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Product • By DécoClap! The combination of stone with polymer revolutionises indoor coverings


The covering system Clap!, for indoor solutions, represents a real revolution. It is a unique product that combines the charm and refinement of traditional materials such as wood and stone, with highly superior technical features and performance comp... More

Product • By FlosBon Jour Versailles

Bon Jour Versalles

Table lamp providing diffuse light. Injection molded polymethylmethacrylate clear transparent base and diffuser. Electroplated/painted top cover in ABS. Edge Lighting technology light source. Power cord length 200 cm, with dimmer switch that provide... More

Product • By Billiani srlVincent v. G.

Vincent v. G.

Amongst Vincent Van Gogh's various paintings, there are a number that feature chairs. Simple, solid, traditional chairs of type that, more than a century ago, could be found in every country house. The Vincent v. G. is inspired by these, a collection... More

Product • By L&L Luce&LightBrenta


Linear profile for indoor applications available in six lengths, two wattages and with light sources with a high colour rendering index.Brenta, which is available with a width of 42 mm or 70 mm, can be installed either flush to the ceiling or deep se... More

Product • By L&L Luce&LightBitpop C

Bitpop C

Bitpop C is the new family of ceiling-mounted fixtures for indoor applications, available in the versions: single optics, 4 optics arranged in a square or 4 optics in a line.The Bitpop C range features recessed optics, to guarantee greater visual com... More

Product • By Billiani srlWhite


The White chair is inspired by sixties Nordic design, in addition to acknowledging both the strong and uncompromising aesthetics of its designer, Harri Koskinen, as well as the legacy of Billiani's Green chair, which it also resembles through the cho... More

Product • By Billiani srlLayer


Michael Geldmacher describes Layer as a chair that seems to have existed for ever despite being new - the simple result of a complex work in which aesthetics and constructive capacity intertwine. On the splayed ashwood legs sits a plywood frame that... More

Product • By Billiani srlLilliput


Lilliput is a collection of solid ashwood coffee tables born from a single design feature. Everything revolves around the comb joint of the legs, which support a round top. The two elements are joined by two knobs in natural ash, aesthetic details th... More

Product • By Billiani srlMarimba


For the unprecedented combination of wood and leather, Marimba is a novelty in the Billiani collection. Particularly the shaping of the seat, as well as the back legs, which stretch and tilt slightly to support the shaped leather backrest. A project... More

Product • By NAMA modular plaster productsFOS collection

FOS collection

FOS is a growing collection of recessed spotlights that can realize any lighting design. More

Product • By Billiani srlGreen


Francesco Faccin is a designer who loves wood and craftsmanship. With Billiani, therefore, the perfect connection was created and Green is the result. The starting point is the Nordic design of the 1930s, but with tweaked proportions. The profile, so... More

Product • By Billiani srlNordica


Marco Ferreri reinterprets an icon of Scandinavian design, the classic cockpit seat, and creates a chair of great constructive simplicity with a touch of elegance. And if the shape is Nordic-inspired, the technique follows the Billiani tradition, wit... More

Product • By Billiani srlToccata & Fuga

Toccata & Fuga

Toccata & Fuga are a chair and armchair with turned legs, backs and armrests, an exercise in style designed by Paul Loebach and created by Billiani. Two starting points: on the one hand the history of design and classic chairs with turned legs; o... More

Product • By ewoID


̶  Housing accommodates 4 LED (LED Board: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 LED)̶  Current feed: 200 mA–500 mA, depending on ambient temperature̶  Electronic operating device with DALI interface, 1–10 V or stand-alone programming, extern... More

Product • By Billiani srlPuccio


Puccio is inspired by milking stools, seats without design or designers which thanks to their functionality, have survived unchanged over centuries. Starting from this quaintly old-fashioned item, which Bruno Munari would perhaps have included among... More