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Project • By APASports Centres

1REBEL New ‘RIG’ Workout Concept

Inspired by Tokyo Streets for a Post-Pandemic Era   Hammersmith, London   Based in Hammersmith, APA have closely worked with 1REBEL on their first collaborative design project. The space is entitled ‘RIG’. Previously 1REBEL spaces have explored a ‘night club’ feel but the need for a pivot came with the pandemic. Born out of trying to create a greater sense of team and community within the work out, the design of the new studio reflects this with its open plan structure. This new breed of 1Rebel spaces is planned in neighborhood locations, so this new club is local, close to residential streets.  Caption The space and design have moved deeper backstage. More raw, more transitory, more dramatic.... More

Project • By Karv One DesignCommunity Centres

the rhythm

The high-line rising up is the yearning of mankind for the sky. Karv One Design has created a floating urban center-"Metropolis". The designer uses the form of high line as the space symbols to perform multiple interpretations indoors and outdoors. Caption   In a space of 4,009 square meters, Chengdu's life scenes of TOD, restaurants, galleries, floral art, parks, exhibition halls are overlayed, which makes the whole High-line Park an urban narrative full of changes. Caption   The nuanced scene details such as geometric elements and gilded chandeliers inject an international life art concept into the space, forming a modern, fashionable, and unique romantic modern metropolitan tone, creating the first immersive style... More

Project • By Just / Burgeff ArchitektenSecondary Schools


The building extension and the appendant gymnasium of the Musterschule, founded in 1803, in Frankfurt's Nordend district underwent extensive renovation by Just/BurgeffArchitekten. The renovation measures include three floors of classrooms, as well as the floor of the sports hall and the associated changing rooms and sanitary facilities. A main component of the renovation was the focus on developing a guidance system in the form of a new color concept. The renovation measures of the redesign have focused on the extension built in the 80s and the color concept runs through the entirety of the extension.    The entrance and the glazed staircase show off the interplay of colors between the different floors particularly well. Wh... More

Project • By ESQVTASports Centres

One2One Fitness Studio

This project was born from the need to expand a Fitness Center by creating a studio that would complement its two existing ones. The client's request was of an area with a very different design approach from the first two studios of the brand – though spatially connected. An area that would ask its users constantly: “Put Me In Your Instastories!”  Within the 10m-by-10m room available, the program was divided into 3 distinct areas: a large central one for functional training, a locker room and a corridor that connects this new studio to the pre-existing ones.  The intervention area was previously an office space, with multiple rooms, that had now to be cleared. Upon demolition, some structural elements required... More

Project • By Pavel and Svetlana AlekseevsOffices

simulator project

A commercial project, it was necessary to do everything quickly and inexpensively. The total area of ​​the premises is 200 square meters. We increased the mezzanine - 40% of the area by standards, thereby increasing the total area. Due to this, two levels were obtained, not high, but their location does not interfere with the functioning of the room. In this room we organized a gym, a coffee zone, two changing rooms - a male and a female, two bathrooms, a relaxation area for regular customers and trainers, as well as a massage room. More

Project • By KURZ architectsSports Centres

Gym studio Pilates Art

Pilates Art, located in Prague-Klánovice, is a specialized gym studio focused on the Pilates method. It is a place where you can train on a perfectly thought-out and elegant Pilates machines. To the owners it was imporant to create more than just a gym filled with people. As such during the design process we aimed at creating a space fostering quality of the exercise and at the same time supporting a cultural environment in which both body and the soul would feel good. The studio is divided into several basic zones, which form a compact and functional unit together. The very center of the studio is a relaxation and community zone designed for the opportunity to share impressions with others over coffee or tea, or just to feel the rev... More

Project • By brg3sSecondary Schools

Youth Villages

Youth Villages is an organization which originated in Memphis, TN with a mission to provide rehabilitative and educational services for children with behavioural health challenges. In the early 2000’s the firm, then under the title of TRO Jung Brannen, designed and constructed two other residential treatment centers and an educational facility. This is the third, 72-bed, residential building on the campus designed by the firm, now under the name of brg3s. It was named 'Bill's Place' for the CEO's late father who made his own way through the foster care system.  This 105,000 SF, single story addition provides living and treatment space for adolescents who have been placed at Youth Villages because of social and behavioral concern... More

