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Product • By GeoplastSALVAVERDE


SALVAVERDE is a modular grid used to protect turf and its roots on green pedestrian or parking areas, cycle paths, and on driveway entrances. Salvaverde protects the turf and drains the rainwater.Besides turf and soil, grid might be filled with gravel. It is easily installable and mechanically resistant, and helps greening large urban areas which are otherwise covered with concrete or asphalt.Learn MoreSalvaverdeGreen productsGreen solutionsGeoplast products that improve urban resilienceSalvaverde grid in IstanbulQueensland: a water sensitive future More

Project • By GeoplastHousing


Multiuse residential and business district Kalasatama in Helsinki consists of several towers on the waterfront, and is one of the largest development projects in Helsinki.Geotub  is used for the construction of an underground car park, carved into the rock. It will be situated at 30 meters below the road surface and will be integrated to Kalasatama subway station line.Our formwork for round columns Geotub was used in building large underground car-park, a 30m high underground construction.Geotub was used because of:- Quick and easy installation,- Modularity and ease of use,- Reusability.LEARN MOREKalasatama Redi Towers in Helsinki, FinlandGeotub for the building of the underground car park in the new Kalasatama district in Fi... More

Product • By GeoplastGEOTUB


GEOTUB is our plastic light weight formwork for moulding of round columns. It is produced of ABS, and can create colums with diameters Ø25 - Ø100.Geotub weights only 4 kg, is easy-handling, and requires no machinery for work on construction site.Geotub is one of our formworks used in Build Fast Building method, which speeds up the building process, decreasing building time and costs.Geoplast formwork is available for rent internationally.Learn moreGeotubGeoplast formworksFormwork solutionsBUILD FAST BUILDING METHODGeoplast light weight plastic formwork benefitsRENT GEOPLAST FORMWORKGeoplast products that improve urban resilienceWe made five airports more sustainable More

Project • By GeoplastHeritages


Craig House dates from 16th century and is a significant historical estate on the periphery of Edinburg. Today it is listed among buildings and sites in the A category of national heritage, and is used as a hospital.Our New Elevetor Tank is used to build the concrete structure ‘in situ’, released from heavy columns and beams. A tank was built to provide more efficient water management system. It took just 4 days to build the tank, providing 1,900 m3 of underground water storage space, available also for inspection and maintenance. The amount of concrete used to build the tank with New Elevetor Tank is decreased comparing to standard structure containing pillars and beams. The placement of the formwork was easy and fast, and no a... More

Product • By GeoplastNEW ELEVETOR TANK


NEW ELEVETOR TANK is the product for creation of underground water storage tanks built in-situ. The system consists of the base grid elements, plastic tubes, and formwork.ADVANTAGES- Fast and easy installation due to modularity and light weight of elements,- High storage capacity,- High mechanical resistance,- Work in limited space,- Customizable height, size, and volume of the tank.SOLUTIONS- Flood prevention tanks,- Parking lots drainage,- Fire protection water storage tanks,- Water drainage during road works.LEARN MORENew Elevetor TankGeoplast water solutionsGeoplast products that improve urban resilienceOur top water solution videosSustainable heritage: Top Geoplast projects More
Le Nuage by Phillipe Starck

Project • By GeoplastWellness Centres

Le Nuage

Le Nuage (French for “cloud”), designed by Philippe Starck, is a fitness and wellness complex in Montpellier, France. It the first inflatable private building in Europe and it has been poetically designed to resemble its nebulous epithet. For this purpose, Starck used a polymer known as ETFE and created a transparent membrane that envelopes around the building facade.Geoplast contributed to this project by providing 4500 m² of Skydome that ensured the lightness of the structure itself. Skydome is a reusable waffle slab formwork that allowed the realization of bidirectional waffle slabs with large spans while reducing the use of concrete and decreasing the self-weight of the building. The use of Skydome elements resulted in a smooth and plea... More

Project • By GeoplastHeritages

Piazza dei Miracoli Pisa

The Leaning tower of Pisa project included transformation of a 8.87- hectare area lawn into a walkable surface each day abundantly used by thousands of tourists, while preventing its environmental devastation.This place became a liveable spot to sit, stay, or walk in order to enjoy one of the most famous architectural complexes and silhouettes in the world. Geoflor was used to protect turf, grasses’ roots, and ambiental quality.Discover more:Walkable turf at Piazza dei Miracoli, PisaSustainable heritage: Top Geoplast projects More

Project • By GeoplastOffices


Science and Technology Park Kilometro Rosso near Bergamo consists of numerous buildings, all connected with continuous walkable and drivable green area. Geoflor was used for the construction of a parking lot, routes for maintenance vehicles and any service roads, for example for Fire Brigade, around the new buildings. A total of 2.200 sqm of drivable lawns have been created. The choice was dictated by the fact that Geoflor is a solution that allows parking and transit of even heavy vehicles and also allows subsequent maintenance operations on turfs, such as aeration or small excavations, without the need to restore the entire flooring package. Geoflor offered these advantages:- Protection of the the turf and roots f... More

Product • By GeoplastGEOFLOR


Geoflor is a modular plastic grid, used to transform any green surface into walkable or drivable area. It is also suitable for turf protection during temporary events, protecting grass and its roots.SOLUTIONSWalkable turf at Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa, ItalyDrivable lawn at Kilometro Rosso, Bergamo, ItalyTurf protection at Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium, Verona, ItalyDell'Angelo hospital, Venice, ItalyParking solution on existing lawnGrass protection for temporary eventsPrivate parking and transit areas More

Product • By GeoplastModulo


Modulo is a disposable formwork for the construction of ventilated crawl spaces which physically separate the building from the ground.When properly ventilated, crawl spaces allow the elimination of rising damp and Radon gas mitigation.With available heights ranging from 3 to 70 cm, it offers multiple solutions for all construction elements: foundations, slabs, walls, and roofs. Modulo is mostly used to build ventilated foundations of buildings. It is also widely present in public spaces to create squares, ramps, stairs, and voids for infrastructural systems under pavements.Top Modulo benefits are:Sustainability – Lowered concrete related CO2 emissionsDecreased use of concrete directly impacts lower a... More

Project • By PopulousStadiums


CHALLENGE Russia’s bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics was part of a broader goal to step back onto the world stage as hosts of major sporting events (the country’s last event was the Moscow Summer Olympics back in 1980). The challenge was threefold: to convince the International Olympic Committee that Russia had both the vision and the infrastructure to host such a major event; to develop the popular summertime coastal resort of Sochi into a world class destination for winter sports, and to design a stadium flexible enough to facilitate the Olympic ceremonies, then act as a venue for FIFA World Cup matches and, finally, become the home venue for a local football team. INNOVATION For the first time, an Olympic Park has been designed a... More