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Project • By AnyColorPrimary Schools

Innovative school labs

When we first got invited to design an innovative STEM center in Shumen, Bulgaria, we were pleased to work with a young team of teachers and professionals, who helped us set the program. Happily, their views and needs matched with our approach and together we were able to establish a design proposal with which we applied for state funding and subsequently the school won the finances needed for the realization. Teachers wanted to have the proper facilities to prepare children for the professions of the future, like environmentalist, computer specialist, robotics engineer and others in the STEM field. To answer their requirements, we proposed that each of the laboratories of the refurbished center has its distinctive feature in a specifi... More

Project • By Bora Dá DesignsShops

Contoured Arches

Is an upmarket market makeup studio located in New Delhi led by renowned makeup artist Jasneet (Makeup by Jasneet). The client wanted an offbeat yet classy space which reflected her art all that surrounds it. She wanted it away from the usual herd and seek a pop space where interiors translated makeup trends, colours, shimmers and techniques.  For this the design team set out to start off with the story of makeup and fashion meeting interiors.    CONCEPT NOTE The design team started firstly with brainstorming over the makeup and its impact on women today. Social media awareness and various mediums of knowledge and entertainment have brought makeup industry to new heights and new following among all age groups. It&rsqu... More

NewsNews • 12 Apr 2021

Polyphonic Apartment meshes modern with vintage in a home concept that doubles as furniture showcase

In Surat Gujarat, India, the Polyphonic Apartment is a renovated apartment and home for a purveyor of furniture sourced from the international market, Europe in particular. The client wanted an environment that could serve as a showcase of selected furniture pieces but also move beyond the concept of showcase to comfortably accommodate his young family of four.  ISHITA SITWALA (The Fishy Project) The existing apartment was sizable but not spacious in feeling. As such, walls were taken down and rooms merged during the redesign process, which was undertaken by Openideas Architects. The number of bedrooms was reduced to four, with the remaining three-bedroom units becoming part of an enlarged family living area.    ISHI... More