Hoevelaken fire brigade considered all the above requirements and opted for the Compact folding door. More

Product • By Alumil S.ASUPREME SF85


A world-class highly insulated folding door system with bottom-slide operation, that combines minimal aesthetics with outstanding performance, very large dimensions with literally low sight lines, enhanced burglar protection with a very large variety of solutions. More

Project • By Knauf AMFLaboratories

R&A Test Centre in St. Andrews

The R&A worldwide golf governing body based at St Andrews, has a purpose-built equipment testing centre, Allan Robertson House. The building accommodates the R&A’s Equipment Standards Department and offers world class testing and research facilities. The new building utilises the latest technology, is energy efficient, maximises the use of natural daylight and uses sustainable materials. HERADESIGN® and THERMATEX® ceilings from Knauf AMF are fitted throughout to provide essential sound attenuation, add aesthetic appeal and meet environmental requirements. The R&A’s Equipment Standards department tests thousands of golf balls and clubs every year to ensure they conform to the Equipment Rules. Some of the machinery deployed here has th... More

Product • By NanaWallBEARricade


BEARricade Folding Glass Wall Offers Security and Defense From Bears There’s nothing like a house in the woods, until it’s discovered by bears. A thrilling sight to see outside, a bear is less than charming when it’s trying to invade your home for a snack. The desire of builders and homeowners to bring the outdoors in, yet keep the bears out, can now be resolved with the NanaWall BEARricade™. It’s a folding glass wall that opens wide to erase indoor/outdoor boundaries when the coast is clear, yet provides unequalled security and defense from bears when closed. “Bears learn how to enter homes by simply using their immense strength and weight to push open French doors, windows, and even pushing in or breaking the glass on typica... More

Project • By AB&D PhilippinesOffices


RELIABLE SUPPLIER AND INSTALLER OF FOLDING DOORS IN METRO MANILA PHILIPPINESFolding doors or Accordion doors get their name due to the folding panels. Accordion doors have long panels which are connected by a flexible strip. This strip can stretch and constrict to allow doors to fold. Accordion doors are not only an effective space-saving option, but they are also popularly used as room dividers and offer several conveniences. Read further to appreciate the benefits of an accordion door.Space-saving option Accordion doors fold into themselves and panel widths are quite small. This means that they have minimal projection beyond the face of the opening. Swinging doors take up a lot of space since clearances have to be made for the door arc. S... More

Product • By NanaWallFolding Glass Walls

Folding Glass Walls

NanaWall Systems is the recognized industry leader trusted by architects, builders, and owners alike to provide the opening glass wall systems for large architectural openings. Based on a foundation of testing, research, and innovation, NanaWall Systems provides countless style options, unsurpassed durability, and a superior performance. Unrivalled Performance Creating large opening glass walls is the easy part—the challenge is performance when the wall is closed. A NanaWall folding glass wall protects from water and air infiltration, provides sound attenuation, and is energy efficient when closed.Benefit from a single-source product built as a complete system of unparalleled quality. Independent testing confirms high performance levels of... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersOffices

McLaren Technology Centre

The McLaren Group is a collection of high-tech companies involved in the design and development of Formula One cars, high-performance road cars, electronic systems and composite materials. Since McLaren began competing in Formula One in 1966, it has established a global reputation as one of the most successful teams in the history of the sport.The McLaren Technology Centre provides a headquarters for the majority of the groups staff. It includes design studios, laboratories and testing and production facilities for Formula One and road cars, including the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Viewed on plan, the building is roughly semi-circular, the circle being completed by a formal lake, which forms an integral part of the buildings cooling syst... More