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Product • By MoreB14 Side Table

B14 Side Table

For round-table meetings, a candlelight dinner or just by itself as a coffee or dinner table. Originally designed for the Lincoln Restaurant in Manhattan, you can visit it there or in the more showroom in Hamburg. More

Product • By MDF ItaliaBeam


Beam by Luis Alberto Arrivillaga for MDF Italia is a rectangular table with great visual impact caractherized by the rounded corner of the top joined to the solid wood table leg.  More

Product • By KartellInvisibles Light

Invisibles Table

The unique monumental pieces of “The Invisibles Collection” presented in 2010 by Toujin Yoshioka have been transformed today into a series of lighter and more versatile items with lesser thicknesses yet of immutable ethereal fascination. Kartell produces the series using the industrial moulding technique which uses a “pilot mould” which can handle the almost “off the scales” weight and the size and guarantees its stability. The result is in pure Kartell style, the brand that gave birth to the concept of transparency in furnishings and that for more than ten years has been experimenting with innovative approaches to “invisible furniture”: a new collection with square elegant shapes that seem to flee the material world and give the impression... More

Product • By KartellComback Chair

Comback Chair

Kartell once again has fun in revisiting a great classic and giving a new look to the Windsor chair. A return to the glorious past of England in the XVIIIth century for a “Comb Back” version with a matt structure featuring a backrest consisting of seven “teeth” which spread out towards the lumbar region where they meet a reinforced hexagonal rim with slim shafts radiating down to join the seat. A goodly size, this single mould chair embodies functionality and ergonomics well-freighted with sentiment and memories. The use of plastic and the bright colours available give a touch of lightness and the contemporary to the Comback chair. More

Product • By KartellBourgie Metal


A lamp with an inimitable style, Bourgie is one of Kartell’s best sellers, skilfully combining classic style, richness and tradition with innovation and irony. The baroque style base is composed of three interconnecting decorated layers, while the large lampshade is made with a pleated effect, to create a myriad play of refl ections when the lamp is turned on. The lamp shade's unique attachment system makes three different heights possible which can be adjusted according to the desired use: 68, 73 and 78 centimetres. Bourgie becomes a gorgeous decorative desk or table lamp. Thanks to its fl exibility and strong communication value, it can be used on an side-table in the living room, to create atmosphere on your nightstand, as a standing scu... More

Product • By IntertimeLink


Product family with armchair, high-back chair and reclining chair Link combines the maximum sitting and reclining comfort with a streamlined design and highly individualizable options. The armchair and high-back chair come with either a swivel base or runners and with or without armrests. Link can be used on its own or combined with our sofas and is ideal for both residential and commercial use. More

Product • By IntertimeFrame me

Frame me

Its compact construction and simple design make Frame a timeless choice for any size room. In two seat depths with armrests that can be folded down, footrests, headrests and side table, this sofa can meet any individual need optimally. More

Product • By Conde HouseSplit


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Product • By Conde HouseSled


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Product • By Conde HouseShell


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Product • By Conde HouseMado


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Product • By Conde HouseHako


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Product • By Conde HouseHakama


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Product • By Conde HouseCanyon


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Product • By Conde HouseBranch


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