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Product • By Casalis BVBAGalaxy


Shining and radiant - literally. That is the very least that can be said about the Galaxy, a collection in which the shine is neither modest nor overwhelming. This very strong, hand-made rug owes its exuberant shine to the deep pile and the long thre... More

Product • By Casalis BVBABuffo


Young and playful, a distinct vintage yet timeless. With their wealth of high-quality materials and their frivolous character, these hand-made rugs give a new dimension to the word ‘cozy’. Their deep pile is made even deeper through the u... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAUnfold


Making its first ever public appearance at Salone del Mobile 2019 was the Unfold collection by Onno Raadersma. The new, hand-crafted carpets made of 100% bamboo or 100% wool yarn, bring together a harmonious blend of mottled colours to create an eye... More

Product • By Casalis BVBARaja


Purely traditional and disarmingly straightforward. It is no coincidence that the name Raja - which is Sanskrit for ‘king’ - was chosen for this strong, hand-knotted rug. After all, the Raja, made from the wool of sheep in the Himalayas,... More

Product • By JAMIE STERN Furniture, Carpet & LeatherModerne Collection

Moderne Collection

The Inspiration Behind The Moderne Collection by Philippe David: “I drew the different sets of lines with crayons. Racine’s curves are a take on the natural marks left by water on a sandy beach. It is also meant to evoke a Zen garden or t... More

Product • By JAMIE STERN Furniture, Carpet & LeatherThe Naturals Collection

The Naturals Collection

The Naturals Collection is born out of Jamie Stern Carpet’s commitment to natural fiber products and dedicated partnerships with artisan weavers throughout Asia. In a landscape where most carpets are produced with petro-chemicals, Jamie Stern c... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAT-Tweed


T-Tweed is the younger sibling of our iconic, Channel-inspired Tweed carpet. Produced entirely from Tencel, a very eco-friendly yarn. The T-Tweed carpet collection, offers a luxuriant softness and refined sheen. Its sustainability together with its d... More

Product • By Casalis BVBABeiras


Authentic, traditional and unmistakably European. These extremely robust rugs combine the centuries-old art of hand knotting from the Beiras region of Portugal with the most modern materials: new, rich yarns based on 100% New Zealand wool provide an... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAAria


Experience the luxurious feel and unmatched softness of this smooth luxury carpet, hand-knotted in exclusive mohair or mohair and silk. Choose a custom-made carpet in a solid colour or an elegant design from the soft colour palette with beautiful acc... More