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Product • By LuceplanStrip - Wall Ceiling Lamp

Strip - Wall Ceiling Lamp

Strip is a family of very thin wall, ceiling and suspension lamps whose modular design permits use in sequences and groupings determined by “balanced” geometry. A few basic constructive parts like the die-cast aluminium uprights, the separator sections in extruded aluminium, the housings containing the electrical components, and the diffuser screens in opaline polycarbonate, make it possible to create modular lighting objects of different sizes and luminous intensity. More

Product • By LuceplanLola - Wall Lamp

Lola - Wall Lamp

Lola - Wall Lamp -  an essential and simple form for a wall lamp providing indirect lighting. The micro-perforated steel reflector makes for easy directional adjustment. More

Product • By LuceplanLane


Lane is an aluminium strip that encloses and at the same time releases pleasant indirect light, upward and downward on the wall. Sleek and essential, the lamp comes in different lengths, depending on the light source. More

Product • By LuceplanFly-Too


An ultraflat luminous disk, adjustable by 360° in space. Fly-too is an LED wall lamp that generates perfect bidirectional floodlighting. The methacrylate lens features a system for recovery of marginal light flow. More

Product • By LuceplanCostanzina - Wall Lamp

Costanzina - Wall Lamp

Costanzina - Wall Lamp - the polycarbonate shade is light and interchangeable, to warm up any living space. The control rod is within easy reach near the light source. More

Product • By LODESNautilus


Strong design and leading-edge technology come together in this family of lamps characterised by a convex lens that projects the LED light wherever its needed or most preferred, for a truly efficient and personalised result. Versatile and dynamic, either on the wall, ceiling or suspended in a variety of versions and finishes, Nautilus lamps satisfy a full range of lighting needs, whether functional or purely decorative, in both residential and professional contexts. More

Product • By LODESAile


The new Aile aluminium wall lamp features a simple and dynamic design reminiscing the aileron of sport cars, after which it has been named. Aile’s compact size, sleek design, powerful light output with respect to its dimensions and four rich finishes offer a complete lighting solution even for more intimate settings. More

Product • By Davide Groppi srlPAGINA


Alessandra Dallagiovanna, 2019 Methacrilate - PA - PET Led Pen and paper sheet with Micro suction cups. Repositionable at will.Included 5 film with Micro suction cups.Dimmer We have always believed that light is a story, narration.You can draw, write and imagine stories with it.Three parts only: a sheet of paper, a pen, a LED light.A symbolic gesture, somewhere between reality and imagination.The paper is special, provided with micro suction cups so that it can be fixed to a wall and moved at will, situated in such a way as to create waves and three-dimensional effects.An imaginary sheet on which to immortalise bright thoughts.The LED pen completes the idea, placed on the curve of the paper, creating guilloches of diffused light.Pagina b... More

Product • By FlosWirering


Indirect light wall lighting device with body in calendered, extruded aluminium with galvanised or varnished finish. The special tangent cable, in coloured rubber, provides the power.  More

Product • By FlosTaraxacum 88 Ceiling/Wall

Taraxacum 88 Ceiling/Wall

Wall/ceiling lamp providing direct and reflected light. Structure formed by 5 pressed polished aluminum triangles. More

Product • By FlosKTribe Wall

KTribe Wall

Wall mounted fixture providing diffused lighting; a switch located near the diffuser allows for 4-level light adjustment via a “remote” dimmer. More

Product • By FlosClessidra


Diffused direct/indirect-light wall lighting device. Body obtained by means of aluminium pressofusion and diffusers in PMMA. Aluminium wall attachment with cover in PA66. More

Product • By FlosButton


Indoor and outdoor wall/ceiling lamp providing diffused light. Slightly opaline (PC opal), injection-molded polycarbonate diffuser More

Product • By Flos265


Wall lamp providing direct light. Painted steel adjustable arm and reflector. More

Product • By FlosABAJOURD'HUI


ABAJOURD'HUI Flos Soft Architecture   Lamp designed for minimal visual impact that is f lush mounted to plasterboard walls. Available with halogen light sources connected directly to mains, fluorescent and LED lights sources. All of them include opal safety glass.   Technical Description Recessed luminaire with direct connection to mains. More