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Project • By DIG ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Copper Cube Haus

A second home for a professional with an itinerant lifestyle, this apartment was designed to create a sense of stability and repose between trips. The crux of the spatial intervention was the opening up the existing linear compartmentalised orchestration into an upbeat, almost studio apartment-like setting. The hero of the narrative was the kitchen block that was delineated into a detached cuboid (free from the ceiling and walls) that would serve both as a bar/serving counter (from the living room side) and a cooking space. The distinction was intensified by sheathing it in copper — giving this house its name: Copper Cube Haus. The burnished cube overlooks the living area with its compact sofa and a small dining cum discussion table,... More
The metal rafters with a wave kind of pattern broken with the trapezoidal boxes impart the bold and brutalist look to the entire façade.

Project • By A.J ArchitectsOffices

Rhythmic screened Façade

The commercial complex planned in Jigani, an industrial and marble trader’s hub, in the suburbs of Bangalore. The program of the structure was clear in client’s brief. The structure was primarily made with the objective to earn rental income in the fast-growing area and they wanted the lower floor to be used for retail or restaurant and office space in the upper floors. The typology of the structures prevailing in the area are box type industrial shed type. The design team planned to make a building to complement and stand out of the otherwise box type industrial shed look.   The team planned the structure with placing the core of the building on the right-hand side corner of the structure facing the main road. The side ro... More

Project • By Studio LotusPrivate Houses

House in a Garden

Situated at the northern tip of mainland Mauritius, Goodlands is one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods of the island nation. At the centre of Goodlands are large swathes of reserved forest lands, the fringes of which are occupied by sprawling family residences, far removed from the frenetic rush of denser developments close to the periphery. Located at the end of a residential street within these fringes, surrounded by protected land on two sides, sits the House In A Garden.   House In A Garden is home to a couple – who are avid art collectors – and their two young children, aged four and six. The house sits parallel to the south edge of the site, opening it up to the winter sun and a glimpse of the sea in the... More

Project • By GA designResidential Landscape

Sea View Apartment

CONTEXTThe apartment is located at Nepean Sea road, one of the more upmarket localities of Mumbai. With a square foot area of 5000 sft spread over two floors we could dedicate the entire living room to open up to the stunning Arabian Sea view.DESIGN CONCEPTThe layout of the apartment is basically a duplex with a double height entrance lobby leading to the Living, Dining, Kitchen and Guest bedroom on the ground floor and the Bedrooms and the Entertainment room on the upper floor. The Double Height Entrance lobby has been given a grand look with the staircase leading to the upper floors in Italian marble and wood. The flooring is Italian marble in an inlay pattern. Walls are in full length mirror and veneer paneling’s with artwork and light f... More

Project • By NO Architects Designers and Social ArtistsPrivate Houses

Ambient House

We create living breathing houses. This is the third experimental house in this series.It started from a story. During a conversation with our client, she said an interesting story about how her daughter, returning from school would tell her friends in the school bus, that the existing concrete house of the 1970s was not her home. From a child's perspective she could never relate her image of a home to that inert box. This narrative guided us in using the universal form of shelter as the image of her home, something which every child can relate to. For a 3000 sqft two storey house with all luxuries of contemporary living, this was our kind of interpretation of home. The pristine white was chosen in response to the tropical sun, as we wanted... More

Project • By GA designPrivate Houses

The Infinity House

Planned with a brief of maximizing views of the valley and enabling a nexus with the environment, the villa for a family of four has been conceived on a plot of land that is deeply contoured with a steep slope towards the valley. With stupendous views, where earth, water and the environment amalgamate to demonstrate nature’s phenomenon, the villa has been planned with most of the rooms optimizing the views. The natural site contours have been used effectively while exploiting the views of the mountains to create an infinity swimming pool that manifests itself as the core of the villa. The area under the pool serves as a leisure zone of the house, the more semi-public zone where games and an entertainment area are functionally located,... More

Project • By zero space architects & plannersUrban Green Spaces

art walk

Well defined pedestrian connectivity along with safety, plays a major role in urban fabric. The pedestrian networks not only serve as transitional corridors but also act as a place for social interactions. In most of the cases in India the pedestrian networks are potential unorganized bazaars, city services, parking lots, garbage bins and many more, which is disturbing the core values and functionalities of a network. These ill-managed majors are forcing pedestrians to traverse on carriageway and increasing the chances of meeting up with accidents. Identifying and connecting or adorning the pedestrian walkways with the right dots of social drama in a pragmatic manner would help in easing the city’s social life as much needed breathing space... More

Project • By De'signature ArchitectsPrivate Houses


Deriving from the elements on site: the proximity to the river, the surrounding greens and it’s highly residential environs, the residence intended to open out to these individual elements. The plot being a small one that could accommodate only a 1,200sqft ground floor area, demanded optimized spaces articulated by large openings that would pave way for an extended visual boundary. This was done with the addition of a treated courtyard space between the dining room and the compound wall, skylights and full size openings to view the river. Mezzanine level reading space and an outdoor work area were added to maximize the space within the house without compromising the spaciousness of elemental rooms. More


Daikin VRV System

The Daikin VRV system is a multi-split type air conditioner for commercial buildings that uses variable refrigerant flow control developed by Daikin to provide customers with the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of a building. More