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Product • By FAINA DesignKUMANEC two-legs vase

KUMANEC two-legs vase

(“kumanec” in Ukrainian — ceramic figured vessel)   Weaving the old into the new — traditional festive pottery with a hole-bagel in the middle transformed into modern interior decoration, that has the power to unite people around.    KUMANEC two-legs vase in black and beige is available in stock. https://faina.design/products/kumanec-two-legs-vase More

Project • By Ahead ConceptPrivate Houses


If the essence of space is to represent the appearance of the dweller, then our purpose is to let the inner world of the dweller to be established in the actual space. Stage is a theatrical space, linking the classical opera style with walnut material, and using strong contrasting colors to make each space in the field have its own attributes. The semi-open compartment relationship increases the flexibility of the space in the future. The arch with red copper wall divides the living room, the leisure area and the dining room, but it is also the visual key to connect the three spaces. The red copper will oxidize with the passage of time, which makes time meaningful to the space and is a clever makeup. It can make the space classic and eye-ca... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Timeless bedroom interior

The bedroom interior design shows off an extravagant yet pleasingly simple and elegant space. Its interior designing theme reflects the 18th century, Roman timeless appeal as remarkably evident from the ceiling molding to the wall decorative details down the classic inspired silk carpet. Lovely bed in Borghese buttoned headboard, fancy night table and metal base ottoman in renaissance gold finish takes the center of affection in the room interior decoration of restful and luxurious appeal. More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Enchanting Family Dining Room Interiors

A   gorgeous family dining room filled with opulence and enchanting aura for one of the private villa design project in Qatar. The interior design concept has an eclectic yet sophisticated and intriguing visual appeal perfected through gray tone‐on‐tone approach. The interior designer proposes a bit of enigmatic color palette as well as dramatic lighting using graphite grey tones of wall paneling and ash wood parquet accentuated by the hammered‐textured polished Copper metal plating that floats and create great contrast within the neutral tones.  The three glowing cracked finished glass chandeliers orderly positioned becomes the highlight of the space inviting each Family member to the long dining table nook to lavish and en... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Elegant Neo Classic Master Bedroom Design

Master bedroom design in Neo classic style has divine and serene character with its tone on tone white motif as apparent in the home design. It offers versatility as the layout was skillfully segmented into functional zones for sleeping, working and seating & entertainment through the integration of a two portal pocket doors that not only provides clear flexible traffic flow but same time adds a beautiful symmetry in aesthetics. Simple but elegant elements were opted in the interior decoration as seen from the trey ceiling down the white calacatta marble flooring accentuated by a bluish border to the timeless Italian furniture keeping the pure, clean and innocently fresh appeal of the interior des... More

Product • By Dipro artinfinity


Design by Marco Di Properzio, 2018It is a candle holder inspired by the infinity symbol. Made entirely of marble, it adapts elegantly to any modern or non-modern setting.Infinity can hold two candles, and is perfect for decorating the table or lighting the atmosphere in every room of the house.Two variants are available in classic white Carrara marble and elegant black Marquinia.The different veins of the marble make each piece unique. More

Product • By SoonsalonDOG


DOG is a scratchpost for cats with a good dose of humor. Not only does DOG protects your furniture from cat scratching, but it is also the way for cats to release their frustration on their “natural enemy”! Material: polyester, sisal Dimension: l 88/ w 28/ h 71 cm Weight: 13,5 kg Colors: black, white Product info: scratchpost for cats More

Product • By SoonsalonPUP


Finally PUP is born, please welcome this cutie! The PUP is a smaller version of DOG and protect your furniture from cat scratching, but it is also the way for cats to release their frustration on their “natural enemy”! Material: polyester, sisal Dimension: l 62 / w 23 / h 47 cm Weight: 8 kg Colors: black , white Product info: scratchpost for cats More

Product • By Memories of a ButterflyBeaded Curtains & Installations

Beaded Curtains & Installations

Memories of a Butterfly (MOAB) - design in beads, specializes in creating High-end Fashionable Customized Bead Curtains & Screens in a flexible, modern, dynamic and more eclectic avatar. All the designs are hand made and every piece is customized so as to suit the clients’ lifestyle design and functional decoration needs. Every space needs to be tackled with its own distinct design and lifestyle requirements which is why we believe in customizing every piece in our work with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurateurs, builders and individual home owners. What we love about Bead Curtains is that they not only allow for a play with color, light and texture, but also enable us to create natural connectors between space... More

Project • By LakbermagazinApartments

Minimalist interior design - 73sqm apartment in Budapest

The stylish, bright 786 sq ft new contemporary home was designed by interior designer Kate Koppany in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. The client wanted a contemporary minimalist interior with some eye-catching elements - like the clock on a feature wall in the open plan living room, decorative painting, the modern fireplace or the well planned LED lighting throughout the home. More