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Product • By Tubes RadiatoriAgorà


Agorà, was conceived by pondering the need for a product that combined a strong industrial focus with a beguiling design. The objective set was to achieve a product catering to the needs of the designer, which would - depending on the circumst... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriAstro


Astro is a thermo ventilator, an air purifier, a furnishing element: it is a small spaceship which is about to take flight, to explore the space and then land. It is a small electric heating object which effortlessly brings warmth where it is needed... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriEVE


Heat and light, two vital and essential elements for the balance of the body and mind, which come together and are the starting point for the creation of an unprecedented object which is capable of conveying energy and peace on a daily basis. Eve is... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriScaletta


"The image of a ladder resting against a wall brings to mind something new, human hard work, progress, bottom up movement and encompasses the opposing concepts of dynamism and immobility. It is a positive icon. This heating 'ladder' is an object that... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriHola


The Hola radiator operates with water and is made of 14 mm diameter tubular steel elements, first curved to one side then to the other. The sinuous design gives this radiator a strong personality, turning it into a refined furnishing element tha... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriN-Planet


Harmonious aesthetics and compact design remain the distinctive features of this range, which is a renewed version of the original. The manifolds feature an innovative and appealing oval shape. The gap between the elements (welded perpendicular to th... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriKubik


Carbon steel elements proposing an innovative, original design, with a play of contrasts of straight and rounded lines. The heating units no longer have a traditional rounded shape but feature a 15 mm square-section tubular element, in line with the... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriIxsteel


These radiators offer an attractive minimalist style, thanks the slim section tubular elements (Ø10 mm) in stainless steel with special brushed finish that provides a very refined look. Available both in horizontal and vertical version, with s... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriColor_X


The radiators of this range are made of carbon steel and offer an elegant minimalist style thanks to the slim section tubular elements (10mm). They can be installed either horizontally or vertically with heating elements in single or double column, a... More