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Product • By Futuro Futuro36″ Gullwing White Island Range Hood

36″ Gullwing White Island Range Hood

Futuristic and on the cutting edge of air filtration technology, the Futuro Futuro 36 inch Gullwing White Island Range Hood is an entirely unique and powerful kitchen accessory that will act as an intriguing statement piece in your kitchen while ensuring optimal air conditions. This designer range hood is built from high grade 304 stainless steel and glossy, tempered glass, and features glass side panels that are programmed to open when the exhaust hood is in use and automatically close when the range hood is turned off. When open, these glass panels allow this luxury range hood to increase the capture of grease, steam, smoke, and odors that may permeate the kitchen during cooking. This contemporary range hood offers additional user-friendl... More

Product • By Futuro Futuro36" Viale Black Island

36" Viale Black Island

With an illustrious design and bold, charcoal colored exterior, the Futuro Futuro 36 inch Viale Black Island Range Hood is an ultra-modern kitchen accessory that is sure to amaze and impress. This contemporary range hood is built from high grade steel that has been specially coated in a black enamel paint, using a unique electrolysis infusion technique, which gives this ventilation hood a matte and durable exterior. This unique range hood also features tempered, transparent glass on the bottom, which can be easily cleaned with your favorite glass cleaner. This designer range hood offers efficient, user-friendly features, including its four different airflow suction speeds, energy efficient LED lights, and a built-in, electric, control panel... More

Product • By Futuro Futuro48" Streamline Island Range Hood

48" Streamline Island Range Hood

  With its sleek, angular characteristics and durable build, the Futuro Futuro 48 inch Streamline Island Range Hood lends a modern look to your kitchen while ensuring a cleanly feeling and environment. By keeping the classic range hood shape but slimming the front of the exhaust hood down to less than two inches wide, this luxury range hood has achieved an impressive balance between modern and traditional styles. This slim range hood also sports a white fluorescent light accent strip across its front, enhancing this modern range hood’s already slim design and sophisticated appearance. This suspended range hood is built from the highest-grade 304 stainless steel, offers energy efficient fluorescent lights, and a built in, illumin... More

Product • By Futuro Futuro36″ Acqualina Glass Island Range Hood

36″ Acqualina Glass Island Range Hood

Enjoy the contemporary kitchen of your dreams with the Futuro Futuro Acqualina 36 inch curved glass island range hood. This suspended range hood blends professional, high quality Italian craftsmanship with an elegant, modern sense of style. Designed to fit perfectly above the average size island kitchen range, this sleek and sophisticated two and a half foot wide modern range hood is made from transparent, tempered glass and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. This state-of-the-art ventilation hood is meant to be mounted to the ceiling and has an easily adjustable chimney height, making installation simple and customizable to almost any kitchen ceiling. Accessories like the optional chimney extension are available for kitchens with esp... More

Product • By Futuro Futuro48″ Luxor Island Range Hood

48″ Luxor Island Range Hood

Radiant, lustrous, and on the cutting edge of modernity, the Futuro Futuro 48 inch Luxor Island Range Hood will make a striking statement in any kitchen. With its sleek, gleaming exterior and bright white perimeter light, this luxury range hood is reminiscent of an extraterrestrial spacecraft- and it has the advanced technology to boot. This unique range hood is composed of an illuminated glass perimeter that is lit entirely from within, and specialized stainless steel that prevents smudging or streaks and leaves only a glossy, finger-print free finish. This unique range hood possesses cutting-edge industrial technology that optimizes air filtration performance. This suspended range hood will keep your kitchen cool and contaminant free with... More

Product • By Futuro Futuro36" Razor Wall Range Hood

36" Razor Wall Range Hood

With its polished steel exterior and razor thin edges, the Futuro Futuro 36 inch Razor Wall Range Hood is an expertly crafted kitchen appliance that will complement any modern kitchen. Composed of high grade 304 stainless steel and showcasing an ultra-slim design, this contemporary range hood sports a more current, updated version of the traditional style range hood. The extendable chimney of this modern range hood is easily adjustable, and can be lengthened between 22 and 42 inches for perfect placement on the wall above your cooktop. This designer range hood features four different airflow speeds, energy efficient LED lights, a built-in, electric control panel, and dishwasher safe, designer metal filters. This powerful range hood contains... More