Project • By Tiovivo CreativoExhibition Centres


Designed to feel body and mind, ancient Greece is evoked in the conceptualization of space because there were the first gyms dedicated to cultivating body, intellect and spirit as a whole. The classic references are latent both in the materials, the design of custom furniture and the ornamental finishes as well as in the decoration of the common areas and training rooms that seeks to impact everyone who looks at it.At Inertial, every detail counts to transmit its values ​​and create a unique and familiar environment, where you can share a philosophy of life. More

Project • By PliteqCities

Trestle Apartments

All-in-One Fitness Flooring Installed More

Project • By Set | DesignersSports Centres

Box Experience

Experience is our design vision of fitness and health. The project, with strong and bold colors, aims to use recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact of the intervention. The gym becomes a place where training is just one of the challenges to try your hand at, with the aim of improving yourself at 360 °.Take advantage of a stimulating environment to spread the concept of healthy life and to achieve psycho-physical well-being. More

Product • By Alpha Wellness SensationsOutdoor Traditional Himalayan Salt Sauna

Outdoor Traditional Himalayan Salt Sauna

A free-standing prefabricated 24-person unit with 220V power requirements, Himalayan salt wall, heatproof speakers and chromotherapy feature. Alpha Wellness Sensations is a global leader in luxury spa manufacturing, indoor and outdoor design of traditional saunas, infrared saunas, steam rooms, hammams, salt rooms, snow rooms, cold plunges, experience showers and tanning beds. Our company runs its own research facility and production capacities in order to provide a wide range of innovative and tailored wellness solutions. All of our products are fabricated in Belgium, 100% hand-crafted and fully compliant with EU’s rigorous product safety standards. Because the world is overwhelmed by environmental pollution and industrial toxicity,... More

Project • By GEC ArchitectureCommunity Centres

Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Nestled in the rolling foothills of northwest Calgary, Canada, the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge (Shane Homes YMCA) is one of the largest YMCA’s in the world and provides the region with essential wellness amenities. This facility serves as the regional hub for community gathering, cultural programs, recreational facilities, and child care services. The extensive glazing and unifying curved timber roof that links each space creates an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere, engaging passersby and heightening curiosity.    The Shane Homes YMCA takes inspiration from the rolling hills and layered horizons. Its park-like site allows natural recreation uses; pathways curve through the site connecting users to the reconstructed wet... More

Project • By Studio RamoprimoSports Centres


The gym is a two-story space for one-on-one fitness classes, where customers can creatively choose their unique training path. Main feature is a large blue iron lattice structure, which creates visually permeable partition walls and offers supports for hanging ropes, hooks or for doing exercises. A spiral staircase, a steel slide and a climbing wall multiply the fitness possibilities while connecting the ground floor and the underground level. A black room with fountain, a red locker room and a special multi functional arched chamber for class activities are all provided of large mirrors, metal meshes or tailor-made lights to offer diversified feelings to specific functional areas. 该健身工作室为总共上下两层的一对一私教训练场所,顾客可在空间中有选择地进行不同的锻炼形式。主要的元素为蓝色弧形镂空金... More

Project • By Form4 ArchitectureOffices


For the offices of a global search engine company, Form4 Architecture created a modern and sophisticated workplace that celebrates the story of salt production, a prominent Bay Area industry dating back to 1854.  The design draws upon the history and characteristics of the South Bay landscape, as well as the confluence of nature and industry.   The workplace includes three branded cafés with al-fresco dining and seating for 216; a fitness center with lockers rooms and outdoor exercise area; meeting rooms in a variety of configurations for group interactions and private conversations; a 178-seat auditorium aptly named “Tech Talk” for company presentations and guest speakers; and 50 electric vehicle charging sta... More

Project • By Studio BressanExhibition Centres

Congress and Exhibition Center

The project is situated in a green area outside the city center, in an alpine landscape featured by well recognizable natural and anthropic signs. Although positioned outside the urban settlement, it has a strong strategic nature and it’s well connected to the public network (schools, leisure centers, infrastructures).The building hosts several different functions, like get-together activities for the local community, shows and entertainment. It will be used for concerts, theatrical performances, conventions, conferences, art exhibitions and expos. The project looks at Agordo’s typical landscape and urban morphology to create a new language. The structure is characterized by a repeated pitched roof which draws a recognizable sign through th... More