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Product • By Bartoli DesignJaneiro


Lago commissioned the Studio to design a piece which is familiar to the designers, who have been studying that typology for years, developing functional, long-lasting, quality solutions. Janeiro interprets and combines the spirit of Lago and Bartoli... More

Product • By Billiani srlVincent v. G.

Vincent v. G.

Amongst Vincent Van Gogh's various paintings, there are a number that feature chairs. Simple, solid, traditional chairs of type that, more than a century ago, could be found in every country house. The Vincent v. G. is inspired by these, a collection... More

Product • By Bartoli DesignSamu, system of tables and low tables designed by Bartoli Design for Segis


Samu is a system of tables and lounge low tables designed to meet all needs in the contract environment, with central spoke bases to be combined with various tabletops.The bases slim yet sturdy design (available in three heights with adjustable foot)... More

Product • By Bartoli DesignBartoli Design, from idea to product: how to design performing, high-quality and timeless tables.


Objects with great symbolic value, heart of conviviality with family and friends, Tables are among the products which have marked Bartoli Design’s evolution along the years. They are important in terms of aesthetic as well as of spatial layout and ar... More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHPepita


Collection: Luce d'OroMaterials: aluminium shade, nickel-plated copper LED support, plasterboard panelColours: gold, silver, copper coloured leaf, whiteLight source: 1x interch. LED (Ø 8 cm) / 2x interch. LED (Ø 14 cm)Dimensions: Ø 8 cm; Ø 14 cmKelv... More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHFull Moon

Full Moon

Collection: Luce d'OroMaterials: aluminium disc, nickel-plated copper sticksColours: silver, gold, copper coloured leaf, whiteLight source: 5x interch. LED (Ø 50 cm) / 10x interch. LED (Ø 80/120 cm)Dimensions: Ø 50 cm; Ø 80 cm; Ø 120 cmKelvin: 2700En... More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHFrancesca


Collection: Luce d'OroMaterials: aluminium discColours: white/gold, gold, silver, copper coloured leafLight source: 4x G9 LED bulbDimensions: Ø 80 cm; Ø 120 cmKelvin: 2200Energetic Class: AVoltage: 220-240VWatt: 4x2,7WDimming: NoThe originsLuci d’Oro... More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHMalagola 55 / 110

Malagola 55 / 110

The originsLuci d’Oro was developed after reflecting on the colour of light: the golden light of the sun and fire; warm light, in which the concept of refraction began to take shape in Enzo Catellani’s mind and which he used later in othe... More

Product • By BrionvegaRadiofonografo

radiofonografo rr226

Half a century of uniqueness, told by a smile that was born on the first day. Created in 1965 by designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the Radiofonografo is a superb work of modern industrial design, thanks to both its incomparable style an... More



Trona is the only design armchair that can be easily put inside and out- side water. Trona armchair includes 5 products in 1: from elegant seat out of water, it becomes a luxury floating mattress inside water thanks to its original Plexi base. T... More

Project • By Bartoli DesignApartments

Bartoli Design’s new apartment renewal

Quite a radical renovation, Bartoli Design’s project for a couple with two teenagers that moved to Brianza, in a 210 sqm apartment placed on the top floor of a building from the 80’s. The customers asked for the same level of comfort of their previou... More

Product • By Bartoli DesignWonder & Storm

Wonder & Storm

WONDER is a delicate pendant lamp with a double-caliper glass diffuser whose focus lays at the height of the light source, available in three dimensions (mini, medium, large): a fluid shape declined in a system of pendant lamps, as single element or... More

Product • By Bartoli DesignMille


designer: Bartoli Designcompany: BonaldoFor this project, Bonaldo asked us to design a system of tables with a "sculptural base"; our design idea was to create a model to became a centerpiece in the dining room, offered at a democratic price.&nb... More