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Project • By GammaStoneShops


GammaStone NATURAL AIR Granite Black ZimbabweThe charm of the black granite for an Italian fashion houseThe deep and absolute black is often associated with class, luxury and elegance, in fashion as well as in architecture. GAMMASTONE interpreted this timeless trend with for a Prada boutique in Panama. In this project we wanted to honor this great Italian brand through the use of a precious material that enhance the distinction and exclusivity of Prada.On the other hand, this application also demonstrates the flexibility of the panels GAMMASTONE Natural Air (Zimbabwe Black granite) that can perfectly meet the needs of functionality and aesthetic value even on small surfaces and inside a commercial building. More

Product • By GammaStoneExteriors - sunblades

Exteriors - sunblades

The sunblades are a critical functional and aesthetic element of the cladding system of the buildings. They counteract the solar radiation coming inside the building, playing a decisive role in energy saving and allow to reduce the bright glare of the buildings’ interiors, thus increasing the comfort of living. GammaStone AIR panel can be used to build a sunblades system with ceramic or stone as external materials, giving to the building the same visual impact of the ventilated facades. The sunblades systems are realized in collaboration with specialized companies in this industry, providing the warranty on final products, that comprises the structure, the engine and any integrated home automation system that the designer may prefer. The st... More

Product • By GammaStoneExteriors - microventilated façades

Exteriors - microventilated façades

The microventilated façade is an external cladding system that creates a thin air gap (open on the top and on the bottom) between the external face of the perimetric wall of the building and the external environment. This air gap creates a “chimney effect” that allows the ascending movement of the air that avoid condensation and dissipates the water vapor coming from the inside of the building. Microventilated cladding system suits peculiarly to old building renovations and in the projects with severe spatial constrains. More

Product • By GammaStoneInteriors - dividing walls

Interiors - dividing walls

The GammaStone AIR panel, thanks to its technical characteristics and to the prestige of the external materials, suits perfectly to being used as infill panel for partition walls and furniture and as ceiling to give to the internal space an elegant design touch. The GammaStone AIR panel represents the best solution on the market to achieve finished walls in natural stone or glass of any type and finish, or in elegant and prestigious ceramics. Its lightness makes it comparable, in terms of weight, to a conventional panel in chipboard laminated, and the stainless steel sheet at the rear face allows to fix GammaStone AIR panel to traditional coupling devices for panels, such as Keku accessories or similar, simply by piercing and inserting a t... More

Project • By GammaStoneShopping Centres

CR Park Shopping Center

The CR Park Shopping project is a typical example for the application of the GammaStone AIR system in all its aspects.3000x1000 mm Gres AIR architectural panels, monolithic corners, continuous milling and offsets of altitudes create a monumental building, transforming a shopping center into a modern and distinctive work, with a modern, linear and unique style. More

Product • By GammaStoneGammaStone GRFC Plus AIR

GammaStone GRFC Plus AIR

The GammaStone GFRC Plus AIR solution is composed of ultra-thin high-performance concrete reinforced with amorphous metal fi bres. The large size panel (up to 3200x1500mm)l offers self-cleaning and photocatalytic characteristics thanks to the special ingredient TX Active. It allows designers to customise both the colour and surface finish.TX ACTIVE technology (patented by Italcementi) makes the GFRC Plus cement mortar photocatalytic. the active principle in the material “captures” air pollutants when it is exposed to the sunlight. It changes certain harmful substances in inert salts, helping to free up the atmosphere from the smog. More